ENL – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – Life Annihilation Armour (2)

Zhan Fei’s entire aura changed in almost an instant, the immense pressure radiating off of his body pressing down upon everybody’s chests.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min looked on dazedly at Zhan Fei who was completely covered by the dark-golden Life Annihilation Armour, their hearts beginning to race wildly with utmost glee.

They had never thought that Zhan Fei would actually use his Life Annihilation Armour here.

Therefore when all of this became a reality, they were already completely clear…

Ji Fengyan was absolutely going to die!

There were no occupations in this world that could compare to a life exterminator. It didn’t matter whether Ji Fengyan was a life exterminator or not, she still wasn’t a match for Zhan Fei.

They were waiting. Waiting for that moment when Ji Fengyan’s head was ripped off by Zhan Fei!

Yang Jian didn’t budge the slightest inch as he stood in front of Ji Fengyan, his wooden body creaking as it cracked apart under the powerful pressure.

That sound was very light, but Ji Fengyan could hear it all too clearly.

A glint flashed across her eyes.

When she first created Yang Jian, her primary goal was for him to transport ores and not for him to battle. Therefore, the wood that she had used to make his body was only casually picked out and not something that couldn’t be shattered or broken.

“Yang Jian, stand down.” Ji Fengyan abruptly ordered.

His body shaking a bit, Yang Jian hesitated for a moment before slowly retreating off to the side.

She didn’t plan on letting Yang Jian face off against Zhan Fei under these circumstances.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she stood up, facing off against Zhan Fei who was brimming with killing intent. Gone was her usually lazy gaze, now her eyes were flooded with a sharp chill.

“So this is the Life Annihilation Armour, huh?”

Zhan Fei proudly lifted up his jaw, the Life Annihilation Armour on his body ringing out with his movement.

“Little girl, to be able to gaze upon a Life Annihilation Armour before your death can also be said to be an honour.”

Ji Fengyan chuckled before shaking her head. She looked at Zhan Fei with pity, “An honour? Then I really do have to apologize. That thing of yours…. I don’t exactly consider it to be that rare.”

Immediately after she finished speaking, she lightly pulled open her collar, revealing the same life annihilation armour mark as Zhan Fei on her neck!

Zhan Fei’s gaze glinted.

Ji Fengyan calmly let go, once again concealing that eye-catching amour mark behind her collar.

“This toy isn’t just something that you have, and… it really just doesn’t seem to be that impressive.” Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at Zhan Fei, her tone casual and lazy.

“You’re also a life exterminator?” Zhan Fei asked with narrowed eyes. He really hadn’t thought that this weak brat in front of him would actually have the same occupation as his.

Ji Fengyan shrugged.

He sneered, “No wonder why you would become Ji City’s city lord at such a young age. However…”

His eyes flashing with maliciousness, Zhan Fei lifted up the dark-golden spear in his hand and pointed it’s sharp edge against Ji Fengyan’s forehead!

“Not all life exterminator’s are the same!”

Ji Fengyan’s face didn’t show the least bit of fear, instead her lips curled up in a smile. As if she didn’t notice the threat just in front of her, those lazy eyes of hers directly met Zhan Fei’s.

“I’m very much aware of that.” She smiled, casually swiping her palm against the tip of the spear.

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