ENL – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Beauty’s Invite (3)

The man chuckled and shook his head, “The items in the Golden Silk Scroll are only a part. If my lady has enough rare ores, then there’ll be even more treasures available for you to choose from.”

Ji Fengyan thoughtfully looked at the calm man in front of her. Even though his tone was warm and gentle, the elegance of his every move couldn’t be ignored. Such an attitude wasn’t something that just any normal person could be raised to have.


“My residence still has a rather considerable amount of ores. As long as you have enough to trade for them, I can bring them over at any time.” Ji Fengyan said calmly. Although the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection from before was rare, it still wasn’t worth much to her.

If she wanted to restore her Inner Core as soon as possible, then she could only try and look for several different approaches.

“My lady does not need to worry about that.” He smiled, his gaze almost imperceptibly turning to look at her face.

Seeing his gaze, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but feel at her face. “What is it?”

The man lightly chuckled, “Nothing. I just didn’t think that Ji City’s new city lord would actually be so…”

“Young?” She casually asked.

The man was a bit stunned. He really did find Ji Fengyan’s wry tone rather humorous.

“Yes, that was out of my expectations.”

“I believe that my age won’t influence our partnership.” She said.

“Naturally.” He lightly responded, before continuing on, “My name is Gong Zhengyu, and I still haven’t asked-”

“Ji Fengyan.”

Ling He and Zuo Nuo waited outside the carriage for quite a good while, their gazes constantly sweeping over the carriage after Ji Fengyan went in. Only Yang Jian expressionlessly stood in place without moving.

The crowd of lined-up commoners in the surroundings also turned to look over with curious gazes.

After a moment, the carriage’s door finally opened. Ling He and Zuo Nuo shook themselves out of their stupor and went up to welcome Ji Fengyan.

However, the person who stepped out of the carriage wasn’t Ji Fengyan, instead it was the handsome and elegant man. When the two saw who had came out, they immediately held back the words that they wanted to say.

“Young Master.” When the two black-clothed business men who stood outside saw that young man walk out, they couldn’t hide the astonishment they felt. Immediately, they stepped forward to help Gong Zhengyu out.

It was only after Gong Zhengyu left the carriage that Ji Fengyan leisurely strolled out.

“Young Master, why have you-” Those two black-clothed men looked at Gong Zhengyu with worried gazes.

Slightly raising a hand, Gong Zhengyu stopped their unspoken words. Turning around, he looked at Ji Fengyan who had already walked off the carriage. “I’ll have to trouble my lady today.”

She answered with a sound of agreement while Ling He and Zuo Nuo off to the side looked on with faces of confusion. They didn’t know what Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhengyu spoke about in the end.


Inside the residence, Liu Huo sat in the courtyard and looked at little Bai Ze who was lying next to him, his gaze lowered.

Suddenly, the sound of mixed footsteps came from the front courtyard. Liu Huo unconsciously looked up and saw a guard running towards him.

“What is it?” Liu Huo asked.

The guard halted in his track, “Young Master Liu Huo, our Young Lady and the others have returned.” After he finished speaking, he dashed off towards the front courtyard.

It was unknown what Liu Huo was thinking. He petted Bai Ze’s little head, before standing up and heading off towards the front courtyard himself.

Just as Liu Huo arrived in the front courtyard, he saw that familiar figure enter his sight.

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