Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-Law

Last night they tussled for a very long time.

This time when Xiaoqi got drunk, other than the initial disturbance she was abnormally agreeable, even coordinating with Song Liangzhuo’s movements from time to time.

It’s unknown whether Xiaoqi was pulling out all of the methods she saw in the sex picture bookletE/D, or because Mrs. Mei taught her well before they left, but she kissed and bit Song Liangzhuo the entire night. After the second time she sobbed and cried as she ascended to heaven, then she finally fell onto the bed exhausted. But before she slept she didn’t forget to flip over and wrap her body around Song Liangzhuo’s waist.

“Black Cicada Style*.”

I’m not 100% sure what 黑蝉式 means. Possible allusion to the unique mating characteristics of cicadas as listed in this article or possible allusion to this article, which explains it as a loan word from Japan, a way of literally cornering someone to get their (sexual) attention that often occurs in manga. For example:

In my opinion, I feel like it’s more likely an allusion to the actual mating charactersistics of cicadas. If someone knows, please drop an explanation. 

This was what Xiaoqi said before falling asleep. Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows and thought about it for a long time. His handsome face alternated between turning red and black, and then turned thoroughly black in the end. He lifted his hand and gestured a couple times, and only by forcefully suppressing his vexation was he able to stop himself from slamming his fist down(on the bed, I think).

Song Liangzhuo grinded his teeth as he thought, in the future, if he still lets that Mother-in-Law teach Xiaoqi random rubbish then his surname won’t be Song! But thinking about it again, it seems like he’s the one who benefits when Xiaoqi learns these things.

Song Liangzhuo inwardly disdained his licentiousness. Hugging Xiaoqi, at the same time he still firmly gave her butt a slap.
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Song Liangzhuo actually woke up late as well. After washing up, when he got to the dining hall Mother Song and Song Qingyun had already started moving their chopsticks.

Mother Song saw Song Liangzhuo come in. When he got closer, she widened her eyes and gasped at the sight of his face. Song Qingyun followed Mother Song’s gaze and looked over. He saw that Song Liangzhuo’s lips were suddenly a bit swollen and there were a couple additional teeth marks on his lower lip, that was all. There was nothing else inappropriate, so he pointed to the side and said: “Hurry and eat. After the meal, come with me to the government office.”

Song Liangzhuo avoided Mother Song’s eyes and sat down, but Mother Song kept her eyes fixed on Song Liangzhuo and asked: “What happened to your mouth?

Song Liangzhuo gave an embarrassed cough, then switched the topic and said: “Mom, in the future it’s best if Xiaoqi just stays in my room. She’s afraid of the dark. I’ve already told the servants of the fu to call Xiaoqi ‘Young Madam’ in the future.”

Mother Song looked at the door and said: “Where’s that tactless wife of yours? To not invite us for morning tea and not even show her face at breakfast?”

“Xiaoqi has a bit of a fever. En, she didn’t sleep well and just fell asleep a while ago.” Song Liangzhuo’s face was slightly red as he lied.

Mother Song narrowed her eyes as she scrutinized Song Liangzhuo. Shaking her head and sighing, she started to eat.

Song Liangzhuo gave a light cough and spoke carefully: “Mom, Xiaoqi probably used quite a lot of thought and care to prepare that gift. She does things with quite a lot of earnestness.”

Song Qingyun hurriedly asked: “Then what about that 《Seventeen Inscriptions》? You better not have casually thrown it somewhere, be careful that the humidity doesn’t ruin the ink.”

Song Liangzhuo forced back his smile and said: “I really haven’t seen it. But if Dad just takes back what you said yesterday, she’ll definitely happily deliver it to you.”
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Song Qingyun shook his head and sighed, “How can one take both the fish and the bear paw*? Haa, let’s put it off until later.”

From “then fish and the bear’s paw, you can’t have both at the same time”(鱼和熊掌不可兼得). Mencius(Confucian philosopher second only to Confucius) uses common objects to make a comparison: I want the fish, I also want the bear paw. In a situation which it’s impossible to obtain both, I would rather abandon the fish for the bear paw. The metaphor is: I cherish life, I also cherish righteousness. In a situation which it’s impossible to obtain both, I would rather abandon life for the sake of justice. Here, Mencius compares life to fish and righteousness to the bear paw, showing the belief that righteousness is more important than life just like a bear paw is more precious than a fish. (Translated from chinese wiki)

Xiaoqi had an extraordinarily charming and gentle spring dream. In the dream, not only did Song Liangzhuo do this and that, he even did that and this. In the end, he even entered her from behind. She cried, she shouted, she begged for mercy but she still wasn’t able to stop him from penetrating her again and again. She floated in the clouds and shook and shook ah. In the end, she seemed to have heard his heavy breathing and light groan.

