Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 45 Part 2

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Chapter 45.2: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-Law

Complicated feelings upon returning home aren’t without reason.

The moment Song Liangzhuo entered the city gates he started getting a bit nervous. On the contrary, it was Xiaoqi that leaned against the carriage window while gnawing on candied hawthorn as she looked back at those city gates that were much bigger than those of Tongxu’s.
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“Official Song, how come that person keeps staring at our carriage?”

Song Liangzhuo followed Xiaoqi’s finger and looked over. The eyes of the man Xiaoqi pointed at lit up as he quickly ran over to shout: “Young Master has returned ah! I’ll head back to report to the Master and Madam right away!”

“Song Tian!” Song Liangzhuo yelled towards that man, “Let’s go together. By the time you run back the carriage probably would have already arrived anyways.”
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The man called Song Tian scratched his head, then smiled and nodded as he walked over and got onto the carriage. Pushing apart the carriage curtain, he said: “Madam had me wait here for quite a few days already. Young Master sure was immersed in work. From the last time you visited to celebrate the new year, it’s already been more than half a year.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes as she looked towards Song Liangzhuo. Song Liangzhuo said quietly: “The old steward’s son, Song Tian.”

Xiaoqi nodded and raised her voice: “Hello Song Tian.”

“Haha, hello Miss.” Song Tian gently chuckled.

Xiaoqi felt the prepared gold seed in her sleeve, not knowing whether she should reward it now or reward it after they enter the fu. But she always felt that squeezing money into people’s hands like this isn’t really good. It’s like what Second Brother-in-Law once talked about, that what act cool style, it’s really not good.

Song Liangzhuo seemed to understand what she was thinking and kneaded the hand she had hidden inside her sleeve. Lowering his voice, he said: “This practice doesn’t exist, it’s only done during Chinese New Year and other festivals.”

Xiaoqi exhaled a breath of relief, then took another bit of candied hawthorn before lifting his hand to stuff the leftover half into Song Liangzhuo’s mouth. Smiling, she said quietly: “And you said I’m strange for being scared.”

Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows from the sourness and swallowed it extremely slowly before replying: “Don’t be scared. What’s there to be scared of about going home?”

Xiaoqi shot a side glance at Song LIangzhuo and elbowed him, saying: “I’m not scared. Mom said Xiaoqi’s loved by all; people that see will love, flowers that see will scatter.”

“Young Master, a month earlier the Lin family’s Second Miss had returned to the fu. I’ve helped Young Master ask around. They say she was let out as a servant. Originally I was going to send Young Master a letter, but after hearing Master say that Young Master was coming back I didn’t send one in the end.”
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Hearing about the Lin family’s Second Miss, Song Liangzhuo lightly knitted his brows, but after just a moment they unfolded again.
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“Young Master, Madam said once you return this time she’ll have you have a wedding ne.”

Xiaoqi was baffled as she twisted her head to look towards Song Liangzhuo, “We still have to tie the knot one more time?”
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Song Liangzhuo shook his head and stroked her cheek, “No need.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and mischievously shook her head, “Tying it one more time isn’t bad. I don’t remember what last time was like anymore.”

Song Tian seemed to have overheard what Xiaoqi said and hesitantly asked: “Young Master, this lady is?”

“Young Madam!”


Song Tian’s question was asked very softly, but Xiaoqi still heard it. She blinked her eyes, puzzled, but before she could open her mouth to ask Song Liangzhuo squeezed her hand.
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From outside the carriage came the sound of Song Tian’s loud respectful reply of yes. Following that, the carriage shook. Xiaoqi knew that Song Tian definitely jumped off the carriage.

The carriage slowly stopped and Xiaoqi’s originally calm heart started jumping wildly with ‘badump badump’s. Song Liangzhuo didn’t move so Xiaoqi didn’t move either. The little hand that gripped his large hand became slightly sweaty.

“Don’t be scared.” Song Liangzhuo turned his head to the side and softly kissed her hair.

Xiaoqi lifted her head and smiled as she said: “It’s just that my heart keeps jumping and jumping.”

From outside the carriage there was the sound of someone walking. Xiaoqi stared with her eyes wide at the carriage door, and as expected someone respectfully lifted open the curtain.

Song Liangzhuo wanted to get up and go out but Xiaoqi suddenly licked her lips as if she had just thought of something. Tugging at him with a flushed face, she said: “Is there anything stuck around my mouth?”

Song Liangzhuo indicated for the person to let down the curtain first then turned around and cupped Xiaoqi’s face as he examined it closely. Then, pinching her rosy face he hooked the corner of his mouth, “Very good.”

Hah? What does very good mean ah?

Xiaoqi still wanted to ask but the curtain was once again lifted open after Song Liangzhuo knocked on the carriage.

