Sword of the Emperor Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Ch 2: Dok-Go Sul-Lan Runs Away!

Night approached slowly as it silently swallowed the world. North Swords’ inner court was still filled with sound, as they discussed and ratified decisions over food and wine regarding the Ma Do. Because of the atmosphere, the patrol warriors slackened their guard. Pa Chun advanced to the Water Blossom Hall. Only here could Pa Chun find several men hidden in the surroundings for an ambush against any unwanted intruders. However this level of preparedness was not enough to stop him.

Dok-Go Sul-Lan wore a light dress and was busy preparing herself. She was packing several casual clothing, ornaments, along with a few books she was reading. The North Swords was filled with laughter as they ate and drank, but only in the Water Blossom Hall area did it seem too quiet. Although the Water Blossom Hall was enormous, the only other residents of this area were four maids and Hwan-Sa. Besides those five people, no one ever came in as it was not a place that had visitors. It was also questionable on how many times the father came to visit Sul-Lan. There was no area in the North Swords as solemn as Dok-Go Sul-Lan’s residence.

“It’s me young lady.”

“Please come in Hwan Sa”

“Have you readied yourself?”


“It seems you have set your mind on leaving”

“Yes, you are correct.”

“It was a wise decision. But it won’t be easy to escape from here without a plan….”

“I don’t know either but so I have to trust that person”

“I’m not sure if that person is trustworthy. It’s not that I can’t trust your judgment but it’s just that the person is a stranger from the outside… Also I’m worrying how he will escape from this place. When it is discovered that young lady has gone missing, havoc will arise in Gae Bong Prefecture.”

“I understand your worries Hwan-Sa. But I believe that everything will work out fine.”

Although Hwan-Sa’s face was covered in veil as usual, her green eyes seem to say, ‘I will always protect you.’

‘What is this? Don’t tell me she told that wench Hwan-Sa about this plan?’

-What did I tell you? Just get out of here before the problem gets even bigger.

‘Out of the question! I already promised her and I won’t be the one to breach that! I’m a man of my words!’

-Even though you’re such a twisted person, your words are so righteous. Just be honest and say you’re doing this because she’s pretty!

‘Fine! So what? Chun Ma! If you say one more word, you know what’ll happen right? You seem to be really haughty these days since I was being lenient with you….’

Chun Ma immediately shut his mouth. He was truly a pitiful fellow.

“By the way, what’s taking the young lord so long?”

“You don’t think this fellow is chickening out after saying those big words?”

“Do you think I’m like you?”

Hwan-Sa immediately turned around in response to the voice.

“Hoh, your movements are quite fast.”

‘I-Impossible, how could I have not noticed when he was so close?’

Hwan-Sa was extremely shocked.

‘I feel like I’ve seen this man before… Who is he? Where did I see him?’

At this moment, Hwan-Sa’s eyes that were engrossed with Pa Chun’s and Pa Chun’s eyes that were absorbed staring at Hwan-Sa’s seemed to ask the same question.

“Just where did I meet him?


“Y-You… You’re that!”

“The horse?”

“You were that stupid person!”

“What did you say?”

Pa Chun showed a huge frown.

“I was wondering who you were and you turned out that to be that wench making chaos on a black horse!”

“What did you say? ….Chet, I was here politely waiting for you and you turned out to be that crazy prankster riding a horse!”


“What, am I wrong?”

“Che… I need to calm down. I don’t have time argue with a bratty woman. Young lady, please hurry and follow me.”

“Huh? Yes!”

As Pa Chun lead the way, Sul-Lan followed with her belongings.

“Do you think we’re going on a picnic? What’s with that bag?

“Yes? Ah… I-I’m carrying a few clothes… ornaments… and the like”

“Leave them all here and bring only your body. I’ll prepare everything you need”

“Yes? But…. I don’t wish to trouble you.”

“If you don’t want to go then don’t… I’ll leave by myself.”


As desperation hit her, she flung her bag to the side. As Pa Chun began to move, Hwan-Sa and Sul-Lan followed.

“Hold on…. You’re not going with us right?”

“Of Course… I’m going too.”

“What did you say? …Is this for real, young lady?”

“Yes… is there a problem?”

“It’s not a problem but… Look here you black cloth wrapper, I can’t be responsible for you too, so you better not drag us down and follow as if you’re life depended on it. Understand? If we’re discovered because of you… Don’t think you’re ass will be okay. I’ll paddle your buttocks till you die!”


