ENL – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 – Unreasonable (3)

Just as Zhan Fei had thought that his palm would crush apart Ji Fengyan’s head, his arm was abruptly halted in its tracks midair!

A large hand steadily held onto Zhan Fei’s wrist, forcefully stopping his palm just inches away from Ji Fengyan’s head.

Zhan Fei didn’t think that his attack would’ve actually been blocked by somebody. Shifting his eyes sideways to take a look, his gaze landed on the handsome man who had a slitted eye on his forehead that had abruptly appeared next to Ji Fengyan. The person holding onto his wrist was him!

That man had a wooden face, his eyes without any traces of emotions. Zhan Fei hadn’t even felt the slightest bit of aura coming off of him before he had closed in!

“Yang Jian.” Ji Fengyan softly called out, calmly sitting on the chair.

Yang Jian immediately took action. Instantly reversing his grip, one hand held onto Zhan Fei’s wrist while the other one which was wielding the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance slashed towards Zhan Fei’s head!

Feeling the cold sharp air sweeping towards his head and the chilling aura of death that completely pierced him through to his bones, Zhan Fei reacted almost by instinct. Instantly, he used all of his strength to smash into Yang Jian’s hand. Taking advantage of Yang Jian’s slightly loosened grip, he immediately backed away!

Although Zhan Fei had moved quickly, just barely managing to avoid Yang Jian’s attack, the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance still managed to lightly scrape across his face, forcibly leaving a long bloody wound on his cheek!

At that moment, the smell of blood spread throughout the silent main hall as the slight scent of iron entered into everybody’s lungs.

Yang Jian stood firmly besides Ji Fengyan, the hand that had taken Zhan Fei’s full-forced punch showing signs of cracking. However, despite this, he didn’t have any reaction all and only calmly looked at the crack between his thumb and index finger. It was slight and in somewhat of a zigzag pattern. If one looked closely, then they would’ve even been able to see a few traces of wood falling from that crack.


Zhan Fei who had managed to survive that attack was already completely covered in sweat. Never in his dreams had he ever thought that there was somebody in such a remote place as Ji City who would actually be able to take one of his strikes!

What made Zhan Fei feel even more disbelief was that he was actually injured by the man standing in front of him because of his own carelessness!

The pain radiating from his cheek was constantly reminded him of his shock.

Both Su Lingsheng and Lei Min who stood behind Zhan Fei were dumbfounded. They looked on, flabbergasted, at the bone-deep wound on Zhan Fei’s face, watched on helplessly as large amounts of blood dyed Zhan Fei’s shirt red.

All of this was so strange that it was hard to believe!

“L-lord Zhan?!” Su Lingsheng stuttered out in a different pitch. Zhan Fei was the personal bodyguard that His Majesty had granted to the Eldest Princess, so there was no questions about his strength. In all of this time that she had followed at the Eldest Princess’ side, Su Lingsheng had never seen Zhan Fei suffer such a defeat from anybody.


Such an impossible event was occurring quite visibly in front of her.


How was this possible?!

“Silence!” Zhan Fei growled. Lifting up a hand to wipe away the blood from his cheek, he narrowed his gaze maliciously as he stared at Yang Jian who was standing besides Ji Fengyan.

“Who are you?!”

Yang Jian didn’t respond at all, not even bothering to look at Zhan Fei.

Ji Fengyan spoke up at this time.

“His name is Yang Jian. You may also respectfully call him Erlang Shen if you want!”

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