Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 65 Part 1

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Chapter 65.1: Keep Up, Ok Husband?

Where was there a slightest trace of the newlywed atmosphere? Because Xiaoqi was greedily sleeping and Song Liangzhuo couldn’t call her up after trying a couple times, he decided to just lie down again after seeing that she was exhausted to the point her eyes couldn’t even open. Mother Song and the beautiful missus also didn’t feel like waiting for them to do the offering tea rite, and headed to stroll the back gardens together. The two old men left behind could only chat idly, making conversation out of nothing.

Song Liangzhuo’s hand was a bit swollen. His thoroughly red palm looked very out of place. Mother Song humphed as she laughed at breakfast. “This is a warning for a few particular people not to casually accept things from outsiders.”

The beautiful missus also smiled as she added, “During times when you should act decisively without regard for others’ feelings, you should act decisively. Carrying pity in your heart would not only harm yourself but also drag your family down .”

Xiaoqi listened to all of this without understanding. She grabbed Song Liangzhuo’s hand and gave it a blow as she said, “Did Husband touch fur? In the future, don’t touch it anymore! Does it hurt?”

Mother Song and the beautiful missus shook their heads upon hearing this and sighed. Song Liangzhuo was slightly 囧 as he pinched Xiaoqi’s hand a little but didn’t say anything.

Everything proceeded as in the past, as if that wedding ceremony was nothing more than a round of fireworks. Once it was over, it was over. From the start, it was lit up for Song Liangzhuo and Xiaoqi, the young married couple. As long as they cherished it, it was enough. The Song family invited clansmen over to stand witness as they added a Song Qian Clan to the genealogy record. This unintentionally caused the divorce paper Xiaoqi hid away like a treasure to lose its effectiveness.

The beautiful missus Mom and the fat old man didn’t behave as if they were living in someone else’s home at all. Without waiting for anyone to attend to them, the two started searching in a radiating outwards circle, with Song fu as the center, for all of Ruzhou’s big and small beautiful sceneries as well as each style of culinary delicacies. Every day they would head out of the doors early in the morning and it would be late in the evening before they came back with one person walking behind the other or walking side by side.

Mother Song was quite upset by this. She started continuously advancing her transformation education on Song Qingyun. Song Qingyun was bothered to the point that he was badly burned about the head from the pressure of trying to put out the fire. After several times of hinting and openingly expressing that in the fat old man’s family, business is the most important – to no avail – he finally gave in. He promised Mother Song that after he finished this case in front of him, he’ll take her to the hot springs, take her to Yuntai Mountain to see the waterfall, then bring her to take a hike up Mt. Song.

It wasn’t like promises cost money. Not to mention, whether he could leave while still holding this official position is also a question. Mother Song clearly also knew these things. Even though she was only harboring a little hope with a wait-and-let’s-see attitude, it still managed to satisfy her competitive feelings a little.

Song Liangzhuo started to get busy again, however, the days he passed with Xiaoqi were as sweet as honey added to oil. Xiaoqi didn’t want to run off first anymore. She wanted to wait until Song Liangzhuo finished his case so that they could go home loveydove-ily. But Lin Zixiao started making movements again.

Xiaoqi asked for Xiao Shanzi from the fat old man and had him accompany Song Liangzhuo to and from from the government office. Xiao Shanzi said that it wasn’t the first time guye had a chance encounter with that beautiful lady.

Xiaoqi narrowed her eyes at him. Shanzi hurriedly switched to gnashing his teeth as he spoke with a tone of righteous indignation: it wasn’t the first time guye had such an unfortunate encounter with that terrible woman.

Unfortunate encounter, it’s an unfortunate encounter ah! Shanzi repeatedly stressed.

Xiaoqi flattened her mouth. After thinking about it a while, she dug out that divorce paper whose edges had already started curling. Xiaoqi changed it a little and left separate letters for Mother Song, the beautiful missus, Ruoshui and Song Liangzhuo. Afterwards, she changed into a male outfit and left carrying a small bundle. Of course, for the sake of letting her family feel at ease, she brought along the oily-mouthed, smooth-talking Shanzi.

