Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 44

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PG-13 warning!
For those who like naughty scenes, enjoy~
For me, coming across this, I miss those days of translating yaoi smut scenes for manga. They were so much easier, just a couple moans and thumps and 3-5 pages were done.
And lol, merci mon Dieu~ It turns out that the scary ten page chapter 43 raw was actually chapter 43 and 44 combined. So I’m not as close to barely making deadline as I thought… though I pretty much only barely made it in time. Xp
Lastly, of course, a huge thank you to the sponsors~~ Thank you! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Chapter 44: Love, You’ve Come ah

Song Liangzhuo held Xiaoqi’s hand as they followed the servant into a spacious tent shaped room. Only then did they find out that the Wind Moon Pool the servant talked about was a linked hot springs pool with one large side and one small side. In reality, the pools were connected in the middle but the merging area was narrowed down to about a foot wide. A person that had their body turned sideways could move through perfectly.

The servant smiled as he introduced it: “This Wind Moon Pool is our inn’s good hot spring ah. The room has a two-person couch so if Sir gets tired you can rest with Madam here. There’s no need to worry, this room is as safe as the guest room.”

Xiaoqi curiously ran to the poolside to look at the “gululu” bubbling hot pool. Knitting her brows, she asked: “Do a lot of people bath in it? Won’t it be dirty?”

The servant hurriedly replied: “Madam doesn’t need to worry, this is a natural sourced spring. Not to mention, before guests enter they shower behind the screen first.”

Xiaoqi stooped and touched the spring water, it really was very hot. Her curiosity peaked and her eyes went wide: “It’s so mystical. I heard my dad talk about it before, but Dad never brought me to try it before.”

Song Liangzhuo waved his hand, indicating for the servant to withdraw. The servant swiftly placed their cloth bundles onto the couch at the side, then placed the wide bath towel down near the pool before withdrawing.

Song Liangzhuo glanced at Xiaoqi who was crouched next to the pool muttering, then headed towards the screen to wash up. Xiaoqi took off her shoes and soaked her feet in the pool, staring straight at the screen and watching.

Xiaoqi thought, in fact. there was really nothing much to be embarrassed about. He had already touched her entire body and she has pretty much seen all of his body, except for that area she was most curious about. Well, let’s just bathe then, and have a mandarin duck bath(naked bathing together) like the book-telling Mister talked about as well. It’s just that she doesn’t know if it could really make them ascend to heaven like the book-telling Mister described.

Xiaoqi tilted her head back to look at the ceiling, curling her lips.

Hey, he’s coming out!

Xiaoqi opened her eyes wide to watch as Song Liangzhuo walked out from behind the screen. Her large eyes widened even more for a moment, but in the next second slightly tapered in disappointment.

What mah! He even has a rag wrapped around his waist, who’s he acting so chaste for?! Xiaoqi silently criticized.

Even though it was like this, Xiaoqi still stared at Song Liangzhuo without blinking, all the way until he entered the pool and threw that irksome rag to the side before lowering her eyes.

Haa. Xiaoqi softly sighed. So it turns out that Official Song looks this great even without clothes. No wonder he usually wears clothes, it’s definitely because he’s afraid of charming all the girls to the point of fainting.
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Eh? Xiaoqi imagined the look of Song Liangzhuo walking on the streets without wearing clothes and couldn’t help but shiver. She mumbled: “No good, no good. He’ll be caught by the bailiff and thrown into prison, it’ll disturb the city’s stability and peace.”

The water temperature was a bit high, but after adjusting it felt very soothing. Song Liangzhuo leaned against the rock wall and unfolded an exhale. Opening his eyes, he said: “Xiaoqi should also soak a little to relieve tiredness.”

Xiaoqi’s eyes turned for a little, then she walked barefoot to the screen and casually washed herself. Peeking out the side of the screen, Xiaoqi saw that Song Liangzhuo still had his eyes closed so she softly and quietly walked towards the other pool, still naked.

Xiaoqi sat down next to the pool and first extended her legs in. After her feet touched the stone step, only then did she start to carefully shift her weight onto her feet and crawl into the pool moving inwards.

Song Linagzhuo spoke with his eyes closed: “Don’t be scared. There’s stone steps and it’s also not very deep.”

Xiaoqi was startled and her foot slipped. Before she could even make a sound she fell into the water. The pool water which carried a hint of sulfur rushed towards her. Xiaoqi’s brain erupted all at once. The boundless Yellow River water appeared in front of her eyes again, along with long, floating black hair, there seemed to even be some scarlet.

