Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 47 Part 2

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[Chiyomira’s Corner]
C: PG-13!!! Rated R??
O: XQ was a busy girl. I think this needs an R rating.
C: Rated R!!
E/N- Can’t describe how hard I’m laughing right now! She gets it from her mother…LMBO..
T/N2 – Xiaoqi definitely has no idea what she’s doing, but lols for trying! And my mom just opened of my door to bring me tea again while I was translating this part!! This is not good for my heart…

Chapter 47.2: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-Law

Song Liangzhuo’s room was much better, probably because they had been prepared for him to return for a long time. The room was comfortably warm and very cosy.

Xiaoqi got mad and started huffing and puffing. Seizing Song Liangzhuo’s neck she fiercely said: “On purpose, it was totally on purpose. The grand Prefectural Magistrate da ren, fourth rank high official na, yet at home still mistreats the daughter-in-law!”

The maid who had returned carrying the food tray, upon seeing this, her eyes bulged out. She stared and blinked twice before recollecting her expression and starting to set the dishes out onto the table.

“You may withdraw, come collect them tomorrow.”

Song Liangzhuo glanced at the food on the table and realized that the maid misunderstood what he meant. Not only did she prepare some stir-fry and soup, she even prepared a pot of hot wine.

Song Liangzhuo carried Xiaoqi and changed directions, “Are you hungry? Let’s eat first!”

Xiaoqi was still sobbing a little. Speaking with a nasally voice, she said: “I’m not sleeping over there, there’s ghosts there.”

Song Liangzhuo gently smiled, “Even if there’s no ghost I wouldn’t let you go over there. Just stay here. In the future always stay here.”
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Xiaoqi glanced at Song Liangzhuo with her wide eyes. Unwillingly she gave him a kiss, unwillingly she mumbled a sentence, “Husband’s the best.”

Mrs. Mei said so before, whenever there’s a chance she must praise the husband. Only this way would she be able to make the other person feel that he has a place in her heart. Although Xiaoqi was still angry, she still stuck in a needle upon seeing a gap(make use of opportunity). Xiaoqi also felt that it was pretty effective. Even though she forced herself to say it with great difficulty, Song Liangzhuo’s expression still became several degrees warmer and gentler.

Song Liangzhuo wanted to let Xiaoqi sit to the side, but Xiaoqi shook her head and wrapped her arms around his neck. Song Liangzhuo didn’t try to persuade her anymore. Reaching forward, he ladled a bowl of soup, handed it to Xiaoqi and watched her drink all of it before asking: “What do you want to eat? Pick whatever you like.”

Xiaoqi looked at the food on the table. Perhaps it was because she was hungry to the point that she felt weak, but she didn’t show much desire to pick up the chopsticks. Song Liangzhuo picked some light dishes and placed them in her bowl before handing the chopsticks over and pouring himself a cup of wine to slowly drink.

Xiaoqi ate a mouth of Chinese cabbage, but her eyes followed Song Liangzhuo’s hand back and forth.

“What kind of wine?”

“Yellow wine.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and moved closer to take a look, “So pretty, let me taste.”

Song Liangzhuo’s first reaction was to check and see if the door of the room was closed securely, while the arm wrapped around Xiaoqi’s waist also tightened subconsciously.

Xiaoqi didn’t get a reply from him so she peeled off his fingers and drank half the cup, then said in surprise: “It’s hot? So fragrant!” Then she stuck out her tongue and picked up another chopstick-full of vegetables.

‘Alcohol shows on the face’, Xiaoqi was the model of this. Just with this half a cup her cheeks were already thoroughly red.

Xiaoqi strung through a lotus root* then carefully passed it to Song Liangzhuo with her other hand cupped underneath it. Song Liangzhuo hooked the corner of his lips as he ate it, then smiled and said: “You should eat yourself, don’t worry about me.”

From my experience it’s pretty hard to pick up lotus root with chopsticks so we often just loop the chopsticks through the holes and pinch it that way.

Xiaoqi’s little hand gestured as she said: “One piece of lotus root for one cup of wine, I’m doing a trade.”

Song Liangzhuo held back his smile, “But I never agreed.”

Xiaoqi’s eyes shot a glare and poured a mouthful from the wine pot herself.

“Official Song doesn’t keep his word, after eating someone else’s thing he still refuses to admit it.”

Song Liangzhuo reached over to take the wine pot and Xiaoqi frantically hugged it tightly. Shrinking her body away she said: “No no. You hold the wine cup, I’ll pour for you.”

Song Liangzhuo tightened his arm again. Only after he felt that Xiaoqi would not be able to run away did he pass the wine cup over. Xiaoqi steadily poured a cup and closed one eye as she stared at the mouth of the wine pot a while, then poured another mouthful for herself.

Yellow wine was not very intense. Xiaoqi’s entire body became warm and cosy as she drank. It was so comfortable that she couldn’t help but pour another two mouthfuls. Song Liangzhuo, on the other hand, placed down his cup and switched to wrapping both his arms around Xiaoqi’s waist.

He was waiting for Xiaoqi to start acting crazy from the alcohol. The moment she showed any indication of wanting to run out he’ll carry her to the bed first and pin her down.

But Xiaoqi was actually unusually quiet. Throwing aside the wine pot she picked up the chopsticks again. The two chopsticks staggered for quite a long time. Xiaoqi picked at the gap between the plate and the dish for quite a while, but still couldn’t pick up anything. Xiaoqi angrily threw the chopsticks again and directly went to grab it with her hands but Song Liangzhuo’s quick hands grabbed hers first.

“I want to eat lotus root!” Xiaoqi angrily yelled straight out.