But Hwan Sa had nothing to say. From the way how he was able to approach her without her even nothing, she could guess that this man was a powerful expert.

‘Let’s see if you’re this arrogant when you fail!’

When she acted as if she hoped that he would fail, Hwan Sa was dumbfounded at herself. As Pa Chun was about to take a foot out, Hwan-Sa stopped him.

“Look her, Mr. Expert. What are you trying to do without a plan?”

“Plan? What plan? We’re just going out, is that so hard?”

“This… It may be fine for you and me but my young lady doesn’t know martial arts!”

“Is that so? That doesn’t matter. I’ll just carry her in my arms….”

“It may be possible to escape with her in your arms if this was a different place but in the Water Blossom Hall, there are men waiting in ambush so we won’t be able to get out safely! Don’t tell me you didn’t know?”

Pa Chun thought carefully at her words

‘Well, I guess it’s normal that they’re being cautious. There may be problems if I try to escape while carrying her in this dead silent environment… plus, the guys surrounding this place are also experts.’

“Fine. You’re words do make some sense. Lady Sul-Lan! Come over here”


“Just come!”

“Yes… young lord”

Pa Chun carefully examined Dok-Go Sul-Lan’s face… Even without any actions or words, when Pa Chun looked at Sul-Lan, her face quickly turned bright red.

[Chun Ma, will it work?]

-Definitely! But it won’t last for more than ten minutes.

[That’s more than enough.] [Look here kind lady! Listen to me carefully. You too Hwan Sa! You listen also”

‘How dare he use such impolite words, especially towards the young lady….’

But Dok-Go Sul-Lan did not seem to mind.

“I am going to change your face.”


“Just listen.”

As she suddenly exclaimed out loud, the two of them showed a shocked expression. Hwan Sa’s heart became uneasy at the possibility that the surrounding warriors may have heard.

“Hwan Sa! Don’t worry. Sound can no longer pass through the walls in this room.”

‘I knew this bastard was an expert, but I didn’t think he would be at this level…’

“I am going to change your face to someone else so you and Hwan Sa can just leave normally! Understand? Once we get out of this place, I’ll carry you and leave. Planning finished! Any questions?”

“You’re going to change my face?”

“That’s right”

“That’s possible?”

“It’s because it’s possible that I am proposing it you idiot!”

‘T-This bastard’

“I don’t want to do that”

Sul-Lan replied depressingly while looking at the floor

Don’t worry! You’ll turn back to normal after some time…”

“You’re not planning to use the Perfect Disguise Technique, are you?”

“Why? I am going to use it”

“Hey look, I told you the lady can’t use martial arts…. What’s with that face?”

“Go and call one of the maids here! I need to look at her face. What are you doing? Hurry up and move it!”

It was at this moment that Hwan Sa finally started to move.

“Don’t worry too much. There won’t be any problems”

His hand was holding Sul-Lan’s shoulders. Although she seemed to be nervous, she only gave an awkward smile to Pa Chun. Didn’t he once disappear right in front of her eyes? She was surprised back then. Although Hwan Sa often did a similar thing but it was not as amazing as what Pa Chun was capable of. He was able to disappear like erasing a drawing drawn on dirt.

In the hallway, Hwan Sa awakened the sleeping maids and was talking to them.

[That’s enough. Just stop.]

Pa Chun began feeling Dok-Go Sul-Lan’s face.

“Lets begin. Rest assured, it’ll be over in a second….”

Sha sha sha sha.

Pa Chun’s hands flashed waves of golden light that covered Dok-Go Sul-Lan’s entire face and seemed to continuously enter in and out of her pores.

Sha sha sha sha.

This process itself took one minute

“H-How is this possible?”

Hwan Sa was thoroughly shocked. The appearance was identical to that of Gum Meng, the maid she called down. Her face was long, her eyes up high, exactly like the maid. In this form, Sul-Lan looked to be around 25.

“We don’t have time for you to admire! Hurry and get out! Hwan Sa what are you doing? Take the lady and hurry up…”

“Ah… Alright. Please follow me, miss.”

The two of them left with haste and as Pa Chun watched them leave, he himself vanished into thin air.

