ENL – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 – Life Annihilation Armour (1)

God? Pah!” Zhan Fei scoffed, looking at Yang Jian. “Since when did this world have such a god? Just him? Could he even be called a god?”

Taking a deep breath, Zhan Fei steadied himself and looked coldly towards Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian.

“Ji Fengyan, it seems I’ve underestimated you. I didn’t think that you would actually have such an expert besides you. Still… I’m also not that easy to deal with!” Zhan Fei sneered, abruptly ripping open the collar of his shirt!

On Zhan Fei’s neck, there was shockingly a skin-tight necklet. Below it hung a dark-golden necklace!

When Ling He and the others standing next to him saw that necklace, they all gasped.

Life Annihilation Armour!

This guy was actually a life exterminator?!

Nobody would have thought that the Eldest Princess’ personal bodyguard was actually somebody who belonged to the strongest profession in the entire empire—— a life exterminator! Abruptly, an uneasy feeling spread throughout the depths of everybody’s hearts.

“No wonder… No wonder why he didn’t use a weapon before… “Zuo Nuo’s eyes widened in shock. He finally understood why they had lost so easily to Zhan Fei before.

A life exterminator. That was the strongest existence that stood at the peak of all professions. They were the best and sharpest of weapons used to deal with the demon race in the empire!

Gong Zhengyu’s face also slightly shifted at this moment. Looking in astonishment at the armour’s mark on Zhan Fei’s neck, the depths of his eyes flashed with a trace of shock.

Zhan Fei sneered as he looked at Ji Fengyan with his jaws raised in arrogance, his gaze sparking with maliciousness.

“Yang Jian, is it? To make me use my Life Annihilation Armour can count as you being capable, however… That’s all it counts as!”

The moment that Zhan Fei finished speaking, his finger pressed down hard onto the gemstone set into the Life Annihilation Armour’s mark. The sharp gemstone immediately pierced his skin and a sliver of his blood flowed from the wound into the mark. Following the inscriptions, it quickly filled it bit by bit!

As the bloody lines slowly spread throughout the mark, it began to abruptly flash with a crimson glow, it’s energy gradually lighting up the previously dark pattern.

In an instant, a fierce wind savagely swirled up from Zhan Fei’s feet as a dark-golden light flickered from his chest. It slowly began to extend and went on to cover Zhan Fei’s entire body!

A powerful suppressive feeling that made one feel as if they were suffocating invaded every corner of the main hall!

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min who were standing behind Zhan Fei watched this magical scene in front of them with gazes of burning passion!

This was the activation of a Life Annihilation Armour!

Ji Fengyan slightly narrowed her eyes as she observed Zhan Fei under the fierce winds and dark-golden light that surrounded him.

Yang Jian also took action at this moment. Lifting up his Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance, he moved to stand in front of Ji Fengyan and used his tall and sturdy body to block the crazily rampaging wind.


The wind and light dispersed!

From the bright glow, a tall and muscular body was revealed.

Zhan Fei wearing a dark-golden coloured amour appeared in front of everybody’s line of sight. The armour faintly flashed and flowed with streams of light, while a helmet shaped like a dragon blocked the majority of his face. Only his eyes that blazed with maliciousness showed, while a pitch-black long spear had abruptly appeared in his hand!

“Erlang Shen? Hahaha, you’re a god? Then today I’ll see what it feels like to slay a god!” A deep voice spoke out from the armour.

Zhan Fei smashed the butt of his long spear onto the ground. From the site of impact, a powerful current of air spread outwards. Everywhere that it reached, web-like cracks would form throughout the hard marbled floor!

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