ENL – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 – Little Liu Huo’s Heart (2)

Gong Zhengyu was still rather agreeable and nodded his head. Only those two black-clothed men behind him had expressions of mild displeasure. Pretending as if he hadn’t seen anything, Ling He called for Yang Jian to come along with them as they headed to the storage room to check the ores.

Ji Fengyan carried the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection over to the medicinal room. At this moment, the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection inside the ornate box only had one stem left, the place where it had been severed still looking the same as when it had just been plucked. Silently, Ji Fengyan blew a breath at the timeless affection flower. As her breath caressed the flower, its delicate and charming petals glistened with renewed vigour, the spiritual energy spiralling out from it abruptly intensifying to the point where it looked no different to the spiritual energy it had before its separation.

Ji Fengyan’s lips curled in wily smile. Opening her cauldron, she prepared to refine the timeless affection flower!

Since she didn’t really understand the timeless affection flower’s medicinal properties in detail, she didn’t plan on blindly adding in any other medicinal herbs, which greatly helped reduce the amount of time required. Moments later when Ji Fengyan finished refining it, she retrieved the still somewhat burning hot scarlet-red medicinal pill and carefully placed it into a small bottle. Smiling, she headed towards Liu Huo’s small courtyard while Bai Ze trotted with tiny steps alongside her.

Inside the peacefully quiet courtyard, Liu Huo sat by himself below a large tree, his pretty eyebrows lightly furrowed, those calm eyes of his fixed on the fallen leaves besides him.

He was obviously still a rather young boy, but for some unknown reason, his drooping gaze was filled with layers upon layers of worries.

“Little Liu Huo,” a familiar sounding voice abruptly called out, breaking Liu Huo’s reverie. Feeling a bit dazed, he unconsciously wanted to look up, but instead his body stiffened and didn’t move at all.

Seeing the young beauty sitting below the tree with his head lowered, Ji Fengyan smiled as she scampered over and sat down besides him.

Liu Huo’s body slightly shook as he unconsciously shifted away.

“What happened? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Ji Fengyan asked, unable to detect the difference in Liu Huo. She only thought that his wounds had been acting up again, so she naturally placed a hand on his forehead to take his temperature.

Upon contact, her palm felt slightly cool.

“It doesn’t seem you have a problem,” Ji Fengyan said, feeling a bit confused.

“I’m fine,” Liu Huo stated gruffly, uncomfortably pushing her hand away.

“Of course. You’re injuries seems to have pretty much recovered, so there shouldn’t be any other major issues,” Ji Fengyan chuckled.

Liu Huo’s eyebrows furrowed again, his mood sinking a bit for an unknown reason.

Ji Fengyan didn’t say anything else while Liu Huo also didn’t bother to look at her. His chest felt stuffy, as if it had been blocked.

His injuries were about to fully recover, so… she was planning on making him leave?

He didn’t know why, but when this thought flashed through his mind, his heart felt as if it was in chaos and he felt even more anxious. Ji Fengyan’s silence only made that feeling of suffocation deepen.

After a moment, Liu Huo lifted up his head, wanting to speak to her about something.

However, just as he raised his head and opened his mouth, a still-warm medicinal pill was abruptly stuffed into it before smoothly flowing down his throat.

Liu Huo widened his eyes and glared at a grinning Ji Fengyan, his hands going to cover his burning throat.

“I just finished refining it, so it’s still a bit hot.” When Ji Fengyan saw Liu Huo’s dazed expression, she couldn’t resist from reaching out to pinch his soft and delicate little face.

It still felt as good as it used to.

“You…” Liu Huo felt a bit disoriented.

“Gong Zhengyu said that this timeless affection flower was pretty useful for treating injuries, so although your wounds have pretty much recovered, it would still be good idea to get some supplements in,” she explained.

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