Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 65

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Volume 1 Chapter 65: His Choice (II)

“They all… died?” Ling Chen said shocked.

“That’s right.” The middle-aged person slowly nodded his head: “The person who left behind this power is ‘War God’ who built this Hall of Heroic Souls. He is the publically accepted person who was closest to Saint Destroyer level strength in Forgotten Continent’s history, and is also the only person to be crowned with the title of ‘War God’. He was unbeatable and obsessed with the martial path. In his philosophy, one needs to experience true life and death ordeals to become an apex master. War God’s power is the first power to be left within the Hall of Heroic Spirits, but existing for 1000 years no one has been able to inherit it. Within 1000 years, a total of 6 people have gained its recognition, but they all died in the strength trial. Maybe, it is simply an impossible task to pass that trial targeted towards strength in a condition where level is lower that LV15.”

The middle-aged person’s expression was solemn, saying seriously: “Believe me, those 6 people were all geniuses among geniuses. They were born on Forgotten Continent, their beginning power level was already far superior to yours. When they accepted the trial, their strength was already a lot greater than yours. But the result is they all died… I know, you humans from another world will not truly die in this world. After death you will revive right away, only your strength will drop, that’s it. But, you need to know, every person only has one chance to enter the Hall of Heroic Souls. If you fail, even though you’ve gained the acknowledgment of all of the other powers, you will not have the right to inherit any single one of them. You are a true genius, if you succeed any of the other 10 powers you will be able to exert their strength to the greatest, do not make the choice that should not be made.”

Ling Chen nodded his head in silence. The middle-aged person in black also let out a small sigh of relief… He was honestly afraid what Ling Chen would not think straight and pick the pillar in the middle. His talent is extremely shocking, but his strength… Going in the result will only be death.

Ling Chen shifted to the left a couple steps, seemingly wanting to once again ponder about the information of these powers. After taking three steps he abruptly stopped, his gaze returning to the middle pillar and stopping on it… After a long time, he opened his mouth saying: “The power in this pillar, is it the strongest?”

The thickness of the middle pillar is two, three times that of the other pillars.

“War God’s power is naturally far more superior than the others, although…”

“Okay, I choose this one in the middle!” Ling Chen turned around, using his finger to point at the pillar in the middle and saying expressionlessly.

“You…” the black clothed middle-aged man fiercely frowned: “Did you not listen to what I said!! I can very responsibly tell you that if you pick it, you will have no chance of passing in the test of strength., you might even die not even half way through the test! Even though you can revive after death, but, you will no longer have another chance to enter the Hall of Heroic Souls to accept the inheritances of the other powers!”

“I understand.” Ling Chn slightly nodded his head: “But, you also let me know that the power in this middle pillar is the strongest! And I, only chase after the strongest! No matter how scary the trial is, I still need to attempt it!”

“…” The black clothed middle-aged man slightly nodded his head, his eagle-like eyes focusing on his face: “Should I admire your decisiveness, or should I laugh at you overconfidence.”

“Even if I fail, all I lose is just a level, I will not regret. And if I give up because of the “danger” and “impossibility” that you mentioned, then I will look down on myself. In my entire life, how many time I’ve already turned the “impossible” into “reality”, you do not know!” Ling Chen slowly said. His determined voice and expression also told the middle-aged person, this decision of his will not change.

The black clothed middle-aged person looked at him with his eyebrows furrowed, staying silent for a long time, and then suddenly letting out a long sigh… Not sure if he was admiring Ling Chen’s courage and faith, or sighing about how another amazing genius was about to be stifled in the War God’s test.

“Since this is you choice, then it’s up to you.” The black clothed person said: “Your talent has already gained its recognition. If you want to accept the trial of strength then walk forward, place your hand on the pillar and then close your eyes… It will automatically send you to the mysterious test ground. And afterwards regardless if you succeed or fail, after sufficient time it will then send you back out. Go ahead.”

His expression was like already seeing the scene of Ling Chen returning in failure, and also made Ling Chen understand even better how scary the War God’s trial is. He glanced at the middle pillar, saying: “Before this, can I first go stock up. I pretty much have no potions left on me to use.”

The black clothed middle-aged person’s eye slightly flashed, after a little while he said: “According to the Hall of Heroic Souls’ rules, people that come attempting to receive power inheritances can only enter once in their lifetime. After they leave here they are not allowed to enter a second time… But, given your talent I’ll break the rules for you once… You have half an hour’s time.”

“Okay!!” Ling Chen slightly nodded his head, charging straight in the direction of the doors, and then pushing open the hall doors, quickly leaving.