Xiaoqi saw Song Liangzhuo waiting at the side for her after getting off the carriage and had no choice but to fiercely wipe her mouth and hurry out. Next to the carriage a footstool was placed. Xiaoqi looked at that height, then looked at the servants and maids standing at the side. Swallowing, she looked at Song Liangzhuo.

Song Liangzhuo lowered his eyes and lifted Xiaoqi directly off the horse. Immediately after that, a servant swiftly retrieved the stool and led the carriage to the side door.
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Xiaoqi pulled Song Liangzhuo’s hand as she followed with tiny steps. Song Liangzhuo coordinated with her rather well and specially slowed his pace, waiting for Xiaoqi to set the pace with her lotus steps. Xiaoqi walked holding her posture until she was completely sweating. She passed an entire courtyard with the servant but still didn’t see a shadow of the Mother Song. Finally sneakily taking a large step she asked with a low voice: “Where’s Mother-in-Law Mom?”

Song Liangzhuo slightly lowered his head and was just about to exhort when he already saw several maids escorting a Mrs. that walked over with a fast pace.
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“Liangzhuo, my son. You’ve finally come back.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and stared straight at that Mrs. This Mrs. was really a completely different type from the Mrs. Mei in Qian fu. Mrs. Mei’s waist was slim, this Mrs.’s waist was round; Mrs. Mei’s style of walking was enchanting, this Mrs.’s style of walking was dignified; Mrs. Mei’s eyes were big and elongated, this Mrs.’s eyes were big and round; Mrs. Mei’s face didn’t have wrinkles, the moment this Mrs. smiled the corners of her eyes were crow’s feet.

Xiaoqi compared them in her heart. In the end she concluded to herself, she still looked quite amiable, like Aunty Feng in Song fu. But she’s much better looking than Aunty Feng.

As Xiaoqi dazed out her back was kneaded by vigorously, causing her to snap back to her senses and quickly turn her head to look at Song Liangzhuo. Song Liangzhuo lightly sighed and said: “This is Mom.”

Xiaoqi turned again to look at that Mrs. and saw that her face which was still filled to the brim with smiles just a moment earlier now had some strictness to it. Xiaoqi silently told herself: Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. We also came from a large courtyard, what situation haven’t we seen before? Pulling out the smile she believed to be most beautiful, she sweetly opened her mouth and said: “Mom’s so pretty!”

Song Liangzhuo sighed a breath of relief, secretly rejoicing in the fact that Xiaoqi didn’t call ‘Mother-in-Law Mom’ the moment she opened her mouth.

Mother Song belonged to the dignified type. Even though her facial features were not meticulous they were still imposing; when she was young she also had quite a reputation. At this time, being praised by Xiaoqi with her eyes sparkling, it actually seemed quite embarrassing.

Xiaoqi kept smiling sweetly, unable to make out what was not good about it. Mother Song’s pair of eyes swept over Xiaoqi up and down several times. Seeing that Xiaoqi still didn’t have any intentions to greet her with a curtsy, she became slightly displeased.

“Mom, let’s talk after entering the room.” Song Liangzhuo spoke to break the strange atmosphere.

Xiaoqi agreed as she nodded, “Xiaoqi brought Mom a present.”

Mother Song felt a little more displeased at that.

Number one, she felt that this name, Xiaoqi, was common and coarse. Even though Song Liangzhuo talked about it in a letter, but hearing about it in a letter and hearing the actual person say it still gives off a different feeling. From just the sound of it you can tell she wasn’t from a literary family.

Number two, she felt that this Daughter-in-Law knows how to curry favor too well. The first time they’ve met and she’s already prepared some gift.
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Number three, this Daughter-in-Law had no etiquette, to not even have the intention to bend her knee and curtsy when seeing her. Looks like she’s some wild yatou* that doesn’t have much education.

”yatou” – term usually used to call servant girls, usually derogatory even though it’s sometimes an endearment

This count fell in Mother Song’s heart and Xiaoqi simply didn’t have any merits to speak of. In reality, mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws have always never gotten along because they’re fighting over one man. One wants to pull back the son to obey the mother absolutely, one wants to tug at the husband to love herself dearly.

The relationship between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws has always been a difficult matter throughout the ages ah!

But Mother Song had self-restraint, so no matter how displeased she was, she still wouldn’t criticize too harshly at this time.
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Mother Song nodded and turned around, heading towards the back courtyard while saying warmly to Song Liangzhuo: “You’ve just come back so you should properly wash up and rest. At night when your dad comes back we’ll talk more in detail.”

Song Liangzhuo nodded and led Xiaoqi to the side courtyard.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Aaah, it starts! Another round of heart tugs! Poor Xiaoqi~ I peeked ahead and Song Liangzhuo is promising for the next two chapters~~



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