Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-Law

Even though Song fu wasn’t as luxurious as Qian fu, it was still extremely stylish. As Xiaoqi followed Song Liangzhuo, she encountered many servant girls that curtsied in greeting.

En, it’s just that the atmosphere isn’t as good as that of Qian fu’s. Xiaoqi nodded inwardly.
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Song Liangzhuo’s room was still the way it always was; the bookshelf had quite a few books and even some porcelain. Overall, it looked a bit empty but was very much like a man’s room. Empty, tidy, and relaxed, not like Xiaoqi’s room, with things that she liked on display everywhere.

Song Liangzhuo leaned on the bed and rested. Not longer after, a servant girl came over to invite him to the bathe in the partitioned-off area. Xiaoqi followed over to take a look. Seeing that the servant girl didn’t show any indications of withdrawing, she unhappily coughed into her fist.

“There is this Miss here so you can withdraw.” Xiaoqi purposefully pinched her voice and spoke coldly.

The little maid looked over surprised. Not sure of Xiaoqi’s identity, she thought a little before speaking: “This servant is here to serve Young Master while he bathes.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes, then tilted her head and said: “I’m his wife, it’s always me that serves while he bathes.”

The little maid gaped as she looked towards Song Liangzhuo. Song Liangzhuo nodded and sent the maid down.

Xiaoqi was unhappy and gave a severe humph before sitting down on the couch to one side, “You still let people see when you take off your clothes? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Song Liangzhuo found it funny, “Who did I let see?”

“When men bathe they shouldn’t let people serve. Humph, big pervert.”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t have any intention of entering the bath in front of the maid, but before he could speak Xiaoqi had already gotten to it. But there was one point. These servants and maids didn’t seem to know that he took a wife; he didn’t know if his parents were concealing it on purpose.

Xiaoqi laid down directly on the couch and stared at the roof blankly for a while. Only after hearing Song Liangzhuo enter the water did she humph and say: “You just soaked in the hot springs and now you have to wash again. There’s really a lot of rules.”
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“Official Song, how come I feel like the people here don’t know I’m the Official’s wife? Mom also doesn’t seem to like me. I smiled to the point my cheeks turned stiff but she didn’t even utter a word.”

Xiaoqi glanced at the back of Song Liangzhuo’s head and pulled a face before getting up and wandering out again.

There was nothing fun to play with in the room. Xiaoqi walked around in a circle and saw that there were several picture scrolls placed in a blue and white porcelain vase at a corner of the bookshelf. Curious, she pulled out a scroll and opened it to look.

Xiaoqi didn’t know a lot about painting and calligraphy, but because she had always liked animals and painting of beauties she also collected several koi playing amidst lotus and swan drawings. The rest were all portraits of herself and Mrs. Mei.

Right now, what was in Xiaoqi’s hands was a painting of a beauty.

This painting of a beauty was different from the paintings of beauties that Xiaoqi had seen before. The ones that she had seen before always looked like they had arranged the posture for the painter to draw. For example, Mrs. Mei’s portraits were either standing or sitting, and at most she would be standing in a sea of flowers smiling gently.

Yet this painting looked like it was capturing a moment. Xiaoqi didn’t know how to describe it, but she felt that this painting carried feelings. The painting looked extremely realistic, and it was even a spirited beauty.

That girl’s dress fanned out as she lifted a corner of her dress while turning back to laugh freely. Her expression seemed to carry a trace of surprise and anxiety.

“Oh, there’s someone chasing from behind and is almost about to catch up.” Xiaoqi muttered quietly.

Xiaoqi lifted her hand and tapped the girl’s nose, pouting, “Even prettier than Xiaoqi.”

Xiaoqi opened another picture scroll, it was still a beauty painting.

This time she was sitting in a pavilion playing the zither. Her red lips were slightly parted, perhaps to speak or to sing? That gaze was actually bright and gleaming, filled with joy.

A faint bad premonition generated in Xiaoqi’s heart but she didn’t examine it closely before opening another scroll. Luckily, it was a scenery scroll. Xiaoqi unfolded half of the scroll and silently sighed in relief looking at the fragrant lotuses on the painting.

What does ‘a person that’s not dead won’t rest’ mean? Xiaoqi’s hands trembled and she knew. At the end of that long scroll was still a beauty. Smiling with the so-called ‘flushed with delight yet holding back with bashful’ smile, that so-called ‘filled with the radiance of spring and unbounded deep love’ expression. What the most super infuriating part was, she even saw a few fly-sized words on the lower right corner——Liangzhou?!

