Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 45 Part 1

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Chapter 45.1: Aiyo*, Mean Mother-in-Law

Interjection of pain or surprise

When Song Liangzhuo carried the deeply asleep Xiaoqi back to the room, it was already the middle of the night. Song Liangzhuo thought that they probably wouldn’t be able to see the dawnbreak hot springs view.
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Even though he was tired, Song Liangzhuo couldn’t quite fall asleep. He stared at the Xiaoqi in his arms that had her lips slightly parted, sound asleep. He couldn’t resist reaching out to pinch her cheek. Xiaoqi seemed tickled and flung a smack at Song Liangzhuo and even mumbled some scolds.
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Song Liangzhuo’s brows knitted and a hand ran again to Xiaoqi’s ear to rub it. Xiaoqi seemed ticklish as she shrunk her neck back. Slightly creasing her brows, she muttered: “Ha Pi, go to sleep.”

Song Liangzhuo gave a light laugh. Seeming to also suddenly feel that his actions were a bit childish, he stroked Xiaoqi’s cheek and then laid down to the side.

This period of time had been spent very leisurely. Ever since Song Liangzhuo left Ruzhou–or perhaps it should be said, ever since Zi Xiao entered the palace–he had always been oppressing himself. During the two years he spent working as an official in Tongxu he had also forced himself to stay diligent and constantly deal with governmental affairs. For two entire years, apart from making himself busy with this and that, it seemed he didn’t spend a single day relaxing and passing the days happily like he did this past month.

These days, he gave all the gentle feelings that he had buried for so long to Xiaoqi. Song Liangzhuo hugged the Xiaoqi that had subconsciously cuddled over. For the first time, a feeling of not wanting to part with her–even when their hair turns white–generated in his heart.

The next day Song Liangzhuo woke up early, and when he opened the window he saw the pink glowing curling vapor. Coincidently meeting with the red clouds, it truly made this town that was bathed amidst the magnificent mountains of clouds a scene of the immortal world.

Song Liangzhuo felt freed from all worries as he took a deep breath. Closing the window he turned around and went to the bedside.

“Xiaoqi, wake up, hurry and wake up. Take a look at the scenery then continue sleepingT/N!”

Xiaoqi flipped over and continued sleeping.

Don’t know what serious medicine Song Liangzhuo suddenly took, but he dug out the naked Xiaoqi and swiftly put clothes on her. Then he wrapped the blanket around her and carried her to the window.

Song Liangzhuo pushed open the window again and patted Xiaoqi’s cheeks, saying: “Xiaoqi, look! In reality, the scene after it rains is actually the best, but today there’s rising red clouds so it’s already a pretty nice scenery.”

Xiaoqi half consciously opened her eyes. Before she could see anything clearly she had already closed them again. Yet Song Liangzhuo refused to overlook or spare and pinched her chin, saying: “Look at those rising red clouds. It’s really rare to be able to see a pink mist. A lot of forebears have sung of the springs and it’s also reasonable. A scene as ethereal as this truly should be praised with a good poem.”

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and speechlessly looked at the string of glister hanging on the corner of Xiaoqi’s slightly opened mouth. All thoughts of creating a poem to praise the scene with a ‘whoosh’ flew beyond the topmost clouds. Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and fiercely blew a hot breath towards Xiaoqi’s ear.
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As expected!

Xiaoqi was alarmed to the point that all her limbs flailed as she screamed, opening her eyes.
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“Humph, you’re awake?” Song Liangzhuo lightly humphed, seeming to be peeved that his enthusiasm was completely dispersed by Xiaoqi’s trail of drool.

Xiaoqi fixed her eyes blankly on Song Liangzhuo for a while, then blinking her eyes sleepily she looked outside the window. Only now, with a ‘ssss’ did she suck her drool back in. Song Liangzhuo uncomfortably swallowed, suddenly having the urge to rap her head with his finger joint.

Yet Xiaoqi stared at the window quietly without a sound for a long time.

Song Liangzhuo thought she was peeved because of being forced awake and was just trying to find a topic to distract her from her vexation when Xiaoqi suddenly lept up. With her feet bare she leaned over the window and noisily asked: “It got foggy? How come it’s floating upwards?”

Song Liangzhuo lightly laughed and moved a chair over. Sitting down next to the window, he took Xiaoqi into his arms again and warmly said: “It’s steam. Every day at this time of the day there would be countless spring mouths that puff out steaming hot spring water. Doesn’t it seem like the world of immortals?”
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Xiaoqi nodded firmly. Lifting her sleeve to wipe the corner of her mouth, she said: “If there were peaches of immortality it would be even better.”

Song Liangzhuo tugged the corner of his mouth and sighed, “You’re already hungry so early in the morning?”

Xiaoqi turned around and gave Song Liangzhou a loud smack(kiss this time), “Dear Husband, where’s the pastries I wrapped up yesterday?”

Haaa, who knows? It was definitely thrown away by a servant that thought it was trash. But Xiaoqi’s crisp call of husband still pleased Song Liangzhuo.

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and also touched the corner of Xiaoqi’s mouth. Carrying Xiaoqi as he got up, he placed her down again on the chair before saying: “You look at the scenery by yourself, I’ll go call someone to prepare food.”

When Song Liangzhuo returned carrying a food tray, Xiaoqi currently had her head lowered into her chest as she tried to untie her sash. Seeing Song LIangzhuo come in, she turned around to say: “Official Song, you put on my undergarment inside out. This is double-sided embroidery, but the front has protruding embroidery. It’s rubbing against me uncomfortably.”

Haha, I thought it was time to show you guys the undergarment(肚兜), but when I saw this pic~~ It’s pretty accurate after all, lol.

And you also couldn’t blame Xiaoqi for not knowing to avoid certain things. Ever since she was little she had Lu Liu as a personal servant and occasionally some other servant girls would serve her as she bathed. Xiaoqi felt it very natural to be naked in front of other people. Plus she had automatically classified Song Liangzhuo as one of her own people, so that’s why she didn’t consider it at all. Untying the sash she took off her upper outer garment.

Song Liangzhuo saw that the window had already been closed and exhaled a breath before speaking: “After you tidy up hurry and wash up.”

“Okay.” Xiaoqi had her head lowered as she fumbled about for a long time but still couldn’t untie the strap behind her neck. Just as she got annoyed and started looking for a pair of scissors, a pair of hand already grabbed her and comfortingly squeezed. Then staying near her nape they slowly untied the strap that he had accidently tied into a tight knot earlier.

“Official Song, are we almost home?”

“Setting out at noon, we’ll be able to arrive in the latter part of tomorrow.”
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Xiaoqi nodded. Taking the undergarment and looking at it, she put it on with the faint pink tree peonies side facing her skin. Then, lifting her head, she smiled and said: “Xiaoqi prepared presents for Mother-in-Law Mom and Father-in-Law Dad.”

Mother-in-Law Mom? Father-in-Law Dad? Song Liangzhuo raised his brows, “Can I take a look?”

“No good, no good.” Xiaoqi put on an act as she shook her head, “These gifts are extremely precious, precautions must be taken against theft.”
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Song Liangzhuo twitched the corners of his mouth and silently picked her up and carried her to the bedside, helping her put on her shoes.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – How my parent try to convince me to get up for family outings. Wake up, wake up and get dressed, then sleep in the car~ Xiaoqi’s reaction = moi.



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