Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 54

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[Chiyomira’s Corner]

Dear readers, I am not actually back! (At least I don’t count it as being back.) But I will be starting releases of Phoenix again at a rate of one chapter a week to stay active on moonbunnycafe until I finish my current project, which I’m still at chp 173/484. If you leave a comment here about how you much you love this novel, I’ll feel happy and guilty, but I won’t be increasing release rates at all until my main project is finished.

I just need a little change of pace from spending about 6 hours a day typing up how the MC gets kidnapped, decides to worry about food first, gets captured by a ghost, taken away by a wolf, then practices the broadcast exercises her grandpa had taught her to release her inner strength while a bunch of wolves are eyeing her hungrily. It’s great and all, but I just really need some simple face-slapping in my diet.

So, for the time being I’ll be posting one chapter a week along with weekly updates of my progress in my main project so you have an idea of how long before I can start to fully concentrate on this project. Also, there’s an event again on volare in which I’ve entered a couple chapters of this series as a prize, so if you want a teeny bit more of these chapters, go participate in the event! Edit: The event is a Chinese New Year’s Event! It’s not up yet. When it is about to launch I’ll let you guys know! Sorry for the confusion!

I’ve implemented some changes to the language. Things like wang ye > prince, fu > residence, Yao Xiang fu > Prime Minister Yao’s residence, the concubine rankings will be by English equivalent such as imperial gui fei > Imperial Noble Consort. However, bestowed titles will stay the same because they don’t translate well, ex. chen fei translates to ‘imperial apartments consort.’ Please let me know if it’s easier to read or if you would prefer for me to stick to the past pinyin.

Chapter 54: Have Her Pay my Mother Back with Her Life!

“Replying Consort Yao niang niang, Big Madam has unfortunately passed away. You shouldn’t be too sad, don’t hurt your phoenix body,” consoled Yao Tu in a mournful manner. Yao Mowan suddenly realized that Yao Tu’s skill at acting was truly in no way inferior to hers.

“Wan er has to see!” Yao Mowan walked forward and rushed into the room. When she entered the room, it was right in time to see Yao Zhenting sitting upright next to the table, his expression grave. Yu Zhi was kneeling next to the couch, sobbing uncontrollably. Meanwhile, next to her, laying on the couch, was a very wretched-looking corpse. The person’s lips, inner garments, as well as the brocade quilt and stain mattress were dyed with bloodstains. Yao Mowan was shocked that Yao Zhenting actually did not have the place tidied up, but it suited her plans well. She felt that Yao Suluan would definitely like this big present she had prepared for her.

“Father, di mother… so scary…” Yao Mowan took a moment to set her expression, then ran to Yao Zhenting’s side and looked towards Dou Xianglan apprehensively.

When Yu Zhi heard her voice, she immediately turned around and glared at Yao Mowan with her red, swollen eyes. Yao Mowan felt that if it weren’t for the status she had, Yu Zhi definitely would have pounced on her and choked her to death. Moreover, the person next to her that she called father wouldn’t necessarily stop it. At this instant, Yao Mowan finally understood why Ye Hongyi thirsted for imperial power and the emperor’s throne that much. It was because the feeling of having power and status was indescribably sweet!

“Mother… Mother!” Right at this moment, Yao Suluan rushed in. When she saw Dou Xianglan’s tragic appearance, her tears overflowed and she threw herself at the couch. Hugging Dou Xianglan’s body, she wailed hysterically.

“Mother! How could this happen? How could you leave Daughter behind to be all alone!?” wailed Yao Suluan as tears rolled down her cheeks. Behind her, Cai Ying wiped her tears and stepped forward to carefully help Yao Suluan up.

Niang niang, you must take of your body. You are carrying the dragon seed!” said Cai Ying worriedly. At the side, Yao Mowan felt Yao Zhenting’s body suddenly stiffen.

“Suluan ah, those who are dead can’t come back to life. No matter how sad you are, Xianglan still wouldn’t come back…” said Yao Zhenting, choking with emotion as he looked towards Yao Suluan with grief-filled eyes. Yao Mowan suddenly really wanted to laugh. As expected of her father. She really didn’t know how he was about to stop himself from vomiting when he said ‘Xianglan.’

“Yu Zhi! What exactly happened? It’s only been a couple days since ben gong last saw Mother, how did she… how did she get so severely ill!?” Yao Suluan abruptly got up and looked towards Yu Zhi with fury in her eyes.

Niang niangniang niang! You must get revenge for Big Madam! The doctor said that Big Madam had died from poison!” Yu Zhi fell to a kneel in front of Yao Suluan as tears ran down her face like rain.

“What?” Yao Suluan looked towards Yu Zhi disbelievingly.

“Audacious servant, that was not what you said earlier!” Yao Zhenting hadn’t expected for Yu Zhi to say something this shocking. When he had walked in earlier, all she said was that Dou Xianglan had died from coughing blood.

“All of you, be quiet! Yu Zhi, speak!” Yao Suluan shot a stern glance towards Yao Zhenting before looking back at Yu Zhi.