The more frenetic she was, the more she was unable to find ground. Xiaoqi thrashed in the water for a few moments and choked on a few mouthfuls of water. When she was pressed to the point her lungs were hurting, her body was suddenly lifted out of the water. Xiaoqi gasped and took large breaths with her eyes closed. Then, after coughing a bit, she finally bewilderedly opened her eyes.

Song Liangzhuo’s brows were tightly knitted as he patted her cheek: “What happened? Why were you so careless?”

Xiaoqi gasped a few more breaths, not knowing why but her heart was a bit panicky. Xiaoqi lifted her arms and hugged Song Liangzhuo, shaking her head as she murmured: “No, it slipped, just……”

Song Liangzhuo worriedly looked at her. Sighing, he sat onto the stone step and drew Xiaoqi into his arms: “Are you worried about something?”
Xiaoqi thought back to that chaotic scene she saw in the water and vacantly shook her head, speaking softly: “Saw a lot of hair, scary.”
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Song Liangzhuo twirled the long hair that was plastered to her chest around his fingers, and said smiling: “It’s your own hair, but you got scared?”

Xiaoqi blankly looked at the hair in Song Liangzhuo’s hand. In a blink she smiled: “It’s so long! And it even wrapped around my neck and gave me such a fright!”

Song Liangzhuo wrapped the hair in his hands around the hairpin again and warmly said: “Properly relax now. It’s because you’re exhausted that your imagination’s running wild.”

Xiaoqi lifted her eyes to look at Song Liangzhuo and said in a small pity-provoking voice: “Don’t go over to that side, alright? I’m a bit scared of water now.” The moments the words were spoken, it was even accompanied by a shiver.

Song Liangzhuo nodded: “I’ll stay.”
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Don’t say that Song Liangzhuo was being noble and upholding virtue, it was just that he had seriously been tormented by Xiaoqi to the point that he was terrified. It was to the point that he even thought a few more unsuccessful experiences would really cause him to be no longer able to raise. So this entire time, for half a month, he never took the initiative to proposition her. He felt that just hugging her to sleep was at least much better than driving himself crazy.

Xiaoqi quietly nested in Song Liangzhuo’s embrace, the hot steam warming her to the point she felt sleepy.

But in the end she still had a naughty nature after all. Even during her currently dazed state, one hand still wanted to touch the place Song Liangzhuo had covered with a rag earlier.

Xiaoqi lowered her eyes, one little hand slid downwards a little as she giggled. Song Liangzhuo just treated it as if she was tickling him. He closed his eyes and leaned against the side of the pool like an old monk entering a meditation state. It was just that every time that little hand slid to his lower abdominal area, he would lift his hand to pull it back.

Xiaoqi seemed to have fallen in love with this game. Each time she was pulled back, without even pausing for a while she would slowly slide downwards again.

How did monks end up breaking their vows? In reality, women also occupy a huge part of the reason.

Just like right now, that meditation monk suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze slowly filling with desire.

Song Liangzhuo once again grabbed Xiaoqi’s hand, but this time he didn’t let it go. Rather, he directly brought that hand and wrapped it around his neck.
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Song Liangzhuo pinched Xiaoqi’s chin and tilted it towards him. Lowering his eyes, he said: “Xiaoqi is taking liberties with the husband?”

Xiaoqi beamed as she looked over. Maybe because it was made hazy due to the steam, but those pair of eyes were also very misty, causing people to be unable to see it clearly and have the desire to tightly capture it. Her long eye corner slightly lifted, possessing a bit of natural seductive charm.

Exiting bath beauty! This phrase suddenly jumped out in Song Liangzhuo’s mind.

Song Liangzhuo softly sighed, then lowered his head to cover Xiaoqi’s brilliant red lips with a kiss.

It had already been half a month since Song Liangzhuo kissed Xiaoqi this way. Xiaoqi froze at first, then she smiled as she met those lips, murmuring with a bit of grievances between gasps: “Official Song, doesn’t, kiss me anymore.”

Song Liangzhuo had one hand tightly wrapped around Xiaoqi’s waist while his other hand supported her neck as he deepened this kiss. Perhaps because the pool water was too hot, Xiaoqi’s body was weak to the point where she slid directly downwards and couldn’t not untangle her arms and wrap her hands around Song Liangzhuo’s neck. But only she herself knew how hard this motion was to do. Xiaoqi thought it must have been because of soaking in the hot springs. Earlier she had already felt soft to the bones and just wanted to lean against Song Liangzhuo and not move.