Afterwards, she didn’t know why, but the scenery in front of Xiaoqi’s eyes changed and she suddenly came to a spacious pasture. Xiaoqi urgently looked around for a toilet but wherever she looked there wasn’t even a hint of a tree in sight for her to hide behind. Xiaoqi anxiously crouched down and was just about to resolve the swell in her underbelly and had just taken off her pants when she looked back and saw a fiery big rooster with it’s head high and chest out. It strolled over with ‘gugu’s and faced Xiaoqi’s brightly naked butt cheeks and took a chomp.

Xiaoqi quivered and opened her eyes and saw a girl with trailing long hair pinching her face. Xiaoqi opened her eyes wide with alarm, but that long haired girl spoke first.

“Humph, are you a pig ah? I couldn’t even wake you up by shouting!”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and trembled from her urge to pee. Carefully getting off the bed, she put on her shoes and quickly headed out of the room with her waist slightly bent, not even bothering to look back.
“Restroom, where’s the restroom(usually a thatched hut)?”

Xiaoqi’s anxious voice could be heard. Wen Ruoshui sucked in a breath and shook her head, “No propriety. She’ll definitely be scolded by Aunt Xue!”

When Xiaoqi returned listlessly, Wen Ruoshui had already zoned out for a long time with her chin propped on her hand, bored.

“Hey, does it take so long just to go to the restroom?” Wen Ruoshui unhappily pouted as she asked.

Xiaoqi glanced at Wen Ruoshui and recalled that earlier, not only did she nearly wet her pants, for some reason there was a lot more sticky things on her pants. She even thought that came… But thinking about it now, it’s definitely something Song Liangzhuo secretly planted. Xiaoqi recalled that spring dream again. Wrinkling her nose, her face disobediently became faintly red.
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“Why didn’t you look for me to play when you came back? And you even slept for so long? You’re really heartless!” Ruoshui complained.

Xiaoqi pouted as she sat in front of Ruoshui. She yawned, then said: “When did you come? I just arrived yesterday.”

Ruoshui’s eyes turned and then she smiled, “You tidy up a little. I’ll take you to an opera, it’s definitely nicer to hear than Tongxu’s booktelling.”

Xiaoqi knitted her brows and shook her head. After looking around, she asked with a puzzled tone: “Where’s Official Song?”

“He went with Uncle Song to the government office. Hurry up and wash up ah. I’ll go tell Aunt Xue that I’m taking you out to play.”

Xiaoqi thought about it. She felt that even though her entire body was sore from the dream, but rather than staying in the courtyard to face Mother-in-Law’s big glaring eyes it’d be much better to go out and play. So Xiaoqi nodded and said: “Wait a bit and let’s head over together. I didn’t even go pay my respects yet.”

Mother Song was trimming the plants in her own courtyard. In reality, it was the middle of autumn so there really wasn’t much to trim. It had also just rained, so it really wasn’t a good time to trim the plants. She just wanted to borrow the use of the scissors to calm down her mood and try to accept the reality that her son had become a degenerate. At the same time, she wanted to see how long exactly this daughter-in-law would sleep.

She heard servants say that last night, that disappointing son of hers carried this daughter-in-law back to his room. Recalling her son’s swollen lips along with that, Mother Song’s face momentarily became a bit tinted with colors.

Mother Song thought: being able to hug a grandson earlier would also be good. Even though the daughter-in-law isn’t sensible, it’s still better than having her son be a monk. If she’s not sensible she can be taught, but if her son became a monk, a grandson isn’t something that can be taught out.

Since her son protects her that much, she definitely wouldn’t be that’s lacking. Thinking to here, Mother Song knitted her brows and shook her head, saying softly: “That’s not right. Liangzhuo’s eyes also have problems. Otherwise, wouldn’t we already be hugging a grandson?”
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Ruoshui pulled Xiaoqi all the way to Mother Song’s courtyard. Xiaoqi worriedly asked: “Walk slower. Will Mom scold me?”

