Sword of the Emperor Volume 2 Chapters 1~2


We’re back again with 2 more chapters of SoE. The first chapter really… one of those chapters, where your mind just dies while you translate, so you have to come back hours/days later to continue. The whole bit on swords just… afdsfdsfasdfasdf

Name Changes:
1) So, now that we’re 2 volumes in, and I’ve gotten more understanding of the scale/world, instead of “School”, we will be going with “Sect”; Think of them as equivalent.
2) North Sword / North Swords; I don’t even remember which I went with initially, but we will be going with “North Swords” as the official name. I was debating changing it to North Sword Sect, but some parts became awkward… do note that North Swords is a sect! Eventually I’ll get around to “sect leader/head” or something as title.
3) Titles. For example, ‘Jade Faced Divine Dragon Mun-Yun’ will now be <Jade Faced Divine Dragon> Mun-Yun. I think that makes it more clean, and easy to differentiate between the name/title.

These two chapters were translated by me (FudgeNouget) and Mr.Anon2000! It seemed he rather liked that name I made up, so he said to go with this one. ^^
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

ONE DAY! I will get around to editing the previous chapters for all my early mistakes… one day! Or not. You know, it’s a learning experience for all of us xD
As always, donations are welcome! I will get some one day…


For those wondering, the Manhwa stopped at the end of volume 2! We will catch up to the manhwa very soon! The novel has 21 volumes total… xD

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  1. Varler says:

    Woo! More chapters! Thanks a ton Fudge and Anon2000!
    Also, 21 volumes… dang. Hopefully they’re reasonably lengths and not like the “books” of Coiling Dragon which are millions of chapters long.

  2. Largo says:

    You know it might have been better/easier to just have started translating the Novel where the Manhwa left off. Though I am looking forward to the next couple of chapters! 😀

  3. kenken says:

    Yay thanks for the chapters xD

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