Xiaoqi’s heart was stifled with panic. Sniffling, she felt uncomfortable. She didn’t even know her own family’s husband knew how to paint, and even could paint this well.

At some unknown time Song Liangzhuo had already come to stand behind Xiaoqi. Seeing the painting held in her lowered hands, his brows subconsciously furrowed. He clearly remembered when he painted these paintings, but forgot that they were still lying inside the blue and white porcelain vase in his own room.

Song Liangzhuo couldn’t really sort out what he was feeling. It felt like he did something shameful, yet there was also a bit of irritation at someone digging into his privacy. All the myriads of emotions turned into strong regret the moment he saw Xiaoqi’s shoulder slowly start to tremble.

Song Liangzhuo took the painting from Xiaoqi’s hand and slowly rolled it up and threw it back into the vase. Standing behind Xiaoqi for a while, he gave a soft sigh and said: “If there’s anything you want to ask, ask.”
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Xiaoqi’s eyes were blurred with tears as she turned her head and glanced at Song Liangzhuo. Jutting out her lips she said: “Who’s she ah?”

“Zixiao.” Song Liangzhuo was silent for a moment, “It’s already something from a long time ago.”

Xiaoqi recalled what Wen Ruoshui said to her before and lifted her sleeve to wipe her eyes, “I didn’t even know you could paint.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve used the brush.” Song Liangzhuo looked around the room and sighed: “It’s already been more than two years since I’ve lived here and it hasn’t been tidied up either. If Xiaoqi doesn’t like it we can move to the west garden.”

Xiaoqi narrowed her eyes as she looked at Song Liangzhuo. Twirling her eyes, she said: “I’m going to ask you one thing. You have to answer truthfully.”

Xiaoqi saw Song Liangzhuo nod and lifted her hand to gently stroke his chest, “Does it still hold her now?”

Song Liangzhuo was surprised, not expecting that the childish Xiaoqi could also ask this type of question. Song Liangzhuo only froze for an instant before smiling and lifting up Xiaoqi to head to the table. Hugging Xiaoqi silently for a while, he said: “To tell the truth, I don’t know either. But, Xiaoqi should believe in herself.”

Xiaoqi sniffled and spoked grievously: “I’m not as pretty as her.”

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head to look at Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi opened her eyes wide and glared fiercely, “What are you looking at? You really dare to try to compare? Xiaoqi’s the most beautiful!”

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and bumped Xiaoqi’s red nose, saying gently: “It’s already of the past, what’s there to argue over?” He had already bid farewell to the past, otherwise he wouldn’t have married her. It was just, who would be able to recover without any scars?

From outside the door came the sound of a maid’s inquiry. Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand and gently wiped off the tears on Xiaoqi’s face, “You’re seeking out worries for yourself. In the future if there’s anything you should ask me first. Don’t keep imitating what you did before, ignorant of how to be flexible.”

Xiaoqi blinked and after thinking half the day still couldn’t think of when she didn’t know when she was inflexible. The little maid came in and helped Xiaoqi wash her face. Xiaoqi dug out the presents that she prepared for the parents and had the maid help her hold it. Then, Song Liangzhuo led Xiaoqi to the dining hall.

Xiaoqi moved with decorum, taking numerous light little lotus steps. When she entered the hall, she kept her head lowered and even folded both her little hands over her waist.

Xiaoqi’s gaze swept over the two parents sitting at the head of the table and seeing that the two seemed to be quite satisfied, she couldn’t help but be a bit happy. This was something she saw in the plays. All those misses from influential families walked like they were skipping with bound feet; she thought it was pretty amusing and even studied a bit on how to do it!
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At the side, Song Liangzhuo felt a bit of an urge to laugh. He lightly tugged Xiaoqi who was currently having fun skipping with tiny steps and said quietly: “Walking as you naturally do is enough.”

“Dad, Mom!” Song Liangzhuo smiled as he called.

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and hurriedly greeted as well, “Hello Dad, hello Mom.”

Mother Song pinched her lips and didn’t make a sound. Father Song, Song Qingyun nodded, but still stayed dignified and solemn.

Song Liangzhuo took the initiative to sit down, then hooked the corner of his mouth as he beckoned Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi smoothed her lips into a smile and cutely sat down next to Song Liangzhuo.

This scene shocked both parents and their eyes widened.

Mother Song always felt that her son definitely married Xiaoqi unwillingly; if anything, it was an incident of carrying a broken pot and just dropping it*. But seeing this now, it seems like her son actually quite likes this daughter-in-law. Mother Song looked at the Xiaoqi that was looking towards her with glittering eyes and felt puzzled.

