DDFYM – Chapter 18-19

Chapter 18-19

Here are your extra doses of happiness brought to you by Wendy Mew & Fabian Sterzel!

In gorgeous garden, many eggs are hidden around….. with a basket in hand.. we go… easter egg hunting!

*gasp* sees a sparkly golden egg hidden under a bush… *reaches out for it and written on it were the words: ‘Extra dose of happiness.’ *

*picks it up and a flash of light reaches into the sky and a huge glittery pastel artshow blasts into the sky “Thank You Wendy Mew & Fabian Sterzel!!!” and all Easter themed artshow flashes in the clear blue skies…

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Yessss….. SURPRISE!!!!!!

Hahahahha… didn’t think I could do it but..phew! We’ve officially cleared the queue! We love clearing queues here, so if you wanna add to the queue, please do click on our Support Page!

First of all, a HUGE round of applause for our awesome supporters Wendy Mew & Fabian Sterzel!!!

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

Little fluffy yellow chicks each holds a nice alphabet balloon in pastel easter designs and spell out the words: “Thank You Wendy Mew & Fabian Sterzel for these extra dose of happiness”

Wooo Hoooo!!!

Chapter 18 extra dose of happiness brought to you by Wendy Mew

Chapter 19 extra dose of happiness brought to you by Fabian Sterzel

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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