Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 65 Part 2

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Chapter 65.2: Keep Up, Ok Husband?

Song Liangzhuo walked with a gloomy expression all the way to the bedroom. He furiously paced back and forth several times before he pulled out that divorce paper and the letter. Song Liangzhuo took a deep breath, then unfolded that paper whose edges were nearly like feathers from being rubbed too much. He glanced at it and was angered, but also couldn’t help laughing.

Xiaoqi had changed the divorce paper again. Not only did she add a couple more words, she even added an additional line at the end.

Song Liang Zhuo and Qian Xiao Qi’s emotional relationship has broken, is false, that’s right;

Discussing divorce, will fail, not necessarily!

PS: Hurry and come to find me in Tongxu so we can talk in detail about it, ok? I’ll be waiting for you in our family’s courtyard!

Song Liangzhuo exhaled, then laid down on the bed to read Xiaoqi’s letter. The writing could still be counted as beautiful, and it was written quite earnestly.

The letter said, “Husband, you didn’t keep your promise. You met with that bad green plum again and even spoke with her. But I, Xiaoqi, has always had a magnanimous personality, so I’ll forgive you. You should give that scroll to Father-in-Law Dad. I hid it under the bed. You have to hurry and come find me~ My legs are short and I also can’t walk that fast. If Husband is really busy, then just hurry and finish up work quickly. Once you’re done, come find me, ok? Xiaoqi won’t go far. When that time comes, Xiaoqi will help rub Husband’s temples to relieve fatigue. I brought Shanzi along, so don’t worry. Remember to hurry and come find me ah! ! ! !”

At the very end, a cute Ha Pi that was wagging his tail with his head tilted up was drawn. At the side, separated by a parenthesis was some narration: Official Song, come back, ok? I won’t rub my fur on you anymore, promise. Aarf~~

It had to be acknowledged that even though Xiaoqi’s writing wasn’t anything much, the drawing was actually still passable. Ha Pi, that glutinous rice ball, was made to appear vividly on the paper with just a few strokes of her brush. The way he stuck his little tongue out was extremely adorable. It was just a short passage, but there were many places where the brush had obviously paused and caused bits of black blobs. Song Liangzhuo tapped the letter in his hand, almost able to see how Xiaoqi looked as she bit her self-made wooden brush and racked her brains while writing.

An impulse to draw Xiaoqi suddenly arose in Song Liangzhuo. In reality, he did move to do this, but when he held the brush in his hand, he couldn’t figure out which scene of her to draw. Xiaoqi was too lively, and Song Liangzhuo felt that no matter what, anything that he drew would be an inanimate object. No matter what, the drawing could not be more adorable than the actual person.

Song Liangzhuo was silent for a long time before he threw the brush away again. His Xiaoqi isn’t something that can be drawn!

“How can you be this certain that I would chase after you?” Song Liangzhuo muttered to himself.

Song Liangzhuo returned to the bed and laid down a while before flipping over and pulling out an object from underneath the bed that was wrapped with a bedsheet. He directly untied it and carried the wooden stick to the door and threw it outside.

Song Liangzhuo shook his head and smiled as he mumbled, “Such a little idiot.”

Even without Xiaoqi next to him tonight, Song Liangzhuo still slept quite well. Before he slept, he thought about the likelihood of returning to Tong Xue to construct the dam, then thought about who should raise the children if they ended up having some. Xiaoqi was the first to be eliminated because Song Liangzhuo had asked her before whether she wanted children or not. Xiaoqi had excitedly nodded and said she wanted to give birth to a little baby to play with. The single word ‘play’ alarmed Song Liangzhuo to the point he rubbed her ears for half the night as he repeated over and over again, ‘children are not for playing with, they’re for properly teaching and nurturing.’

Song Liangzhuo imagined Xiaoqi hugging their child and messing with the child the way she would with a cat or a dog and the smile at the corners of his lips couldn’t help but spill out. Even when he slept, his expression was one of having a very lovely dream.

As for Xiaoqi who was inside the inn, she had to suffer from some loss of sleep. Sleeping by yourself wasn’t as nice and warm as sleeping with another person. There was no one you could hug, no one you could talk with. The feeling was seriously no good!

Xiaoqi laid flat on her tummy, laid flat on her back, laid sideways, sat up, tossed and turned for half the night. She finally patted her pillow and drifted off to sleep as she hugged it as if it was Song Liangzhuo. The next day, she climbed up again early in the morning. After getting dressed appropriately, she went to knock at Shanzi’s room, which was next door.

Shanzi yawned as he opened the door. Xiaoqi got straight to the point and said, “After finishing dinner, head back to the fu to check on the situation.”

Shanzi leaned on the door and made a sliding down to the floor motion as he wrinkled his face and replied, “Third Miss, it’s only been one night. Once guye has made a move, Madam will send someone to notify us.”

