ENL – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 – Enemies Meet on Narrow Roads (2)

Ji Fengyan raised a brow as she looked at Su Lingsheng. Facing those hatred-filled eyes, she only slightly smiled and didn’t reply.

Secretly, Su Lingsheng took a deep breath and surpassed the hatred in her heart towards Ji Fengyan, maintaining her elegant expression. Slightly raising her chin, she swept a glance over Ji Fengyan. When her gaze landed on that large basket that had been re-covered with black cloth in front of Ji Fengyan, Su Lingsheng lips curled in a sneer.

“Never thought that you would come here, Ji Fengyan. What? Did you want to open your eyes?” Su Lingsheng asked, her tone filled filled with sarcasm.

“What? Can’t speak? That’s right… How would somebody who kills and robs other people have the face to speak?” Su Lingsheng sneered.

The surrounding commoners secretly drew in a cold breath, every single one of them poking out their necks to watch.

Su Lingsheng’s status was special. Even if Lei Xu had fallen from power, the force behind her was a behemoth that nobody could ignore — The Eldest Princess!

“Killing and robbing other people?” Ji Fengyan’s lips twitched. Lightly smiling, she turned to look towards Su Lingsheng. “Lady Su really is interesting. As Ji City’s city lord, do I not have the power to sentence a criminal?”

“Whether he was right or wrong still isn’t something you have the right to comment on. After all, Uncle Lei is already dead, whatever you say can’t be refuted, however… don’t get too arrogant. Even though you’re now Ji City’s city lord, you still don’t have enough power to cover the heavens with your hands! I’ll absolutely not let you harm even a single hair on Lei Min!” Su Lingsheng said coldly.

Ji Fengyan slightly raised an eyebrow. Seeming to smile so glance at Su Lingsheng who was brimming with enmity.

How did she not remember that she herself wanted to get rid of that bastard Lei Min?

Her gaze calmly landed on Lei Min, who was standing behind Su Lingsheng. On this occasion, he had changed his normally luxuriant clothes for a set of dull, golden-coloured armour. When his gaze met hers, they remained cold and detached, as if the two had no association at all.

Ji Fengyan retrieved her gaze, too lazy to bother with these two.

Su Lingsheng on the other hand wanted to say something, but she was suddenly stopped by Lei Min.

“Lingsheng, don’t waste your breath on people like that. First complete the assignment from the Eldest Princess before anything else.” Lei Min said seriously. Su Lingsheng’s expression instantly turned indignant.

“Min… you don’t need to just take these insults.”

Lei Min lightly sighed and shook his head, his handsome face carrying a trace of misery and helplessness.

That expression stabbed right into Su Lingsheng’s heart, causing her to become even more protective of him.

“Ji Fengyan, you and I aren’t finished! Just you wait!” Su Lingsheng glared at Ji Fengyan in anger.

“Sure, whatever.” Ji Fengyan replied perfunctorily.

“YOU!” Su Lingsheng was angered to the point where her entire body trembled before abruptly being pulled behind Lei Min.

Standing in front of Su Lingsheng, Lei Min furrowed his brows as he looked towards Ji Fengyan. “Ji Fengyan, the once mutual affection between you and me has already ended. I also don’t want to bother with my father’s death, but nothing concerns Su Lingsheng. She is one of the Eldest Princess’ people, therefore you should learn some propriety. Don’t go too far.”

Ji Fengyan seemed to smile while she watched Lei Min, feeling as if he was extremely funny.

Were these two so deranged that they’ve started hallucinating?

She hadn’t said anything, but these two just started acting as if they had suffered a lot of pain. If someone didn’t know any better, then they would have thought that she really did do something to them.

Still, this Lei Min actually did learn some tricks.

Not getting any response from Ji fengyan, Lei Min continued to barrel on. “The relationship between you and me has already been completely severed and our engagement no longer stands. In the future, you’ll walk on your own path while I’ll walk on my own, therefore I hope that you won’t continue to bother me or Lingsheng.”

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