ENL – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Merchants from Afar (3)

Ji Fengyan wasn’t in a rush. She leisurely lined up at the back of the line while observing the circumstances of the merchant group.

At first, those commoners in front of Ji Fengyan hadn’t noticed anything, but as they grew impatient with waiting and began to look at their surroundings, they abruptly discovered Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian who were standing behind them. All of them were so scared that their legs almost broke from trembling.

L-lady C-city Lord, y-you… Why are you here?” The commoners who were almost scared witless turned pale as they looked at Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian, all of them seeming as if they were about to cry.

“Joining the fun.” Ji Fengyan said airily.

Those people almost burst out in tears. The heavens knew how indelible the image of Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian’s strength left on Ji City’s commoners was. Although everybody understood that their new City Lord was young, nobody dared to underestimate her in the least tiny bit.

Who didn’t want their life? Daring to line up in front of the City Lord?

Very quickly, a few bright-headed commoners quietly left from Ji Fengyan’s line and lined up at the back of another. They would rather line up again rather than dare to block Ji Fengyan’s path.

Seeing her own line shorten while the others lengthened, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

“Uhh… My lady, please understand, my stomach feels a bit unwell.” A person standing in front of Ji Fengyan forcibly held their stomach while dashing off to another line.

Almost in no time at all, Ji Fengyan who was originally standing at the back of the line was forcibly pushed up all the way to the front. As for behind her… Not even one person lined up.

Ji Fengyan went speechless. She felt as if these people misunderstood something?

Hazily, Ji Fengyan felt as if she had turned into the “evil tyrant” in everybody’s mind.

Those black-robed men standing next to the horse carriage that Ji Fengyan lined up in front of were also a bit confused about these bizarre circumstances. Just a moment ago, the line was still quite long, but now only four people were left standing in front of them. And from the looks of things, these four people were also a single group.

It was a good thing that those two black-robed men quickly returned back to normal. The gaze of one of them naturally landed on the unremarkable young girl in front of him. “What would you like to purchase?” He asked seriously.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at these strangely dressed “businessmen” in front of her. “I heard that you guys were exchanging for rare ores here and not just only using gold to purchase them. As I have no lack of money, I want to know what other things you’re using to exchange for besides gold.”

After Ji Fengyan finished speaking, not only were those two businessmen in front of her slightly stunned, even Ling He who was standing beside her was dumbfounded.

No lack of money?

My lady, did you misunderstand something?!

Wasn’t the reason that we came here for exactly money?

Ling He’s expression looked as if he was about to collapse.

Those two businessmen looked Ji Fengyan up and down. This young girl in front of them was extremely thin, her clothes simple and not extravagant. When she spoke, the smile in her eyes looked quite pretty in contrast with her unremarkable appearance.

“Young Lady, what we can exchange for is quite considerable, but according to our rules, we will first have to examine what goods are brought in before we can bring out a list of things that can be exchange for in your budget range. Therefore… I would like to request that you first please bring out all of the ores that you are interested in selling.” One of the black-robed men said calmly.

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