Song Liangzhuo picked up one chopstick and strung a piece on it before passing it over. Xiaoqi put it into her mouth and before she even really started to chew spat it out again. She was even crying as she said: “I don’t have teeth anymore, wuuuwuuu, can’t even chew anymore!”

The corners of Song Liangzhuo’s lips twitched. He decisively lifted Xiaoqi up and carried her to the inner room.
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Xiaoqi’s behavior this time was extremely good. As Song Liangzhuo helped her take off her outer garments she didn’t make a racket and just cutely sat next to the bed, hanging her head without speaking. When Song Liangzhuo was helping Xiaoqi take off her socks Xiaoqi suddenly cried out and kicked Song Liangzhuo’s hands away.

Xiaoqi withdrew her foot really fast but Song Liangzhuo still saw her greenish black toes.
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“Where did you bump it?” Song Liangzhuo held Xiaoqi’s foot as he asked with knitted brows.

“Ha Pi bit, bit it.”

The veins on Song Liangzhuo’s forehead twitched. He held it and kneaded it for a while before sighing and saying: “You’re still kicking tables? Next time kick a rock and try that excuse again!”

Xiaoqi nodded her head, open to good advice. Then lying down on her back she quickly took everything off and laid there, cooling down on the bed.

Song Liangzhuo looked at the unselfconsciously naked Xiaoqi rather speechlessly. Pulling out the blanket, he covered her with it and went to bolt the door. When he came back, there was not a trace of Xiaoqi anywhere.

Song Liangzhuo also got smarter. Rubbing his forehead he said: “Where’s Ha Pi? Did he run off right after biting you?”

“Went home to eat meat.” Xiaoqi had already jumped into the empty bathtub behind the screen but was still a beat slow as she answered Song Liangzhuo without thinking.

Song Liangzhuo walked over without a change in expression, picked up Xiaoqi, and carried her onto the bed.

Xiaoqi gaze was blurred. Pushing at Song Liangzhuo she said: “Who are you ah, you dare sleep on my bed?”

“Who are you ah? Why are you sleeping on my bed?” Song Liangzhuo asked back.

Xiaoqi blinked confused. With an ‘oh’ she got up and was just about to leave when Song Liangzhuo once again pulled her into his arms and softly coaxed: “I’m your husband. Running around naked and blind, aren’t you cold?”

“Cold!” Xiaoqi wiggled into Song Liangzhuo’s chest. After staring at the bed curtains a while, heat rose up and a bit of sweat appeared. It’s unknown what Xiaoqi suddenly thought of, but she creepily giggled then turned around and hugged Song Liangzhuo, saying: “Husband, kissy. Let’s sleepsleep.”

Song Liangzhuo’s face instantly became a bit hot and he went 囧!

“Husband, husband, hurry, hurry.” Xiaoqi twisted back and forth like a snake as she urged.

Song Liangzhuo’s entire body turned feverish from Xiaoqi’s body rubbing against his. He closed his eyes for a moment, then flipped over and pressed down on Xiaoqi as he kissed her.

Xiaoqi struggled free and pushed Song Liangzhuo, saying: “Don’t push me down, don’t push me down. I’ll push you down.”

What Mrs. Mei taught was the on top postureE/N. Mrs. Mei even said that not only could this serve the husband well, you would feel really comfortable too. Xiaoqi wanted to feel comfortable so she resolutely crawled out from under Song Liangzhuo’s body and softly sat astride Song Liangzhuo.

Song Liangzhuo watched dumbstruck, a bit at his wits’ end as to what he should do as he looked at the Xiaoqi who was emitting a slightly alluring aura. Xiaoqi weakly laid on top of Song Liangzhuo’s body and tugged at his belt with her eyes half-closed. After tugging for a few times and still not succeeding, she unhappily flattened her mouth.

Song Liangzhuo hurriedly moved his own hands and took off his clothes. Xiaoqi stared at Song Liangzhuo’s naked chest and gave a strange giggle of ‘hehe’. Leaning on his chest she first applied a layer of saliva over his entire bodyT/N2, then when she encountered a certain little bump, she opened her mouth and just ruthlessly chomped down.

Song Liangzhuo gave a muffled groan and cupped Xiaoqi’s face, not sure of what he should do to make her let go, yet panic-stricken to the point he didn’t dare to move. Xiaoqi actually started licking and biting at it. Then she muttered quietly: “Not tasty, can’t bite it off.”

Hearing this, Song Liangzhuo felt cold sweat over his entire body. He was extremely afraid that Xiaoqi would make him disabled while she was drunk, but a certain region around his lower body actually energetically stood up.

“Want husband to be comfortable.” Xiaoqi murmured.

“Xiaoqi will serve husband.”

Xiaoqi’s legs were itchy. She squeezed them between Song Liangzhuo’s legs and rubbed against them nonstop. Song Liangzhuo’s handsome face was red through and through. He wanted to flip over and pin her down, yet after trying twice Xiaoqi still relentlessly pinched and bit and cried and yelled as she climbed back out again.

Song Liangzhuo gave up and laid down properly and supported Xiaoqi’s waist, allowing her to twist around as she wished. It was just that when she sat down again, she held up a certain area with her hand, arched her back, and it finally entered.

Xiaoqi trembled, her wide eyes looking ahead blankly with her neck arched for quite a long time. Xiaoqi seemed to have seen something fun and got up to crawl forward but was pulled and pressed back by Song Liangzhuo.

This time Xiaoqi trembled violently. The hand pressing against Song Liangzhuo’s chest got soft and she fell weakly onto him.
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Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot



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