DDFYM – Chapter 161-165

Thanks for waiting~ Here’s a bunch of happy doses to make your day soooo much better! Chapter 160: Swaying success Chapter 161: Bloodline of the Nine tailed fox Chapter 162: So stupid, are you a pig or what! Chapter 163: Hatred runs deep Chapter 164: Meeting men from the Domineering … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 147-156

Looks around nervously…fiddles around with finger… I’m so sorry… it’s a crazy time for me so it took quite awhile to post this up here.. for those who’ve yet to read, enjoy! For those who’ve read it already… isn’t it nice to read it all over again? tee hee… Here … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 131-134

Thanks for waiting… Just a heads up.. Misty Cloud Translations will be on short hiatus and back on the 4th… Chapter 131: He is an Array Master Chapter 132: Little Roar shows his power Chapter 133: A contest in mental strength Chapter 134: A three year appointment Happiness Translated by … Continue reading