Hwan Sa and Sul-Lan calmly walked out of the Water Blossom Hall. All that was left was to go through the lake. The length was 30 Jang (90m), a considerably lengthy distance. Perhaps it was because they were thinking too much and was overly concerned, their walk did not seem natural, especially that of the maid’s.


The water in the lake split in half, as two people appeared from it. Despite the chilly weather, their clothes did not have a single droplet on them. Their clothes were most likely specially made to be resistant against water.

“Where are you going at this late hour?”

It was a question directed at Hwan Sa. All people in the Water Blossom Hall had to listen to her orders. However, against the guards stationed at the outskirts, she herself had to cooperate. The guards did not exactly know of Hwan Sa’s identity, but they did know that she was a skilled expert with a high social status.

“I have to go somewhere for a while. It is the young lady’s orders, get out of the way.”

“Don’t you know that this place closes at the Hour of the Rat? (11pm-1am)”

“So you saying that you’ll disobey me?”

“That’s not it… I am just telling you of the regulatory rules.”

“The faster you move out the faster I can come back. If something happens to the young lady are you going to take responsibility?”

It was a merciless statement.

“Please forgive me, you may go. However…. If you do this again it will make things difficult for me”

“I understand. I will remember”

They finally were able to bypass the guard warriors then suddenly, one of the two guards sent a trill message that was targeted for the maid.

[Gum Meng! I’m off duty tomorrow so… you understand right? Come here when you can. I’ll be waiting with gifts.]


It felt like their hearts were about to stop when their ears heard the message. In their nervous state, receiving such a strange signal would no doubt startle them… But it seems that Gum Meng and that guard were in that kind of relationship.

As Sul-Lan and Hwan-Sa left, one of the guards seemed very puzzled.

“How strange….”

“What is?”

“When did Gum Meng’s buttocks start looking so shapely?”

“This guy! What wouldn’t look pretty in your eyes? Stop talking nonsense and prepare for the rotation. My body’s condition today is unusually terrible…”


The two automatically sighed.

[Keep on moving!]

Surprised, Hwan Sa looked carefully left and right to find the owner of the voice

[Don’t try to find me and go stand behind that big tree! Now!]

They followed his instructions and went around the tree.

Sha Sha Sha.

He appeared like a ghost

‘What an amazing fellow. He might be on par with the Head’s martial skills’

“We don’t have time. Since Hwan Sa can come out by herself, I’ll go first”

As soon as he finished talking, he put Dok-Go Sul-Lan into his embrace and leaped off to the skies. At this, Hwan-Sa’s jaws dropped open and stupidly stared.



Sul-Lan shut her eyes and tightly locked Pa Chun in an embrace and could feel his bodily aura. Although her eyes were closed, she could feel the height and sense the speed that they were moving. The night air of late autumn was truly cold. To resist the cold, she snuggled even closer to Pa Chun.

They arrived at a hill where they could view the North Swords from a far distance. Dok-Go Sul-Lan’s features by then had turned back to normal and Hwan Sa who had followed was busy trying to control her heavy panting. Although Hwan Sa followed Pa Chun as if her life was at stake, in the end, she was left far behind, forcing Pa Chun to wait a considerable amount of time for her.

“Listen here! From here on, there must not be a single inch of a trail. I have to go back so you guys find the Gae Bang’s headquarters. It’s a shrine located at the edge of Gae Bong prefecture. Until I come find you, stay there. Find the previous head and tell them that I sent you guys and tell him of your situation. Once that’s done, he should give you guys a place to stay. It may be frustrating but you must remain hidden as if you’re dead. Understand?”

“Weren’t we going together?”

“If I disappear I’ll be the one suspected. Plus I need to know their movements so it’ll be easier to leave later. I’ll follow you soon so go on ahead first.”

When Sul-Lan learned that Pa Chun was not going with them, her expression showed nervousness. It was also the same for Hwan Sa who was also inwardly shocked at her change.

“Leave. They will soon notice that you guys are gone. Maybe it would be different if Hwan Sa were to go back. Perhaps they’ve already found out. I said hurry up and leave. I’ll come back in one or two days, understand?”


Sul-Lan replied back calmly. In response, Hwan-Sa said,

“Chet, do what you want. Let’s go miss!”

As Pa Chun stared at the two as they slowly disappeared from sight, a slight smile appeared on his face

“Now let’s go back to see how the Head reacts!”


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