”carrying a broken pot and just dropping it” refers to the fact that a pot has already lost it’s value once it gets damaged so there’s no point keeping it and cherishing it. Just letting it fall and become more damaged is fine. Suggests someone that made a mistake and doesn’t bother to correct it, letting it just go it’s own way.

“Mom, Xiaoqi brought you a present.” Xiaoqi jumped up, then suddenly recalled that movements couldn’t be too big so she hurriedly took small steps to the maid and took the luxurious small incense wood box and presented it.

Mother Song took a glance but didn’t show any intentions of taking it. Xiaoqi forced a few laughs then looked towards Song Liangzhuo with a crying face. Song Liangzhuo only smiled encouragingly, but didn’t show any intentions of getting involved.

Xiaoqi laughed a little more and placed the incense wood box in front of Mother Song, tightening her hands into a fist a little, then said: “This is, um, perfume and, and… a lot more. Xiaoqi picked them out for Mom.”

Xiaoqi’s expression was a bit downcast but she still turned around and took the other gift from the maid. This time, Xiaoqi didn’t smile or introduce and with one direct push, shoved it into Song Qingyun’s hand.

The gift was really heavy. Song Qingyun was distracted for a moment and almost threw it onto the ground.

Song Qingyun was stunned for a moment before opening the silk and unfolding the heavy character scroll on the table. His eyes instantly lit up as he said with surprise: “Mister Tan Zhai’s calligraphy? 《Seventeen Inscriptions》? It’s a famous piece of calligraphy writing ah! Haa, an exceptional work. Good stuff, this is good stuff ah!”

Song Liangzhuo waited for Xiaoqi to sit down and spoke with a smile: “It is recorded in history that Emperor Tai Zong took the three thousand pages of this book and turned every twelve feet of it into a scroll. After the Tang dynasty perished, their locations was lost. Never thought we would still be able to see the true book. Haha, even this son hasn’t been able to see it before.”

Song Qingyun nodded repeatedly, “A treasure that even gold can’t buy!”

Mother Song only shot over a faint glance. Her brows lifted as she curled her lips and asked: “What other people are in Xiaoqi’s family?”

Xiaoqi lifted her eyes to look at Mother Song, then lowered her head again and said quietly: “Two older sisters, Mom and Dad.”
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“Wonder how you and Liangzhuo got to know each other?” Mother Song saw that Xiaoqi didn’t even add on an honorific in her reply and her tone started to carry some displeasure.

Xiaoqi looked at Song Liangzhuo. She wanted to say that she pursued herself, but felt that it was not proper so her mouth opened a couple times, but closed again. Xiaoqi turned her head to glance at Song Liangzhuo again, this time her eyes were slightly carrying tears.

She had never been this disliked by a person before and also never curried favor with anyone before. Xiaoqi, for the sake of finding a present for Mother Song, made secret plans with Mrs. Mei for days. The present she gave Song Qingyun caused Old Man Qian to bleed even more and be heartbroken to the point that he didn’t eat well for several meals. Even so, this mother-in-law still won’t treat her with a good attitude.

“Mom, Xiaoqi has a kindhearted character. When I was managing the flood in Tongxu, all those good plans were taken from the books that Xiaoqi gathered and arranged.” Song Liangzhuo lightly touched Xiaoqi’s foot under the table but Xiaoqi kicked fiercely back.

“Mom, but you didn’t announce the news that I took a wife? It seems this way in the house?” Song LIangzhuo opened his mouth to ask, his tone making his accusation seem casual.
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Mother Song and Song Qingyun shared a glance, then gave a slight cough before saying: “As the grand Prefectural Magistrate family’s Great Young Master, how can the person get married away from home?”

Mother Song glanced at the silent Xiaoqi and thought that this lady was indeed still small, there’s the potential to remold. Then added, “Since you’ve returned, then let’s just hold another ceremony to make up for it. No matter what we must do things properly with dignity. For now don’t share the same room, at the end of next month let’s hold the wedding.”

This time Xiaoqi didn’t kick Song Liangzhuo anymore but directly sent a kick into the table leg. The genuine wood table was heavy, Xiaoqi’s kick also made a sound ring out and cause the water in the tea cups on the table to ripple, but Xiaoqi’s toes started hurting with a painful heat.

“And there’s Lady Zixiao as well who still has an engagement with you. Once this wedding is done, just carry her in the door. She was the one at fault first but she has also suffered quite a bit for you. Since you’ve already taken a main wife, we can only make her suffer some grievances and be a side wife.” Song Qingyun said.

Xiaoqi lifted her head and looked towards Song Qingyun with shock and anger. With a ‘bam’ she stood up, grabbed the scroll from the table and left the dining hall without a word.