“Scold you for what? It’s not like you did anything bad. Aunt Xue is a really nice person.” Ruoshui tilted her head as she spoke.

Xiaoqi looked at that courtyard door and immediately became a bit frightened. She hadn’t even gathered up courage yet when Ruoshui already pulled and dragged her in the door.

Inside, Xiaoqi saw Mother Song trimming and cutting, but not much was really trimmed off. Forcing a smile onto her face, she followed Ruoshui and walked over.

“Aunt Xue, why are you still trimming the plants right now? It’s already about time for the plants to drop leaves.”

Mother Song snipped another cut. The ‘kacha’ sound that the scissors emitted caused Xiaoqi to tremble and a layer of goosebumps surfaced.

It seemed Mother Song had only just snapped out of it. She handed the scissors to a maid as she smiled, “When did Ruoshui come over? You haven’t come here to play for a long time.”

“Aunt Xue is so busy most of the time, Ruoshui didn’t dare to come here to cause trouble. If Aunt Xue misses Ruoshui, then Ruoshui will come more often in the future to chat with Aunt Xue.” Ruoshui hugged Mother Song’s arm and lightly swung it. Xiaoqi’s eyes were about to shoot out nails watching.

“You ah, this child. Your mouth is so sweet.” Mother Song lightly poked Ruoshui’s forehead.

Xiaoqi’s eyes squeezed shut then opened again, as if they had something in them. Mother Song suddenly looked over and asked: “Why did Xiaoqi wake up late?”

Xiaoqi swiftly lowered her head as if she were hammered with a fist and stammered “O-overslept.”

Mother Song recalled what Song Liangzhuo said, then looked again at Xiaoqi’s cowering manner. Helpless, she shook her head and made her voice gentler as she said: “Perhaps you’re tired. These few days just rest properly. After a couple more days Mom will teach you the etiquette.”

Xiaoqi stared dumbly with her mouth half gaped at Mother Song, then rubbed her eyes disbelievingly. Mother Song didn’t criticize but actually smiled and said: “Xiaoqi and Liangzhuo have already been married for almost half a year. Later, let’s ask for a doctor to come take your pulse.”
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Xiaoqi hurriedly shook her head, “Thanks Mom. I’m not sick. I just, just overslept.”

Mother Song did her best to smile kindly as she said: “I’m not talking about that. But Xiaoqi doesn’t have to feel pressure either. In the future just treat Song fu as your own home.”

Xiaoqi looked at Mother Song completely muddled, a bit unsure as to what her sudden friendly change meant. But the smile on Xiaoqi’s face still slowly spread as she spoke with a trace of shyness: “Mom is so nice!”

“Aunt Xue, can I bring Xiaoqi to my house to play? My mom also wants to take a look at her!”

Mother Song nodded and said to Xiaoqi: “Then you should head back a bit early. When you see your Aunt Qing, remember to help Mom ask how she is.”

Xiaoqi obediently nodded, “I’ll remember. I’ll come back after a little while.”

The corners of Mother Song’s mouth twitched. Don’t know how big of a while this ‘little while’ would be. This kind of cuteness(obedient reply) was a bit overdone.

Ruoshui swayed Mother Song’s arm and acted cute for a bit longer before she pulled Xiaoqi out of the courtyard. Mother Song sighed as she looked at Xiaoqi’s back figure. She’s still a bit foolish… in the future it’s best if the grandson doesn’t follow her.

The envy she felt towards Wen Ruoshui had already escalated to jealousy. If Wen Ruoshui hugged Mother Song’s arm for just a bit longer Xiaoqi might have started to hate her.

That was her Mother-in-Law ah, and she didn’t even dare to hug her. But it couldn’t be denied that Xiaoqi was missing Mrs. Mei. If it was that Mom, she would’ve immediately thrown herself over to squeeze and rub and hug and sway.

“Haa!” Xiaoqi heavily sighed.

Wen Ruoshui glared at Xiaoqi, “What are you sighing for? To sigh the moment we head out is unlucky.”

Xiaoqi puffed out her cheeks and gave an even heavier sigh as she said: “I’m not going to your house, I’m afraid of your mom. If you care about me, then just bring me out to walk around.”
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“My mom’s wonderful. You never met her before so why would you be scared?”

