DKC – Chapter 947

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Chapter 947 – Mother’s secret (4)

When the old emperor saw Su Luo’s reaction, he laughed and said: “Back then, if it was not for your mother, your Uncle Ouyang would been killed by “Gui Ci” long ago. So you just say the word, don’t need to be polite.”

The grace of saving his life must be returned like spring water.

Su Luo paused for a moment and considered it in her heart.

Since little stone had mentioned the Spirit Dance Steps, and now Uncle Ouyang had told her not to be polite, then might as well——

Su Luo couldn’t be too detailed with her words, so she pretended to mutter to herself: “Don’t know if Uncle Ouyang may have any secret books of cultivation in your possession?”

The old emperor stroked his short stubble and laughed out loud: “In Western Jin’s Book Collection Pavilion, there are countless number of secret books, whether its content is about physical strength or speed, you can take them all away, only——”

“Only what?” Su Luo smilingly asked.

But her heart suddenly had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, the old emperor said: “Except for the Spirit Dance Steps passed down from the ancestors, you can take whatever else that grabs your attention.”

Su Luo’s expression dimmed, her eyes were filled with unspeakable disappointment.

She had plenty of other secret books, she only lacked the Spirit Dance Steps. Unexpectedly, the old man didn’t want to give it to her.

The old emperor seemed to have noticed Su Luo’s mood wasn’t good, so he carefully explained: “This Spirit Dance Steps was passed down by my ancestors. It can only be passed on to men and not women. It can only be passed on to children birthed by the main wife and not a concubine. If anyone dares to disobey, they will be struck by lightning.”

The old emperor really wanted to grant Su Luo’s every wish. He really wanted her to be happy and cheerful, but these rules were set at his ancestors’ requests. He really couldn’t violate these rules right?

Su Luo smiled: “Those rules are really harsh, Uncle Ouyang, in the royal palace, there shouldn’t be that many people who can fulfill all those conditions right?”

The old emperor heaved a sigh full of helplessness and worry: “What ‘there isn’t many’? There is simply only one person that qualifies.”

Even though the old emperor’s expression appeared helpless, but he couldn’t conceal the pride and self-satisfaction in his eyes.

Among the princes, there weren’t many who would make the old emperor proud.

Su Luo suddenly remembered something that little Princess Yulin had told her before.

Ouyang Yunqi was the son left behind by Empress Yuan. In the entire royal palace, he was the only one birthed by the main wife.

Sure enough, the old emperor laughed: “Spirit Dance Steps has already been passed on to Yunqi. If you want the Spirit Dance Steps, there is only one method.”

Su Luo’s expression sunk slightly.

What kind of idea was this old man planning, don’t think she doesn’t know. Wasn’t he planning to pair herself up with Ouyang Yunqi? She wasn’t about to fulfil his bad preferences!

Su Luo assumed a serious expression and stood up coldly. She turned her body and was just about to leave.

The old emperor, seeing this, became anxious and immediately waved at her to come back: “Look at you, this foolish girl, why so anxious? Come, come, sit and speak, sit and then speak.”

Su Luo glanced at him and then sat back down.

The old emperor, seeing Su Luo’s displeasure, started to use his fingers to count off Yunqi’s good points: “Yunqi, that kid, you see, he grew up well, very talented, with high morals, and his temper is also very good. How is it that he doesn’t meet your standards?”

“High morals?” Su Luo shifted her eyes, looking straight at the old emperor, “Are you sure?”

Old emperor’s heart started to become uncomfortable because of her continuous gaze, but in order to market his son, he still nodded seriously: “Of course it’s good, his morals are especially high!”

“High my ass.” Su Luo glared at him unhappily, “Is he Ouyang imperial family’s only heir to pass the skills to? Old emperor, I have no choice but to say, your vision is really lacking. You just wait for the day when he betrays you!”

Back then, he could even stab her, who was very close to him, to death. Why would Yunqi even attach any importance to his cheap dad the old emperor?

“You, this foolish girl, speaks too vulgarly.” The old emperor didn’t get angry and smiling, said: “How about we make a bet?”

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