ENL – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Enemies Meet on Narrow Roads (1)

Ji Fengyan nodded her head in understanding and turned around to wave at Yang Jian. At the same time, the commoners in the other lines couldn’t help but poke out their heads to take a look at what good things that their new city lord had brought with her.

In front of the crowd, Yang Jian took off the basket on his back and removed the black cloth covering it.

As the black cloth was removed, ores of a variety of colours were abruptly revealed in front of everybody.

Those two businessmen who were originally calm couldn’t help but reveal a look of astonishment when they saw that basket full of ores.

The entire basket was filled with high quality rare ores, each and every one of them bigger than the size of a chicken egg!

“Customer, are these the ores that you wish to trade?” Those two businessmen turned to look at Ji Fengyan, their tine becoming more respectful.

“Correct. Take a look and tell me what I can exchange these for.”

Ji Fengyan didn’t have any notion of the values of these ores and also didn’t know what things they could be exchanged for.

“Please wait a moment. We still need to analyze and evaluate these ores before we can give you an accurate estimate.”

“Of course.”

Very quickly, those two businessmen began evaluating the purity of the ores. With each rare ore they checked, the astonishment in the depths of their eyes grew even deeper.

When they finished evaluating all of the ores, they didn’t immediately give Ji Fengyan a response, instead they indicated their lack of authority. “Customer, please wait a bit longer. The ores that you have provide exceed the limits of our authority, therefore we’ll need further instructions before we can proceed.”

When Ji Fengyan saw their cautious appearance, she couldn’t help but feel a bit curious. To her, these ores were just a simple source of spirit energy. After all of the spirit energy was drained, then in her eyes, there was basically no difference between them and ordinary ores.

“Very well.”

Once they received Ji Fengyan’s response, they immediately bowed before turning around and heading towards another inhabited horse carriage.

Ji Fengyan patiently stood off to the side to wait while the surrounding commoners began to talk amongst themselves.

Just as everybody got into the heat of the conversation, a commotion suddenly erupted from the crowd. From the other side of the square, a group of people began to slowly walk over while the originally bustling square turned deathly silent. Everybody’s gaze all turned towards them.

Ji Fengyan casually swept a glance in their direction.

This one glance almost caused Ji Fengyan to burst out in laughter. When her gaze met a pair of eyes burning with flames of rage amongst their ranks, the smile in the depths of her eyes became even thicker.

This really was… karma.

A white-clothed Su Lingsheng walked over, surrounded by a group of lightly-armoured guards. Her face was a healthy shade of pink, her aura elegant, but when she saw Ji Fengyan who was standing besides a horse carriage, her gaze sharpened. Meanwhile, in the instant that Lei Min, who was standing besides her saw Ji Fengyan, the depths of his eyes blazed with a deep hatred.

Nobody would have thought that the missing Lei Min and Su Lingsheng would actually appear here and just so coincidentally happen to crash head on towards Ji Fengyan.

For a time, the atmosphere in the square became very tense. Nobody dared to speak, only open their eyes wide to watch as the distance between these two opposing forces shortened one step at a time.

“This really is a coincidence.” Su Lingsheng said, coldly staring at Ji Fengyan while calmly walking over to stand in front of the horse carriage that she was standing next to.

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