One of Song Liangzhuo’s hands slowly slid up the softness in front of that chest. A sudden question flashed in his head——why isn’t Xiaoqi giggling and fussing?
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Song Liangzhuo was tormented by this thought for a moment and slightly moved away from her. He saw the gaze of the person in his arms becoming even more glazed and she arched her waist, causing the two little meat buns in front of her chest to become even more conspicuously alluring. The tightly stretched bow in Song Liangzhuo’s mind – as he waited with apprehension for Xiaoqi to start giggling and fussing – finally snapped. In the next second he suddenly smothered that pair of panting red lips and fervently nibbled them, one hand also covered those soft mounds and slowly kneaded and teased them.
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“Haha, don’t rub!” Xiaoqi smiled as she moved to push away Song Liangzhuo’s hand. Song Liangzhuo put more strength in his hand and strongly swept it across those erect bun tips. Xiaoqi gave a soft moan and tightened her arms around Song Liangzhuo’s neck.
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Xiaoqi uncomfortably twisted her hips and her butt touched that thing that had once tormented her. Xiaoqi quivered as she opened her eyes, yet Song Liangzhuo had already lifted and turned her to sit facing him. Not waiting for her mouth to open to speak, he once again sealed those lips.

Xiaoqi originally wanted to push him away, but the little meat buns on her chest were heavily squeezed by him. Xiaoqi hurt to the point that her brows slightly wrinkled, but immediately following that, an even more tantalizing feeling of limp numbness rose up.

Xiaoqi felt as if she had gotten sick. Where Song Liangzhuo’s hands went, she would feel a fever follow. Xiaoqi felt that Song Liangzhuo had also gotten sick; he wasn’t kissing her, he was biting her. Wherever that mouth went it insisted on licking and nipping her a couple bits, but that gnawing and nibbling simply caused her to become even more unbearably hot.
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Xiaoqi’s entire body was soft to the point where she wanted to cry, her arms powerlessly wrapped around Song Liangzhuo’s neck as she softly cried: “Hot, hot. Don’t bite me, don’t bite anymore.”
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Hearing this, Song Liangzhuo released those firm and soft little buns, and one hand trailed along her supple waist to her butt. After pausing for a moment, it turned and headed towards that slender, soft and white leg. His mouth also slid up to Xiaoqi’s pink earlobes as he gently and soothingly pecked it.

Xiaoqi comfortably released an exhale, yet in the next instant she curled into a trembling ball due to the continuous stroking around her legs.

Song Liangzhuo suddenly picked up Xiaoqi and carried her ashore. Throwing the rag on the couch onto the floor, he put the completely bewildered Xiaoqi on the couch.

It was a little cold leaving the water. When Xiaoqi’s glazed eyes finally fixated on Song Liangzhuo’s body, he had already covered her delicate body like a blanket. Song Liangzhuo slightly got up and his gaze slowly swept down from her face over her entire body. Xiaoqi suddenly remembered that she should also take a look at his body. But her body was seriously too pitifully weak right now. When she was finally able to slightly lift her head, Song Liangzhuo had already seized her head a step earlier as he started a new round of tormenting.

Xiaoqi felt as if she had entered the hot springs once again, her mind was slowly becoming dizzy again.
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“Ah, don’t, don’t bite me. Hurts!” Xiaoqi lifted her hands to push Song Liangzhuo who had at some point started to suck the tip of her buns again.

The slight pain in her breasts hadn’t even faded when her lower body was penetrated vigorously. Xiaoqi suck in a breath, her eyes gradually growing clear. Not sure if it was because she was too focused on the bit of pain in her breasts, but Xiaoqi didn’t even have the time to observe the feeling of the other person entering. After a slight pain all that was left was the heat, yet it seemed to fill up her entire body.
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“Hurts?” Song Liangzhuo’s hoarse voice asked.

Xiaoqi shook her head, dazed: “Hot!”

Song Liangzhuo stared at Xiaoqi’s face and tried moving his body. Xiaoqi trembled and her legs involuntarily wrapped around his waist.

Song Liangzhuo exhaled. Staring at Xiaoqi’s flushed face a bit intoxicatedly, in the next instant he suddenly started plundering deeply.

“Don’t, it’ll swell, it’s uncomfortable.”

When Song Liangzhuo entered deeply, Xiaoqi knitted her brows and wanted to push him away, but her little hands were mercilessly pinned down above her head. Xiaoqi arched her waist, yet it catered even more to the person on top of her and prompted him to enter a step further.

Xiaoqi was startled by the strange feeling coming from her lower body and tightened her body even more. Her eyes also stared at Song Liangzhuo who had his lips tightly pursed without blinking.

