Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Ben Gong Will Allow You to have a “Reunion”?

Yao Mowan ignored Dou Xianglan’s interrogation and continued, “As for viciousness, Wan er can only sigh at how inept Wan er is in comparison to you and your daughter ah! Thinking of it now, Wan er has really let Gao momo die way too easily.” Yao Mowan shook her head in an upset manner.

“Gao momo… you framed her?” Dou Xianglan felt as if a giant stone was crushing her chest. She struggled to breathe but couldn’t seem to get enough air.

“Framed? Humph! She should already feel blessed to have been able to die such an easy death after all the heartless things she did!” Yao Mowan scoffed.

“Yao Mowan! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Cough cough cough…. Cough cough…” Dou Xianglan was stirred up and reached out to try and seize Yao Mowan’s neck. However, Yao Mowan grabbed her wrist and fiercely rammed it into the side of the bed. She had done it hard; there seemed to be a sound like the breaking of bones.

“Dou Xianglan! You hate ben gong to death right now, don’t you? You itch to just hack ben gong to pieces! Then you probably understand how much hate ben gong felt back then when ben gong saw you poison ben gong’s mother to death! Ben gong really can’t feel satisfied with just poisoning you to death this way! However, it’s alright. Isn’t there still your daughter!?” Yao Mowan’s cold eyes were bloodshot. She took a deep breath, and when she smiled again, it was the same old harmless smile.

“You… what are you going to do? Don’t you dare harm Suluan… Cough cough…” Dou Xianglan’s mouth was filled with blood as the poison was attacking her heart. She looked at Yao Mowan with fear. At this moment, she had finally realized that the Yao Mowan in front of her was no longer that fool she could casually yell at and beat. The incomparable cold and harsh light that came from the eyes of the person in front of her seemed oddly familiar.

“Yao Moxin… you… who exactly are you?” Dou Xianglan was taken aback by her own realization. Her body trembled even more violently and blood spilled out from her mouth.

“Gao momo, when she was at death’s door, also asked ben gong about this. Don’t worry, Gao momo will tell you once you go to hell!” Yao Mowan sighed when she felt Dou Xianglan’s body convulse. She released Dou Xianglan’s wrist and slowly got up.

“You! I won’t forgive you even if I become a ghost! Cough cough cough…” Dou Xianglan’s pupils constricted. She covered her mouth with both hands but large amounts of blood still streamed out of the cracks between her fingers and dripped onto the brocade quilt.

“This sentence seems really familiar ah… Di mother, don’t worry. You won’t need to wait long. Ben gong will soon send Second Sister to reunite with you!” Yao Mowan lifted her cherry lips. The smile on her face was like the dark flowers that bloom in hell; it was bewitchingly beautiful.

Finally, Dou Xianglan breathed her last while in the grip of endless resentment. Yao Mowan looked at those wide glowering eyes, then gave a disdainful smile before leaving indifferently.

When Yao Mowan walked into Quiet Snow Pavilion, Su Muzi was fiddling with the sweets on the table. She wouldn’t allow Yao Yu to have even one piece.

“These were prepared for your Wan er jiejie, you’re not allowed to touch.” Upon seeing Su Muzi swat Yao Yu’s little hand, Yao Mowan couldn’t stop herself from going up.

“Just let Yu er have one. How could Wan er possibly eat this much?” As Yao Mowan spoke, she took a pastry from the from the table and handed it to Yao Yu.

“This common woman kowtows in salute to Yao fei niang niang! May Yao fei niang niang have limitless good fortune and good health.” Su Muzi immediately knelt down on both knees and greeted Yao Mowan respectfully upon seeing her walk in.

“What is Third Aunt(father’s concubine) doing? Hurry and get up. Wan er really doesn’t like it when you guys kneel down all the time. In the future if you kneel again to Wan er, Wan er won’t come anymore.” Yao Mowan bent over to help Su Muzi up. Yao Yu moved as well to the other side in order to help his mother up.

“Mom, Wan er jiejie is really nice. Wan er jiejie was the one who taught Yu er how to deal with those bad people. Mom, Yu er wants to give the snow honey* that Uncle gave us to…”

Snow honey is honey that is apparently made from Chinese linden trees. It’s white and apparently contains much more glucose than normal honey. When I tried to find if there was an English equivalent though, I found that there is linden honey, but it didn’t seem white. There is white honey, but it’s apparently Hawaiian and made from kiawe trees…

“Yu er!” Su Muzi abruptly shouted and interrupted Yao Yu’s words. Yao Mowan was also startled by it. Su Muzi seemed very nervous and clearly did not want Yu er to finish his words. Earlier, Yu er seemed to have mentioned an ‘uncle’…

“These sweets were made with snow honey. Yao fei, please try them. The sweetness light and delicious.” Su Muzi seemed to notice her loss of composure. Immediately changing the topic, she invited Yao Mowan to sit down.

