Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 64 Part 2

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PG-13 warning lol!!
Lol, Xiaoqi’s so intuitive! But ewwww. The thought of it being a bug…

Chapter 64.2: Keep Up, Ok Husband?

Song Liangzhuo reluctantly released those lips and buried his face in Xiaoqi’s shoulder without speaking.

“That um, Young Master, do you still need the bath?” Qiu Tong asked uncertainly.

“No need. Didn’t he already wash earlier in the day?!” Xiaoqi waved her hand with a rather Young Madam-like imposing manner as she decided for Song Liangzhuo.

Qiu Tong looked at the Song Liangzhuo who had refused to lift his head this entire time and thought for a bit. In the end, she still left behind a full basin of cold water before leaving and closing the doors behind her. Another while later, she said from outside the door, “Young Madam, you must remember to tell Young Master to drink the formal exchange wine.”

Xiaoqi dug Song Liangzhuo out and as she glanced at that area which was rising up, she wrinkled her face up and said, “You really are a big perverted wolf. Aren’t I just a little prettier than usual?” Even though the beautiful missus said that being able to arouse your husband’s passion is a thing worthy of boasting about, she still didn’t feel that sugary sweet delight she felt from saying sweet nothings.

Song Liangzhuo gave an embarrassed cough and restrained his desire, then released Xiaoqi. He got up and washed his hands, then cooled his heated face. The palm of his hand had already turned red. Just brushing against it would cause him to feel the hunger and thirst for skin. Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows and even took off the robe that had touched the fragrance pouch and threw it to the side.

“Why is Husband taking off your clothes?” Xiaoqi was a little confused in regards to his actions. Even though they are in love, they don’t have a past of making love without a word the moment they enter the doors. Could it be that all men were like this in the bridal room?

After taking off his robe, he couldn’t cover up his embarrassment anymore so Song Liangzhuo decided to just go to the bed, pull open the blankets, and cover himself up. Then he rubbed his forehead and silently waited for the heat to disperse.

As Xiaoqi ate the pastries, she cast sidelong glances at Song Liangzhuo as she wondered why this bridal room and ornamental candles tradition didn’t seem quite like how the book-telling mister described? Didn’t the husband have to share the nuptial wine with the wife then take off the wife’s hair ornaments and belt with tender feelings before doing that ‘n that?

Xiaoqi recalled how Qiu Tong specially exhorted her to eat the dumplings, so even though she was unwilling, she still took a bite.

“Wah, it’s raw!” Xiaoqi spat it out in astonishment. “Why isn’t it cooked?”T/N

Xiaoqi peeked at Song Liangzhuo and saw that his expression seemed sullen. It’s unknown what Xiaoqi thought of, but she randomly stuffed some more pastries into her mouth and gulped down a mouthful of tea before throwing herself into Song Liangzhuo’s arms.

Song Liangzhuo hurriedly reached out to catch her, his face a little troubled. The corners of Xiaoqi’s mouth still held some pastry crumbs as she rubbed it near Song Liangzhuo’s mouth. The desire that Song Liangzhuo had just managed to suppress a little immediately rose up again.

Song Liangzhuo took a deep breath and held the flailing Xiaoqi still as he warmly said, “Go, carry two cups of wine over.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes, seeming a bit dissatisfied with this atmosphere. She pouted and hit Song Liangzhuo before jumping down and carrying the wine cups over.

Song Liangzhuo stared at Xiaoqi as he examined her.

In reality, Xiaoqi hadn’t really applied much makeup. Her skin was white from the start, so all she did was brush on some blush and apply some lip rouge. A light eye line was drawn along the outer corners of her eyes. It was her eyebrows that changed the most. The originally mild eyebrows were drawn into dark, black, slender brows that were graceful and elegant.

Song Liangzhuo liked her original mild eyebrows. He had to admit, however, that after her brows were drawn this way, her appearance became much more beautiful and alluring. Matched with Xiaoqi’s coquettish pouting face, it seemed, ah, even more enticing.

Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand and stroked her brow. His fingers swept down to her ear and paused as he said with a slight smile, “After drinking the nuptial wine, we two are bound into one, never to part.”

Xiaoqi looked at the short red string between the wine cups, then looked at the rice wine inside the little wine cup. Sniffing, she drank it in one mouthful. Xiaoqi clicked her tongue and asked, “Why is there only one cup? There seems to be a flower fragrance.”

Xiaoqi turned around and looked at the square table that was temporarily arranged in the middle of the room, then she delightedly shook her head and said, “Wait a bit, I’m going to get more.”

Song Liangzhuo moved one step ahead to seize her waist and press her under him. He lightly kissed her pouty red lips and asked, “You’re still hungry?”

When Xiaoqi saw his hazy eyes, she was stunned for a moment. She lightly rubbed the heated area near her lower body for a moment, then arched her body as she crawled outwards and noisily said, “Ayaya, I’m about to starve to death. I’m going to eat.”

Song Liangzhuo couldn’t help but smile as he replied, “You’re not allowed to eat anymore. You can eat tomorrow.”