“Official Song said that Mother-in-Law was also very nice, but I’m still scared. Right now no matter whose mom it is, I’m still scared.” Except for her own mom, that Mrs. Mei. Xiaoqi pouted.

Wen Ruoshui entered the carriage first. After thinking about it she said: “Then, let’s go stroll around the jewelry stores. You gave me hairpins, I should also give you something as a present.”

“I don’t need it, it’s not like I lack them.”

“Why don’t you wear them? You always just tie your hair up, it’s so old and decrepit, not pretty at all.” Ruoshui swung the hairpin on her head and said: “Look, it even shines in the sunlight. It’s really pretty.”

Xiaoqi glanced over and pouted, “Isn’t that the one I had? It was superb in the first place.”

Wen Ruoshui didn’t get angry. Raising her chin, she said: “How about we go to a restaurant? There’s a lot of famous dishes to eat in Ruzhou City. At first I didn’t know, it was Liu Hengzhi that took me to try them!”

Xiaoqi ambiguously winked and then grinned wickedly, “ That person ah. Are you two getting along(connotation = together) now?”

Ruoshui’s face was red as she spat. Curling her lips, she said: “He’s just a scoundrel, always pawing and getting fresh.”

Even though she said this, Ruoshui’s expression still had a bit of bashfulness.

Xiaoqi smiled and said: “If he only gets fresh with you then that’s good. My mom said so, that shows he can’t help but want to get closer to the person he likes.”

Ruoshui blushed as she shook her head. Smoothing her lips into a smile, she humphed, “But he always likes to get fresh. When there’s the opportunity he’d, he’d… And he even shamelessly went to my house to set the date. I didn’t even agree yet, and he already decided by himself.”

Ruoshui patted her flushed cheeks and continued: “Actually, I like people that are dignified like Zhou gege and my big brother. Being with them feels really safe. Liu Hengzhi is too good at coaxing people, I can’t even tell which words are real and which words are fake.”

Xiaoqi pouted and said: “Official Song is mine. You go like your big brother, in the future don’t like Official Song.”

Ruoshui pouted, “Xiaoqi’s(xiao3qi1) really stingy(xiao3qi4)!”

Xiaoqi gave a heavy humph and glared at Ruoshui without speaking.

Ruoshui also gave a heavy humph before saying: “You better not talk about what I just said in front of him. I don’t like Zhuo gege that way. If he misunderstands then he’ll definitely be angry. He’s also really scary when he’s angry. We’re all set to get married at the end of next month ah.”

“Eh?” Xiaoqi widened her eyes in shock.

Wen Ruoshui humphed again and pulled Xiaoqi down the carriage. After a while, she couldn’t hold back her giggle anymore and said next to Xiaoqi’s ear, “But he’s actually a really good person.”

“Eh?” This time even Xiaoqi’s mouth fell open.

Ruoshui adopted an attitude and went to pinch Xiaoqi’s face. When she was turning around her gaze simultaneously swept across a slender figure on the opposite side in Rainbow Raiment Boutique and her little face immediately turn a bit dark.

“What is it now?” Xiaoqi didn’t know what happened. Seeing her glare straight at the opposite ready-made clothes store, Xiaoqi pouted as she asked: “The clothes they made for you weren’t pretty?”

Ruoshui pointed out the woman who was currently looking at clothes with her back facing them and said: “That one wearing the pink clothes. Really hateful, she came back again.”

Xiaoqi lighted smiled and stuck out her tongue, “Is that Young Master Liu’s…”

The woman wearing a pink skirt turned around. Xiaoqi’s words were stuck in her throat and the smile on her face immediately turned stiff. That woman seemed to have seen her, or maybe she saw Ruoshui. She sent over a gentle and beautiful smile and even lifted the silk handkerchief in her hand to wave in greeting.
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Xiaoqi’s eyes slowly narrowed. For some unknown reason, in a flash her spirit trembled with excitement as she thought of countless ending scenarios regarding the three people’s relationships. But there was one thing Xiaoqi was very certain of: Official Song was hers. If she can’t snatch successfully from her, she’ll wrap him up and bundle him away. No matter what he’s still hers!

People that want to snatch Official Song, only two words to bestow——Get lost!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
E/D: I can’t…lol…’all the methods’? Go Xiaoqi!
Haha, I’ve been slightly liking Official Song more than Xiaoqi lately, but these last paragraphs have earned Xiaoqi back her position as #1(for this novel) in my heart~



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