ENL – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – Little Liu Huo’s Heart (1)

Just as Liu Huo was prepared to step forward, he abruptly halted in his tracks.

Behind Ji Fengyan, aside from Ling He and the others’ familiar faces, there was an additional elegant and unfamiliar face. That person was smiling while following behind her, seeming to be talking about something with her. Ji Fengyan only smiled and nodded, her curved eyes appearing rather pretty in the process.

Only, that smile made Liu Huo’s heart feel a little bit different.

When Ji Fengyan’s gaze swept over Liu Huo’s figure out of the corner of her eye, she felt a little bit curious. After all, it was quite difficult to see this little fellow anywhere else besides the back courtyard!

“Little Liu Huo, you-“ Right as Ji Fengyan was preparing to tease Liu Huo a bit, he abruptly placed Bai Ze who was in his arms down and wordlessly left before she could finish.

Ji Fengyan halted, her raised arm stiffened in the air as she looked at Bai Ze idiotically standing there.

“Was that person my lady’s younger brother?” Gong Zhengyu had also had a “fleeting glance” of that beautiful teenager.

Ji Fengyan shook her head and asked in a serious tone, “Young Master Gong, do you know that there’s a saying?”

“I’m willing to learn about it.” Gong Zhengyu said amiably.

Her lips curled in a devilish smile, “Beloved lover of the golden house.

Even for one as composed as Gong Zhengyu, when he heard the words that Ji Fengyan said, he was completely stunned. Looking at Ji Fengyan who’s height didn’t even reach his chest in astonishment, he was… unable to think properly for a time.

“Young Master Gong, my lady enjoys joking around often, so please don’t take offence. Liu Huo was a child that my lady had picked up on the road. At that time, he was severely injured, so my lady brought him back with us to aid his recovery out of compassion.” Ling He coughed, quickly stepping forward to give a serious explanation. Inside, he was quickly about to cry.

When could their young lady start being a bit more serious?!

How could she make such a joke everywhere she goes?!

Gong Zhengyu finally returned back to reality. Looking at a tragic-faced Ling He and then taking a glance at a “I’m not joking”-faced Ji Fengyan, he really couldn’t help but want to laugh. Fortunately, his self-control was still adequate and thus he managed to suppress his laughter. “Since he’s injured and my lady just as luck would have it, traded for a Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection today that has extremely good healing effects, why don’t you use it? It’s effects are comparable to a normal master-grade medication.”

“Good idea.” Ji Fengyan nodded. She was just worried about how to deal with that Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection.

Her reaction was very direct, which matched rather well with her age. If it wasn’t for the fact that Gong Zhengyu personally witnessed the scene of Ji Fengyan dealing with Su Lingsheng, then he probably would’ve also treated the seemingly small and thin young girl in front of him like any other ordinary child on the streets.


One was as wise as she was smart and the other was as simple as she was direct. Which was the true her?

“Ling He, bring Young Master Gong over to the storage room to take a look first. I’ll go handle that Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection,” she said, before directly dashing off and slipping away.

That speed of hers completely stupefied the two black-clothed men following behind Gong Zhengyu.

As for Ling He who was tossed off to the side, he really did want to cry.

Gong Zhengyu’s merchant group had been planning on staying in Ji City for a few more days. When they heard that Ji Fengyan’s place still had many ores, they took the initiative to request for a personal visit over, which she agreed to.


Just as they brought their guests inside, she threw them off to the side… It wasn’t appropriate!

Unfortunately, no matter how tragically resentful Ling He felt in his heart, he could only steel himself to talk with Gong Zhengyu. “That… Then would Young Master Gong please follow me to the storage room to take a look?”

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