ENL – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – Timeless Affection Flower (3)

“Of course. You can also stop constantly calling me my lady. Just calling me Fengyan will be fine.” Ji Fengyan readily agreed.

Gong Zhengyu smiled and didn’t say anything else. With warm eyes, his gaze seemed to imperceptibly sweep over Ji Fengyan before he stood up. “Then I’ll head back first, Fengyan. Tomorrow, I’ll be sure to come again to sample your hospitality.”

“Definitely,” she nodded.

Not speaking anymore, Gong Zhengyu brought those two cautious black-clothed men with him as he left under Ji Fengyan’s gaze.

After Gong Zhengyu and his group had left, Zuo Nuo who had been standing off to the side all along couldn’t resist from coming forward and asking about Liu Huo’s circumstances in concern, to which Ji Fengyan gave a brief summary of.

“Since my lady feels that Liu Huo’s condition is related to the timeless affection flower, then why… why did my lady believe what Gong Zhengyu said so easily?” Zuo Nuo asked in confusion. Their young lady didn’t seem like somebody who could be fooled so easily though.

Ji Fengyan waved it off, “I know he didn’t lie.”

When other people made a judgement about whether somebody was lying or not, they usually relied on their experience and perception, but for Ji Fengyan she relied on their aura and their eyes to decide. Unless they had a certain amount of strength to completely conceal their aura, she would always have a way of discerning the truth from them.

Gong Zhengyu’s body was weak, so he naturally didn’t have that level of strength and his expression remained the same while speaking, unlike most people who lied. What’s more… Gong Zhengyu had just met Liu Huo for the first and hadn’t even talked with him, therefore he had little to no reason to try and harm Liu Huo.

“T-then Liu Huo…” Zuo Nuo asked in concern.

“I’ll take care of him.” Ji Fengyan sighed. Standing up, she headed towards Liu Huo’s room, her mind racing with the memories of when she was refining his medicinal pill. She was trying to check whether or not something really went wrong at that time, but even after she had reached his room, she still hadn’t found a mistake about her refinement process.

Inside the room, Liu Huo’s condition was as terrible as ever. It was so hot in there that it was almost like an oven and Ling He who had been standing inside all along was dripping with sweat. As for Liu Huo, his handsome face was pitifully strained with pain, the bedsheets under him already completely drenched with the sweat pouring off of him.

“My lady…” Ling He panted as he saw Ji Fengyan. The temperature inside this room really was too ridiculously high.

“Big Brother He, don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of Liu Huo from here on.” Ji Fengyan reassured, patting Ling He on the shoulder. Ling He hesitated for a moment before finally leaving under Ji Fengyan’s persuasion.

Only two people were left inside the room now, Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo.

Standing beside the bed and seeing Liu Huo’s pained expression, Ji Fengyan’s usual cheerfulness had already been unknowingly replaced by anxiety.

“Little Liu Huo, it took a lot of effort to save your life, so even if King Yama wants it, he still has to see if I’m willing or not.” Ji Fengyan whispered, taking a deep breath. Acting decisively, she took out the medicinal pills that her ancestral master had left behind for her and fed it to Liu Huo. Still not feeling reassured, she then took off her outer garments and lied down on the bed with him, carefully spooning his body which was curled up in pain. Silently, she controlled the power within her to wrap the both of them up.

A white mist slowly floated out from Ji Fengyan’s body and curled around them. Bit by bit, the mist dispersed the heat emanating from Liu Huo’s body and gradually his brows began to smooth out.

The spirit energy that Ji Fengyan had gathered with great difficulty slowly began to drain away, but after seeing Liu Huo who was still curled up on her chest with clenched fists, she didn’t stop.

“Damned brat, if you don’t up soon then I’ll throw you into the pond,” she whispered.

However the hands that were holding him couldn’t help but tighten…


【Irresponsible Little Theatre】

Little Lunatic: Ye Yueban, get over here!

A certain Bei: Not going over!

Little Lunatic: What did you do to my little Liu Huo?!

A certain Bei: Hey! You actually dare to blame your own mother because of a man? ********!

Little Lunatic: You wouldn’t even let off such a beautiful and pretty little shota? You’re simply too merciless and wicked!

A certain Bei: You’re saying that as if you’re any better! How about you remove your hand from his posterior first and then talk?! I gave you such a good opportunity to take advantage of him and here you are trying to pick a fight with me… Absolutely and completely unfilial!

Liu Huo turned around to take a look…

Little Lunatic: That doesn’t matter. He’s all mine anyways, so what if I touch a bit first?

Liu Huo: ……

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