Xiaoqi’s moments flowed smoothly and was done in a breath. Song Qingyun lowered his head and looked with both eyes at the empty table disbelievingly, then disappointedly rubbed the table, shaking his head and sighing.

Mother Song got so mad her breath choked in her chest and only after a while was she able to recover and say: “How could she have so little manners? To suddenly leave without even an excuse me. And, to take away something gifted to the elders without even a word. And!”

Mother Song turned around and said to Song Qingyun, “That Zixiao, even being a side wife isn’t allowed! What did she do back then? Broke my son’s heart! And now that she wasn’t able to succeed in becoming a phoenix relying on a dragon, she’s coming back again to try and marry into higher status. I just don’t believe that a woman His Majesty bestowed down could still be pure.”

Song Qingyun sighed, “Even back then we didn’t clearly say that we wanted to break the engagement. Now that Lin family members have come knocking on the door, how can we not concede?”

Mother Song knitted her brows, “How can we not concede? Even if that Lin Zixiao will truly bring fortune for the husband, the son, and the family as well, our Song family still won’t take her.”

Song Qingyun was angered to the point he started to breathe heavily. Pointing at Mother Song she said: “You, you old woman! Which side exactly are you on?”

“Whichever side is logical.”

The maid came in with trepidation and asked quietly: “Master, Madam, should we bring in the food?”

Mother Song sighed, “Bring it in.” Turning around and pressing down her anger, she said to Song Qingyun: “I’m not angry with you. I, as the mom, do not agree. As for that Zixiao, just let that Lin family deal with their own mess and don’t think of setting any designs on our Liangzhuo. Good horses don’t eat from old pastures.”
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Song Qingyun shook his head and turned towards Song Liangzhuo who hadn’t spoke the entire time, “What does Liangzhuo think?”

Song Liangzhuo looked at the door again and said: “I promised Xiaoqi I would only marry her. Not to mention, the legal wife has no deficiencies, so according to reason I can’t take a side wife.”

Song Qingyun sighed and said: “This is a marriage that everyone in Ruzhou knows about. If we withdraw from the marriage, wouldn’t it be breaking faith and abandoning right?”

“If it weren’t for us keeping it under wraps, the entire world would know that the Lin family’s Miss tried to become a phoenix relying on a dragon. At that time, don’t even mention marrying into the Song family, even getting married out would be hard.” Mother Song lightly humphed.

Song Qingyun’s expression stiffened, “In the future don’t say this kind of thing anymore. Being carried in to be a side wife is already a sort of punishment for her.”

Mother Song saw that Song Qingyun was getting a bit angry and sighed, “She can’t be a side wife. At most she can only be a concubine; in the future her children also can’t be entered into the genealogical record. If Lin family won’t agree then just drop it. You also should meddle less. In the future when the people from Lin family come, you should just directly push them to me. What face are you faking? I just don’t believe that you can see through their methods and find a way out.”

Song Liangzhuo saw his parents start to argue clamorously and raised his voice to say: “Mom, Dad. Let’s eat first, don’t quarrel just because of this matter.”

Mother Song and Father Song both turned to look at Song Liangzhuo. Song Liangzhuo gave a soft cough and said: “This matter doesn’t need to be discussed. I won’t take another wife.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
O: I was going to let it go, but SLZ is loathsome! He knocked the memories out of XQ’s head because of a woman whom he let live in his house and stir up trouble (and who lusted after him), he took every bit of money from her family while having no feelings for her, and once he did care for her he didn’t have the decency to tell her about the ex or what to expect at his home. Seriously, in which chapter does he become less selfish and less of a user? Ugh, he’s unredeemable. Sorry, rant over. Couldn’t hold it in until the comments.
C: I know I’m biased since I’m translating the series and so I care about most of them more since I put often myself in each of the character’s shoes and analyze them in order to convey their actions and feelings more clearly. For Song Liangzhuo, I have to point out that yes, he hit Xiaoqi and that was horrible, but he never did so again afterwards and worked to redeem himself, not to mention that Xiaoqi has hit him back more than a couple times too. As for the ex, he probably never expected to see her again. In ancient China, once a girl’s married out, she rarely comes home, much less visit her childhood sweetheart. Females that marry into the palace rarely ever leave the palace, and which husband back then would take the initiative to bring up his ex. to his current wife? Especially if he wants to spoil his wife and keep her free from worries? My stance is that Song Liangzhuo is being pretty sweet these days. A little too indulging almost…
*Cough* Looking at the next chapter… I feel like this novel is really becoming rated R……



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