“Relax, be good, relax.”
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Song Liangzhuo slowed down his movements and lowered his head to gently kiss Xiaoqi’s lips. The moment he felt Xiaoqi relax he suddenly tightened his arm and fiercely deepened the kiss, starting the nonstop torment again.

Regardless of whether it was the swelling or the heat, at this moment they had all become torments to Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi felt as if she had been placed inside a small boat. Every wave that crashed over caused her to want to escape, but when the wave retreated, she couldn’t help but want to throw herself at it and grab it.

Xiaoqi was hit by the hot waves so much she wanted to cry, but when she opened her mouth what came out was actually gasps and moans.

Xiaoqi didn’t know when she was lifted to a sit by Song Liangzhuo. As his movements became faster and faster, she was finally unable to hold it back and continuously sobbed.

“Song, ah, hus, husband, husband!”

Xiaoqi didn’t know what she herself wanted, or what she wanted to say. She could only helplessly lock her tear-blurred eyes on Song Liangzhuo.

Her lips were covered with a kiss. In front of Xiaoqi’s eyes appeared a wide expanse of peach blossoms… The moment wind swept by, countless petals fell. Inside the peach blossom was the scene of a man and a woman holding hands. The picture was just about to become clear when it was shattered by Song Liangzhuo’s forceful thrust.

A strange hot rush slowly assembled in her belly and ascended, then rushed along her tailbone to her head. Xiaoqi convulsed and curled her toes. Struggling to move away from Song Liangzhuo’s lips she sobbed: “Husband, I, I’m gonna die. Wuu, I’m gonna die!”

Song Liangzhuo tightened his hold around Xiaoqi’s waist and finally released his passion during Xiaoqi’s convulsions. Xiaoqi suddenly tightened her arms around Song LIangzhuo. The pair’s lips and tongues intermingled, and just like this, fluttered into a tangle.

Xiaoqi slowly relaxed amidst Song Liangzhuo’s gentle kisses. Her body weakly slid down. Cuddling against Song Liangzhuo’s chest, she didn’t have even a bit of energy left.

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and looked at her flushed cheeks and her seductively glazed eyes, then smiled: “Xiaoqi has grown up.”

Xiaoqi still hasn’t snapped out of the afterglow and lightly lifted her eyelids to glance at Song Liangzhuo. Pouting, she lightly dug at his chest then stopped moving.

Song Liangzhuo was silent for a while, then he lifted Xiaoqi up and entered the water again.

After being married for half a year, Song Liangzhuo finally experienced the feeling of water intercourse for the first time. As for Xiaoqi, she obviously hadn’t returned to her senses from the strong jerking sensations earlier. Her eyes were still glazed and infatuatedly staring at Song Liangzhuo. She never knew that rolling around on the bed(having sex) could even roll out such a beautiful immortal world-like scene. Sigh, it’s just a bit tiring.

Song Liangzhuo fished out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on Xiaoqi’s face. Seeing her silly and dazed expression, he somewhat wanted to laugh.

Song Liangzhuo held back his laugh and held her gaze for quite a while. Xiaoqi finally couldn’t fight off the exhaustion and quietly nestled against Song Liangzhuo’s chest, closing her eyes.

This was Song Liangzhuo’s first time seeing such a quiet Xiaoqi. With her slightly flushed pink with love cheeks, even with her eyes closed, it couldn’t help but cause people to daydream about the enticing appearance of those clear simple eyes as they were gradually filled with desire. Her lips were slightly swollen, glistening like gems as if dyed with rouge.
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Song Liangzhuo thought, using ‘gentle and refined as water’ to describe it was not an exaggeration at all. It was just that her movements were not like a weak willow but a strong wind. Song Liangzhuo recalled the nimble appearance Xiaoqi had when she tried to climb up the tree while drunk and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Xiaoqi powerlessly beat the vibrating chest with her fist. Pouting, she said: “Don’t laugh, shame on you!”
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Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and kissed Xiaoqi hard. Hugging her as she shifted to a more comfortable position, the person tightly wrapped in his arms also closed her eyes. Song Liangzhuo thought silently, looks like in the future he has to move more decisively and ruthlessly. Before Xiaoqi acts up he must take the initiative to strike first, and must also threaten the east and strike to the west(create a diversion). Only in this way would he be able to prevent her from giggling and fussing.

He has to think of strategies for this kind of thing too? Song Liangzhuo speechlessly knitted his brows.


Credits: Sponsored by Anna Tse, Lisbeth Setiyaningrum, Mas ayu kartini Sarli, and Albert Widjayatmo, Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot



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