Qiu Tong was the first to discover that Xiaoqi had disappeared. The reason was because she hadn’t seen a trace of Xiaoqi the entire day, and she later discovered that even the family servant Old Man Quang brought along had disappeared. It was when Qiu Tong returned to Xiaoqi’s house and dug out the letters below the pillow that she truly became frantic.

Qiu Tong ran hastily to the main courtyard as if there was a fire. When she saw Mother Song, she immediately blurted, “Madam, I’m afraid Young Madam has disappeared. I haven’t seen her the entire day. Could it be that she sneakily ran off?”

Mother Song was currently drinking tea as she was reading. Upon hearing this, the tea that she had just taken a sip of immediately spurted out.

Sneakily ran off? That sounds as if she was a wife they had brought from a human trafficking organization in the deep mountains.

Mother Song was rather calm. She wiped the corners of her mouth and took the letters from Qiu Tong’s hands. After finding the one that was addressed to her, she tore it open and took a look. Her lips twitched, then she said, “There’s no way we’d lose her, so let’s not search for now.”

“Eh?” Qiu Tong was astonished.

Mother Song wiped clean her treasured book that had become drenched as a casualty. She sighed, then said, “It’s also good. I was just considering allowing them to leave for a while. If I made a hard move, there’d be no way to avoid bad feelings. Just let her continue to jump around. Watching it is strangely irksome as well. Once Liangzhuo leaves for about a year, it’ll also throughly end the Lin family’s hopes. That way, we can stop them from acting like a housefly that we can’t chase away.”

“But will Young Madam be safe?”

Mother Song smiled. “We’ll just have to leave this for your Young Master to worry about. But Xiaoqi, that yatou, doesn’t seem like someone who would provoke strangers. She still has plenty of vigilance towards outsiders. However, it won’t be easy to explain to the Qian couple.”

Old Man Qian and the beautiful missus’s reactions seemed to be out of Mother Song’s expectations. When the two of them had ate enough and drunk their fills, Mother Song explained the situation to them the moment they returned. The moment she finished, the beautiful missus laughed, seeming extremely happy.

The beautiful missus said, “All my family’s yatou’s enumerated flaws comes from this dumbness of hers. But it’s not easy to finally obtain some opening. If she wants to play, then just play. Jiejie, don’t worry, Xiaoqi has never suffered anything bad when she headed out before, and that Shanzi who’s with her is also very clever.”

Just as she said so, Song Liangzhuo and Song Qingyun walked in. Mother Song and the beautiful missus shared a glance, then with great tacit understanding, both put on a solemn face.

Mother Song sighed. “Xiaoqi has disappeared. Is the case really important? It’s best if Liangzhuo returns to Tongxu first to find her.”

Song Liangzhuo was a bit stunned, but he clearly didn’t believe Mother Song’s words. Just last night, the two of them were enthusiastically discussing what they should name their children, then how many blessings they should steal back from Ruoshui’s wedding. They had decided that Song Liangzhuo would provide support while Xiaoqi would take action. Ruoshui’s wedding was almost here. How could she disappear just like this?

“You don’t believe?” Mother Song threw the letter over. “This is your letter, you can look at it for yourself.”

Song Liangzhuo looked at the two pairs of parents that were controlling their expressions. He tore open the letter and took a look. The moment he pulled it out, he knew what that rough curled-edged paper was and his face immediately became a little angry.

Song Liangzhuo shoved that divorce paper back into the envelope and said with a dark face, “Mom and Dad can continue discussing. I’ll be heading to my room first.”

Mother Song addressed Song Liangzhuo’s back, “You must grasp the time tightly. Perhaps you’ll still be able to catch up with her.”

The beautiful missus laughed cheerfully and lifted her eyebrows. “Wonder what he saw? That face was seriously dark! Tsk tsk… From the looks of it, he won’t be chasing after her immediately.” Then she turned back to face Song Qingyun and asked, “What case is it? Is it troublesome?”

Song Qingyun nodded. “I really do need his help for these next few days, however, it’s almost over.”

“Then that’s not a big problem. Finishing one’s proper business is more important. Xiaoqi also wouldn’t make trouble without reason.” The beautiful missus replied with a smile.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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