“That’s right. Wan er jiejie, snow honey is really rare. You should hurry and try some.” Yao Yu stuck out his tongue, then grabbed Yao Mowan’s hand and passed her a pastry.

“En, it’s really fragrant!” Yao Mowan praised. Su Muzi only calmed down after seeing that Yao Mowan didn’t seem to mind at all. She comforted herself, thinking that since Yao Mowan didn’t have the IQ of an adult, she probably won’t think deeply about it.

In the middle of their chat, the sound of urgent footsteps suddenly appeared. Shortly after, the door to the room was opened. The servant girl who served Su Muzi, Yue Ya, rushed in without even knocking.

“Madam, it’s great! Big Madam has died!” Yue Ya was truly over excited. It was to the point that she didn’t notice that Yao Mowan was sitting at the side.

“Hush! What are you saying!?” Su Muzi abruptly stood up and rebuked Yue Ya. Only then did Yue Ya notice that there was an additional person in the room. Her shown emotional state immediately changed.

“Replying Madam… It’s terrible, Big Madam has died of illness.” Despite knowing that Yao Mowan’s IQ wasn’t as high as that of normal people, Yue Ya still felt regret for having acted so rashly. If what she said earlier ended up reaching lao ye, it will probably cause Third Madam trouble.

“It would be better to head over and pay our respects early. How did it, so suddenly… Does lao ye know?” Su Muzi asked with her brows creased. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing the worry on Su Muzi’s face. This person lives too cautiously; it was cautious to the point one’s heart ached for her. Such a despicable person has died so she should just celebrate without restraint.

Lao ye has already gone to Bamboo Wish Pavilion. I heard the imperial gui fei is on her way here. She’ll probably be here soon,” reported Yue Ya.

“Bring me some simple clothing.” Su Muzi clearly became more nervous upon hearing the words ‘imperial gui fei’. At the side, Yao Mowan got up and walked towards Yue Ya.

“Is di mother really dead?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yue Ya with doubt on her face.

“Replying Yao fei niang niang, the doctor has reported that Big Madam has already passed away.” Yue Ya knew the etiquette between master and servant well, not to mention the person in front of her was a gui fei. Thus, she didn’t dare to neglect etiquette and bowed as she replied to Yao Mowan.

Di mother had treated Wan er so well, Wan er has to go see!” Yao Mowan pulled out a random excuse and left Quiet Snow Pavilion ahead of them. Yue Ya couldn’t help but sigh with pity as she watched Yao Mowan depart.

“Back then, Big Madam would lock Third Miss into the firewood shed at the slightest pretext. Not only did she scold her, she always beat her. Could it be that Third Miss doesn’t hold a grudge…”

“What nonsense are you saying? Hurry and help me change. If we get there late, it might instigate criticism,” said Su Muzi. Yue Ya immediately recollected her thoughts and turned to walk towards her master.

Liu Xing and Ting Yue were waiting at the side outside Quiet Snow Pavilion. They immediately approached upon seeing Yao Mowan come out.

“Chen momo?”

“Replying Master, this servant has already given her a thousand taels and arranged for people to get her out of the city. She has probably left the Imperial City by now, so niang niang doesn’t need to worry,” said Liu Xing quietly.

“What about Bamboo Wish Pavilion?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ting Yue.

“Less than half an incense’s time after niang niang left, Yu Zhi returned to Bamboo Wish Pavilion. Perhaps she was shocked by Big Madam’s appearance because she ran out to find a doctor. Lao ye has already been to Bamboo Wish Pavilion and has also sent someone to notify the imperial gui fei. In a little while, the imperial gui fei will arrive,” reported Ting Yue.

“Let’s go the Bamboo Wish Pavilion to send her off for the last time. Her ghost probably really wants to see me!” said Yao Mowan with a cold laugh. Then, she strode towards Bamboo Wish Pavilion. Liu Xing and Ting Yue looked at each other, then followed after her.

Yao Mowan heard the sound of Yu Zhi’s stifled sobs before she even entered Bamboo Wish Pavilion. It couldn’t be denied that even if all the people on the fu hated Dou Xianglan, Dou Xianglan had truly managed to obtain Yu Zhi’s loyalty.

“Steward Yao. Di mother… is she really dead?” Yao Mowan paused at the arched door for a moment before rushing in with an anxious expression.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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