Seeing Ling Chen’s figure disappear in his vision, the black clothed middle-aged man’s expression regained its coldness, his coldness carrying a slight sense of disappointment: “Being acknowledged by 11 powers at the same time, unprecedented. His talent can be said to be unprecedented, if this matter travels out it will be enough to shake all of Forgotten Continent. But he had to choose the War God’s test… Is he young and impetuous, haughty and rash, or… He actually has enough confidence…”

The moment the Hall of Heroic Souls’ door opened, the 7 class trainers who were standing at the entrance whispering to each all concentrated their eyes on Ling Chen’s body. They all widened their eyes, surprised at why he came out so quickly. But before they could say anything, they saw Ling Chen run away with a “Fwoosh” like a gust of wind, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The seven class trainers were instantly dumbfounded, all of them looking at each other, not knowing what happened.

Ling Chen sprinted along the way charging straight to the item shop. Spending 20 gold buying 200 yellow potions, and then spending 30 gold buying 300 dark blue potions. After thinking for a bit, he then continued to buy another 100 dark blue potions. In the initial stage where gold coins are extremely scarce, there really aren’t that many people who dare to buy so many magic potions like him. 200 of these potions only took up one space in the inventory. Afterwards, he spent another 10 gold buying 10 town-teleport scrolls. Looking at his remaining gold coins, he bit his teeth and took them all out, buying an elementary strength crystal (Attack+6%), an elementary speed crystal (Movement Speed+6%), an elementary critical crystal (Critical Rate+2%), and an elementary pierce crystal (Pierce Rate+4%).

After throwing out 800 gold coins, his originally massive stash now only remained a few 30 something gold coins.

Taking a spin around the item shop and other surrounding shops, after not finding anything else that can assist him in battle he looked at the time and sprinted in the direction of the Hall of Heroic Souls.

“Yo!!! Kid did you…”



The 7 class trainers looked at him running over from a distance, not even finishing yelling out half a sentence Ling Chen had already darted past them like a gust of wind, closing the door on the way after entering the Hall of Heroic Souls. The 7 main class trainers who were ignored where once again dumbfounded.

“Have you really decided?” Seeing Ling Chen return, the black clothed middle-aged person asked unwilling to give up.

“Ya, I’ve decided. I’m heading over right now.” While speaking, Ling Chen arrived at the front of the middle pillar. He then extended his hand pressing towards the glowing pillar.

“Wait first.” The black clothed middle-aged person suddenly spoke out stopping him. Ling Chen’s movement stopped, turning around and looking towards him.

“Maybe my way of thinking is too reserved, maybe I should look forward to a certain possibility, or rather the appearance of a miracle, instead of trying to stop you.” The black clothed middle-aged man walked to his front, his gaze dark and quiet. Extending his hand he handed over a small package to Ling Chen: “Take this, your talent is enough to move the heavens and earth. And the talent that you possess, or maybe it shouldn’t be called talent… That should have been gained after undergoing effort or training that normal people are unable to imagine. If it’s like this, then maybe you really do have the chance to create a miracle. So, I hope that you can return in success… These things, I hope that than can be of assistance to you.”

Ling Chen lifted his eyes looking at him, taking over the package and slightly nodding his head saying: “Thank you.”

He then turned around, standing in front of the pillar, extending his right hand and placing it on the pillar.

Immediately, a mass of silver light released from the middle pillar, enveloping Ling Chen’s body. The next second, it carried Ling Chen disappearing from the Hall of Heroic Souls.

The scenery in front of Ling Chen’s eyes rapidly changed. When he opened his eyes, his gaze came in contact with only darkness, a strong smell of rot rushing at his nose.

“Ding… You have arrived at the hidden map ‘War God’s Trial Ground’.”

The overly strong odour of rotting made Ling Chen forced to hold his breath, shifting his gaze he looked around where he was right now. This is an incredibly old stone room, the smell of rot proves that no one has came here for who knows how many years. Rotten objects littered the ground and the walls. Besides this, the only item in this stone room is that stone statue in the innermost section of the room, along with the metal chest connected to the stone statue.

Hm? Chest?

Moving his feet Ling Chen walked towards that metal chest, and then tentatively extended his hand towards it. And right when his hand was about to touch the metal chest, a sound suddenly came from the stone statue in front.

“Very good… Finally another person has come here.”

Ling Chen’s movements immediately stopped. He took a step back, lightly saying: “Who are you?”

But the voice beside his ears did not pay attention to what he was saying, continuing to say: “Being able to come here says that your talent has already gained the approval of the power I left behind, you already possess half the qualifications to succeed my strength… But it is also only just half. If you want to obtain the inheritance of my strength, then walk to the end of this space and obtain the only key in this space to open the chest that you see. But in this space there exist many dangers that are sufficient to endanger your life. If you do not have enough courage, boldness and awareness, then stop your footsteps. As long as you stay in this room for over ten minutes, the power that I left behind will naturally send you away.”

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