Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 47 Part 1

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Chapter 47.1: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-Law

Song Liangzhuo had an inkling that Mother Song intended to show her strength and lay down the rules. Seeing Mother Song acting gloomy and unhappy the entire duration of the dinner, Song Liangzhuo finally smiled and said: “Mom, Xiaoqi often does things without thinking, but she doesn’t mean any disrespect. Mom, try switching to a different tactic, maybe she’ll be really obedient.”

Mother Song lift a brow and said: “Everything has already been said by you, right now aren’t you just blaming Mom for giving your wife attitude?”

“Son doesn’t dare.”
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“Then say it, are you going to let me discipline this wife or not?”
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“For Mom to personally teach her is her good fortune. If she doesn’t listen, Mom can go ahead and beat and scold without hesitating.”

Hearing what he said, Mother Song sighed and shook her head, “Have you ever seen your mom hit anyone before? Saying such ridiculous things. Don’t think that Mom can’t tell what you’re saying. You really are protecting her quite tightly.”

Song Liangzhuo actually didn’t conceal his own mood at all and smiled, “Xiaoqi’s temperament is lively and simple from the start. Mom can teach her some simple things, just as long as Mom doesn’t get too tired out.”

Mother Song shot a glare at Song Liangzhuo and said: “Do you think I’ll really purposefully make things hard for her?”

The three were all a little out of form.

Song Qingyun’s eyes were completely written over with the words 《Seventeen Inscriptions》, continuously recalling the calligraphy that he only got a glimpse of. Mother Song, on the other hand, was starting to map out her plan to cultivate a cute and clever daughter-in-law.

Song Liangzhuo had been a bit distracted and worried ever since Xiaoqi ran out. Seeing that his parents didn’t have the spirit to chat either, he directly excused himself and returned to the courtyard.

The night was a bit gloomy, and it was probably going to rain soon.

Song Liangzhuo only found out when he returned to the courtyard with rapid steps that Xiaoqi had already been moved to the West Garden. Song Liangzhuo looked around the empty room and sighed. Then he began to tidy up.

Song Liangzhuo heaped all the picture scrolls onto the table, then also dug up all the porcelain and letters that he had an impression of in his memory. Song Liangzhuo looked at the things on the table and zoned out for a while. Raising his head, he looked at the door and said: “It’s raining?”

“Yes… Does Young Master wish to take a break?” The little maid quietly asked.

“Find someone to take these things somewhere else.” Song Liangzhuo simply instructed.

The maid saw that there were literature and painting scrolls and asked: “Place it in the study?”

Song Liangzhuo nodded, then stopped and shook his head, “Just put them in the junk room.”

Song Liangzhuo picked the letters out of the pile again and threw them directly into the ash tray.

The maid obeyed and went. Song Liangzhuo looked around the room again, then shook his head, got an umbrella, and left the room.

A layer of autumn rain caused a layer of cold. Even though it only started to rain a little while ago, Song Liangzhuo already perceived some chilliness as he walked on the paved path.

From above his head came the rumbling of thunder, stifling and oppressive. Song Liangzhuo worriedly sped up his walking pace. When he got to the West Garden he discovered the courtyard door was already bolted.

Song Liangzhuo struck the door for a long time before he saw a maid come to open the door. Song Liangzhuo was quite annoyed and he spoke with a scolding tone: “Why were you so slow?”
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As far back as this maid could remember, she had never seen Song Liangzhuo get angry before and hurriedly replied: “Replying Young Master. Lady Qian went to rest early so this servant also went to rest.”

Song Liangzhuo passed the maid and directly walked forward, while the maid hurriedly followed.

“In the future call her Young Madam!” Song Liangzhuo said coldly. “Has she eaten?”

“Replying Young Master, after Young Madam returned she didn’t call for food.”

Song Liangzhuo, noticing that his anger had started to rise up for some unknown reason, said: “Have the kitchen prepare food and send it over as quickly as possible.”

The maid looked at the pitch-black courtyard, then looked at the only lit lantern that was in her hand. For a while she wasn’t sure whether she should light the road for Song Liangzhuo or choose to go to the back courtyard to find a cook to make the food.

“Go, I don’t need a lantern.” Song Liangzhuo sighed and made his voice gentler.
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The maid hurriedly left the courtyard carrying the lantern. Song Liangzhuo looked at the pitch-black house and suddenly a trace of uneasiness grew in his heart. This lass couldn’t have ran off, right?

Song Liangzhuo quickly walked over, only to discover that this door was also bolted from the inside when he pushed on it. Song Liangzhuo released a breath of relief. Knocking on the door, he gently said: “Xiaoqi, are you sleeping?”

Acting in a fit of anger, Xiaoqi immediately bolted the door after she was led here by the maid. There was a flint match in the room but Xiaoqi had never used this to start a fire before. After fumbling with it half the day she still didn’t know how to ignite it and in the end just decided not to light a candle.

火镰子 – flint match – a sickle-like blade strikes down on the flint and creates a spark.

