MBC IS LIVE!! Please post any bugs/issues/missing stuff here.

Some of you may have noticed that the website has been slow these couple of days, our service provider claimed that it was DDoS, so we turned on DDoS prevention, yet it still persisted in being slow or completely unloadable. Later on, they claimed that it was something else causing the problem. The final straw was when even the host itself shut down for a couple of hours. There was no announcement about this due us admins not even able to access the server either. As of current, we have moved to our new server!


ps. To avoid such a situation like not being able to make an announcement on the page happen again (very unlikely but just in case), we have set up a twitter for MBC updates.

pps. Please comment below if you spot any issues with the website. We’ll fix them ASAP. Joe, our fabulous tech admin is checking the rest of the wp system to make sure it’s fine.

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15 Responses to MBC IS LIVE!! Please post any bugs/issues/missing stuff here.

  1. OverTheRanbow says:


  2. Dethati says:

    Yay, upgraded site and yay for alyschu for less stress hopefully.

  3. Manga Hunter says:

    I love you guys! *hugs*

  4. Varler says:

    It seemed like you guys, Gravity, Wuxia World, and Translation Nations were all experiencing server troubles at the same time. Were you all using the same server provider?

  5. Valley Wulf says:

    Alys and Joe, and anyone else who had a hand in making the move happen, much thanks!

  6. Am54 says:

    Perhaps it was the server provider or someone even further up the chain getting ddos’ed.

  7. habib says:

    As soon as your page appeared, this Message came up with [Accept] button.

    (By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. more information Accept)

    Is this from your page or from someone else?

  8. Jimkookie says:

    Occasionally blank screens will show up. One minute it’ll be fine, then I refresh and it reloads to a white screen. It’s
    not a big problem for me since I only check for DKC and I’m pretty patient, but you might want to check that out.

  9. Tien says:

    Wasn’t this why you kept a backup site?

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