“Aiyah! You promised you wouldn’t bully me… mm…”

Xiaoqi struggled for half the day. The more she struggled, the fewer clothes she had. In the end, she couldn’t prevent her body from becoming softer and softer. In the end, she weakly shrank into Song Liangzhuo’s arms.


Even after this long, Song Liangzhuo’s entering still caused Xiaoqi to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Xiaoqi slightly raised her head and lifted her hands to push at Song Liangzhuo’s chest. “Husband, softer, soft…”

“Xiaoqi.” Song Liangzhuo exhaled and called softly in a low husky voice.

“Oh, nn. Husband, we, let’s go back to Tongxu, ok?” Xiaoqi forcefully restrained herself and finally managed to retrieve a trace of soberness.


Xiaoqi slightly closed her eyes, seeing once again the backs of the two figures holding hands on the long peach blossom dam. Xiaoqi curved her eyes as she imagined a son and a daughter behind them. Haha, she must have one son and one daughter. The daughter is for playing with and the son is for helping her take care of the daughter.

Seemingly punishing her for not concentrating, the person on top of her bit her lips mildly. Only when Xiaoqi returned to her senses did he stop. Moving slow sometimes, moving fast sometimes… Sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. He brought the moaning and singing Xiaoqi in a dazzling moment to see the peach blossom dam again.

When Xiaoqi bit Song Liangzhuo’s shoulder as she climbed up to the clouds, the thing grasped in her hand also split with a ‘crack’.

Xiaoqi lifted her little hand and looked over with glazed eyes. She knitted her brows for a moment, before saying, “Husband, want a longan? It’s already shelled.”

Song Liangzhuo looked at the dried longan whose shell and flesh were separated in her hand. Only then did he recall that these things were on the bed. Song Liangzhuo lifted Xiaoqi and sat up. He pulled off the wedding dress that was pressed under him earlier and threw it off the bed. Then he looked at the things beneath her and was inwardly angry as he swept them away. Stroking Xiaoqi’s back, he asked, “Did it hurt?”

Xiaoqi wanted to say that it didn’t hurt as much as your bite, but before she could even say it she already started to giggle bashfully.

Song Liangzhuo swept the things on the bed cleanly off with the help of the candlelight before hugging Xiaoqi and lying down again. Xiaoqi pulled the blanket up and covered their heads. Lying in Song Liangzhuo’s arms, she said, “Husband said that you would go back to Tongxu with me ah, you’re not allowed to break your word.”

Song Liangzhuo smiled. “Once this case is over, we’ll go.”

“How come there’s still a case?” Xiaoqi was suspicious.

Song Liangzhuo dodged instead of replying. Pulling down the blanket, he said, “Brother Licheng and Lu Liu have headed to the north.”

“Eh? How did you find out? Isn’t our home in the north?”

Song Liangzhuo pulled that hand which was still emitting slight heat outside of the cocoon and forcefully calmed himself down as he said, “It was in a letter Dad brought back. Licheng said that Lady Lu Liu heard a Jianghu doctor say that after staying in a chilly place for a season, a person with malaria can recover completely. Lady Lu Liu begged him for half a month. They had already set out last month. If they hurried, then they’ve probably already reached the Yellow River by now.”

“Haa, why didn’t I think of that? All bugs are afraid of cold, even humans are afraid of cold. Wouldn’t everything be solved if we just froze the bugs to death?” Xiaoqi pouted with an annoyed expression.

“Are you sure that it was an illness caused by bugs?” Song Liangzhuo chuckled.

Xiaoqi turned her head. “Why wouldn’t it be? If not, then what else would crawl into the body and cause people to get sick?”

Xiaoqi shuddered. With a face full of alarm, she looked towards Song Liangzhuo. “Say, how are babies made? It couldn’t also be bugs right!? Aooo~~~~ Moo~~~~”

Not even he could answer this question. Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows as he stroked Xiaoqi’s back. “Are you a tiger or a cow?”

Xiaoqi switched her call. “Meow~~”

“Little flower cat still not sleepy?”(multi-colored cat in Chinese = flower cat)

Xiaoqi opened her eyes wide as she shook her head.

“Then, let us, slowly investigate.”

Only when one of Xiaoqi’s legs was bent out of the way did she realize what Song Liangzhuo meant by ‘investigate’. She was just about to protest, but her lips had already been sealed by Song Liangzhuo.

Fine, Xiaoqi thought drowsily as she was drifting off to sleep. This bug is a bit big and doesn’t feel too good. Xiaoqi then thought, “I just knew you were a big bad wolf that was hiding your tail. And you’re still not admitting it? If you won’t admit, then just don’t admit. But to even pretend to be a sheep is too much!” The image of Song Liangzhuo wearing a sheep outfit appeared in Xiaoqi’s brain. He was even wearing two curly horns on his head.

Xiaoqi lifted her hand to rub Song Liangzhuo’s head. Closing her eyes, she giggled a little. She snuggled into Song Liangzhuo’s chest, exhausted, before unwillingly falling asleep.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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