At this moment Xiaoqi was currently curled up hiding underneath the table while hugging the leg of the tableT/N. When she heard Song Liangzhuo’s voice, her mouth flattened and she silently started crying.

Very good ah, Official Song. She just knew that he would definitely oppress her as soon as he got back. From the first day he already didn’t give her food to eat and even didn’t give her candles to use. The room was so damp yet he didn’t even give incense. And the worst thing was, he actually, he actually wanted to marry two at the same time!

Xiaoqi enumerated all the resentments she had towards Song Liangzhuo over and over again. Hearing the dull sound of thunder from a remote distance outside, she trembled and hugged the table leg even harder.

Not hearing a reply, Song Liangzhuo was frustrated and worried as he pounded the door a couple more times. In the end he simply tossed the wax paper umbrella aside and pushed open the window, then nimbly jumped through the window and entered.

The moment the window opened, Xiaoqi froze as if her acupuncture points had been struck and didn’t dare to move anymore. She saw that the shadowy figure paused slightly after entering, then started feeling his way towards the table. Scared, Xiaoqi hurriedly let go of the table leg and shrinked backwards.

This time it wasn’t that she didn’t scream, but that she was so scared she couldn’t make a sound. Xiaoqi tried several times to open her mouth and call for the Song Liangzhuo outside the door, but there was only the sound of gasps, not a bit of her voice would come out.

Suddenly, the room lit up. Xiaoqi opened her eyes wide as she stared at the pair of dirty shoes in front of her, frightened to the point her lips had even turned pale.

Dirty shoes?! A zombie that just crawled out from the grave?!

A horror story that Xiaoqi once heard suddenly surfaced in her mind. Long-tongued, eyeball-less, head-less, arms-less and legs-less; died of persecution, died of old age, died from lightning strike, died from drowning…

Song Liangzhuo waited until his eyes adapted to the light before walking to the bed and carefully lifting the blankets. Seeing the empty mattress, he was alarmed to the point his hand trembled.

Xiaoqi rolled and scrambled out from beneath the table at the same time he headed towards the bed. Just as she tried to stand up, her legs went soft and she sat down again. Xiaoqi crawled at lightning speed on her hands and knees, not even having the courage to look back.

“Xiaoqi, what are you doing!?” Song Liangzhuo asked in surprise.

Xiaoqi’s arms went weak and she fell onto the floor. Taking rapid gasping breaths, she trembled so much that she couldn’t even get a single word out.

Song Liangzhuo quickly walked over and lifted Xiaoqi up. Seeing that her lips were purple, he sucked in a breath in alarm and hurriedly patted her gently while coaxing: “It’s alright, it’s alright now. It’s me, how did you end up getting so scared?”

Song Liangzhuo tightly hugged Xiaoqi and gently kissed her ice-cold lips again and again, his lips softly moved as they formed words even he himself didn’t know.

Xiaoqi trembled for a long time before slowly calming down. Opening her eyes she looked at Song Liangzhuo and started crying with a ‘wah’. Beating his chest with her fist, she cried: “Wuuu, Official Song pretended to be a ghost, wuwuu, purposefully scaring me. You, you all are bullying me.”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing her finally make a sound as she cried, he finally felt a breath of relief and slowly said: “Why did Xiaoqi bolt the door? You don’t want to see me anymore?”

It would have been better if he hadn’t said this, the moment he said this Xiaoqi exploded. Even though her arms and legs were weak, her teeth were strong. She chomped down on Song Liangzhuo’s mouth with one bite and angrily spoke inarticulately: “Who asked you to take a side wife? You don’t keep your word, wuuwuu, tricked me over and now you’re going back on your word. I’ll bite you until your lips split, see if you still want to be lecherous. I want to go home~~ home~~”

Xiaoqi dragged out the words with a sobbing tone. Song Liangzhuo held back his smile and slowly used his tongue, wanting to lift up the teeth she was using to bite his lower lip, but unexpectedly Xiaoqi bit down even more fiercely, roughly having the intention to eat it like meat.

Song Liangzhuo wrapped one arm around her waist and with some evil intentions kneaded the soft flesh on her waist. Xiaoqi trembled and released his mouth. Song Liangzhuo smiled, then lifted Xiaoqi up as he said: “Who said I’m marrying? Didn’t we agree that if anything happened you have to ask me?”
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The maid that left had already returned running with small steps. Seeing Xiaoqi’s ambivalent posture as she had her two legs wrapped around Song Liangzhuo’s waist, her face immediately flushed completely red.

Song Liangzhuo gave a light cough and said: “Send the food directly to my courtyard.” As he spoke he held Xiaoqi tightly, took the umbrella in the maid’s hand and left the room.

The maid stared blankly for a while, the hurriedly raised the lantern and followed over.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – Definitely good earthquake preparation, but what was it that you were supposed to do in thunderstorms? Stay underneath a tree?
Lol, enjoy~ Next part coming soon~



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