Xiaoqi thought for a while and figured it was true, so she pouted and went downstairs. There were already travelers that had woke up to eat breakfast downstairs. Xiaoqi found an inconspicuous spot to sit down and drew on the table with the chopsticks as she waited for Shanzi to come down so they could have breakfast.

A plate of savory barbecue meat appeared just like this on the table. Xiaoqi didn’t even lift her eyelids. “I haven’t ordered yet.”

“It’s my treat.”

Xiaoqi lifted her head and pouted unhappily as she said, “How come I always see you around!?”

Chen Zigong also felt that this question was a little strange. For the most part, it was because he paid more attention after getting to know her. From the start, one city was only so big. As long as the two went out, there would always be the opportunity to encounter each other.

Chen Zigong focused on eating his own skewered meat. “This skewered meat isn’t quite that good and also isn’t venison. The shop owner probably a cheat.”

Xiaoqi lifted her eyelids. “Yet you’re still eating.”

“For a small city at this side to not have venison is also pretty normal. In any case, it’s just eating for pleasure. What about Xiaoqi? Why are you living in an inn? Your best-in-the-world husband doesn’t want you anymore?” Chen Zigong lifted his eyebrows as he smiled.

Xiaoqi drew another circle and cast a sidelong glance at Chen Zigong as she said, “What I’m doing is setting out first and waiting for my family’s husband to come chase after me.”

After Xiaoqi said this, she felt a little lacking in confidence in her heart. She wasn’t sure if doing this was right or not. She was certain that Song Liangzhuo liked her, and also certain that he would come look for her. But she wasn’t sure if being like this was good. At the start, she felt that it was a really good idea, that it was a really good way to repel the bad green plum. But after staying by herself one night, she didn’t feel like it was good anymore. Having to sleep without hugging him so many days, how sad how painful ah!

Xiaoqi knitted her brows, her emotions tangled. She muttered, “Say, do you think I shouldn’t have run out?”

“Tell me about it, I’ll think about it with you.” Chen Zigong called the waiter again to bring up porridge and some small side dishes. He then said to Xiaoqi, “Just eat. We can just pay for our own portions later.”

Xiaoqi looked at the food on the table and suddenly lost her appetite. She spoke unhappily, “My husband has a bad green plum. The bad green plum is always winding around him. I wanted to leave first and have Husband return to Tongxu. This way, we could shake off the bad green plum.”

“Your husband isn’t preparing to marry her?” Chen Zigong was a bit surprised as he asked.

Xiaoqi narrowed her eyes and slanted a glare at him. “My husband naturally only loves me. That old man is so hateful, can’t even keep track of his own wife.”

Chen Zigong also sighed. He had been cursed quite a lot recently. Chen Zigong thought for a bit, then asked, “Have you been cursing Hao wang ye every day?”

Xiaoqi shook her head sincerely. “It’s not to the point of every day. I just curse him every time I see the bad green plum. Not to mention, I don’t curse fiercely so he’s getting off so lightly ah. Seriously, since he’s already asked for the person, then why doesn’t he just properly raise her? How awful is this?”

Chen Zigong rubbed his forehead. “You, woman, seriously have such big nerves.”

Xiaoqi drew back and aimed a glance at Chen Zigong as she asked, “Where’s that friend of yours that’s scared of dogs?”

A shelled peanut got stuck in Chen Zigong’s throat. He coughed half the day but still didn’t managed to cough it out and ended up swallowing it instead. Chen Zigong tugged at his collar uncomfortably. As he gasped, he said with a not so amiable tone, “He went to deal with other stuff.”

Chen Zigong drank two entire cups of tea before he spoke again, “Weren’t you running away? Why are you staying in an inn close to Song fu?”

Xiaoqi looked at Chen Zigong with disdain for a while before lifting her chin and saying with a tone that implied this reasoning was to be expected as a matter of course, “I have to walk slowly, otherwise my husband wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

Chen Zigong choked yet again on a mouthful of tea that rushed straight up to his nose. Using his handkerchief to cover his mouth, he cut a sorry figure as he coughed for yet another while. He slowly recovered and looked at Xiaoqi, then finally wised up and shut his mouth.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Lmao! Hahaha! But poor Chen Zigong, I understand the feeling of choking on everything and nothing. For some reason, whenever I pay attention or don’t, I always end up choking. The worst is when I choke on literally my own spit just as my teacher is about to start giving a lecture. Haha, but Chen Zigong at least has someone to blame for his sufferings. As for me, I can only ask, Lord ah, why!?
+It’s decided, the title for these chapters will be ‘keep up, ok Husband?’ due to this chapter.
O: Now you tell me…
C: Haha, oops… XD

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