“Replying Imperial Noble Consort, Big Madam had caught a chill, but although her body was weak, it wasn’t to the point that she would cough blood. Today, Consort Yao suddenly burst in and sent this servant away. By the time this servant came back, Big Madam had already… It was Consort Yao! Consort Yao definitely poisoned Big Madam to death for revenge!” Yu Zhi glared at Yao Mowan as she roared with grief and indignation.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Yao Mowan.

“Yu Zhi, words must be backed up with proof. You say that my master poisoned Big Madam, where’s the proof?” Ting Yue immediately stepped forward to refute.

“Consort Yao was the only one here when Big Madam met with the mishap. If it wasn’t her, who else could it be?” retorted Yu Zhi.

“Yao Mowan!” Yao Suluan’s eyes filled with blood-thirst. Pressing her red lips together, she rushed over and abruptly slapped Yao Mowan.

Niang niang! Imperial Noble Consort, how could you act before the situation has even been made clear!?” Liu Xing hadn’t expected that Yao Suluan would act this tyrannically and was caught off guard, leading to his master suffering a hit. In reality, if Yao Mowan hadn’t been willing, how could Yao Suluan possibly have had this chance?

“Yu Zhi! Tell ben gong, was Mother alone with this lowly wretch right before she died?” Veins burst forth on Yao Suluan’s forehead as she asked this between gritted teeth.

“Yu Zhi dares to swear on this life that it was definitely Consort Yao that caused Big Madam’s death!” said Yu Zhi resolutely as if she was fully prepared to die. Upon seeing this, Yao Mowan couldn’t help but want to laugh.

She didn’t mind the pain on her face. These five finger prints would cover the marks Ye Junqing had left on her face last night. Now she wouldn’t have to come up with an explanation when Ye Hongyi asked.

“Someone, come! Beat this lowly wretch to death!” shouted Yao Suluan, her eyes cold as ice.

“Wait, Suluan. When all is said and done, Wan er is still the Consort Yao that His Majesty had personally chosen. How could you rashly conclude this matter before things have been investigated? Father promises you that once the truth of this matter is revealed through the investigation, Father will definitely get revenge for your mother, alright?” Before Yao Mowan even opened her mouth, Yao Zhenting had already walked to Yao Suluan to persuade her to stop.

“Everyone says that one day as husband and wife will lead to countless days of grace! As of now, Mother had died a tragic death, yet not only is Father unwilling to punish the killer, you’re even pleading for her? Yes, she is Consort Yao, but ben gong is also the Imperial Noble Consort that His Majesty had decided on and is even pregnant with the imperial family’s descendant! As of now, in this Prime Minister Residence, who dares to disobey ben gong’s words!? Come! Drag this imbecile out, beat her to death!” Yao Zhengting’s attempt at persuading Yao Suluan not only did not calm her down but roused her fury even more.

“Suluan…” Yao Zhenting really wanted to try and persuade her again but when he saw the blood-thirst in her eyes, he felt it best to stay quiet. In his opinion, an Imperial Noble Consort who had become pregnant with the dragon seed was far more valuable than a little Consort Yao, especially since this Consort Yao was even a fool.

“Second Older Sister… are you suspecting Wan er? Wan er didn’t…” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan with tears in her eyes as she spoke timidly.

“Someone, come! Have all the servants here died!?” snarled Yao Suluan. As of now, she had already completely lost all rationality. All she could think of was that Yao Moxin’s soul had reincarnated in her abdomen and that Yao Mowan may have killed her mother. She really wanted to rush up and just rip off every bit of Yao Mowan’s skin. She had no way of destroying Yao Moxin, but she could have Yao Mowan beaten by rods until she died from the pain.

“Father…” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Zhenting, tears glistening in her entreating eyes. As she predicted, Yao Zhenting lowered his eyes and sighed. As of now, the servants in the courtyard had already rushed into the room and surrounded Yao Mowan.

“You guys must have eaten leopards’ guts! My master is the present Consort Yao niang niang and greatly favored by the Emperor. If you guys dare touch her, nine generations of your descendants will continue to suffer the consequences!” said Liu Xing angrily as he moved up to shield Yao Mowan.

“Death is at hand, yet you still dare to act so tough! These two damned servants as well, drag them all out and beat them to death!” Yao Suluan’s sinister expression made her seem like a devil that had crawled out from hell. The servants saw that Yao Zhenting didn’t plan on preventing it so they obeyed and rushed up.

In the blink of an eye, all the servants in the room fell to the floor. Four imperial bodyguards appeared in front of Yao Mowan.

“Why… why would you be here?” Yao Suluan recognized the imperial bodyguards that were standing in front of Yao Mowan. She had been in the palace for seven years, so she naturally knew these four. They were all the most elite of experts, and were always by Ye Hongyi’s side.

“We have orders to protect Consort Yao. Whoever dares to harm her are to be killed without question!” declared the leader, Qing Long.

“His Majesty actually… how could that be!? She’s just a fool! Why!? Someone, kill Yao Mowan! Kill her!” Yao Suluan couldn’t take the stimulation. Her body swayed and she almost fell, but Cai Ying supported her.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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