Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 66

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Volume 1 Chapter 66: Holy Spirit Beast (I)

The aged voice beside Ling Chen’s ears stopped, and also made him understand that this is the voice that War God left in this trial ground. The people that come here will all hear this voice, it is not someone talking to him.

Reach the end of this space, obtain that only key, and then open this metal chest before him. This is the content of this trial… Ling Chen turned around, looking towards the exit of this stone room. This stone room does not have a door and it is very bright outside. It should be a vast area of land. Not attempting again to touch the metal chest, Ling Chen turned around walking in the direction of the exit. The contents of the trial sounds very easy, but he knows how perilous it will be to reach the end of the space. Six geniuses that have already died in the trial are the best evidence.

Can I, really pass this trial?

Honestly speaking, Ling Chen does not have the confidence to pass this trial, he can even be said to have zero confidence. But, if he passes this trial, he will be able to obtain the strongest class. Even though in front of him there are only previous cases of failure, he still needs try with all of his strength.

Standing at the entrance, Ling Chen did not walk out, instead opening the small package that the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian gave him. Inside there are two scrolls, a couple of potions, a wide piece of metal shaped like a fish scale, and a cylinder releasing a silver glow.

[Scan Scroll]: A scroll with the scan ability, after use can gain the detailed information of a monster no higher than 30 levels from you.

The two scrolls are both scan scrolls. At the time being able to defeat the Greedy Avarice Toad, the scan scroll played a key role. If not that he had first scryed all of the Greedy Giant Toad’s attack methods and weak points, maybe he would have already died at the beginning of the fight under the giant toad’s claws. So he very clearly understands the value and importance of these two scan scrolls.

[Aqua Celestial Scale]: Special item, a scale dropped from the high level Celestial beast Aqua Fish Emperor. By placing it in front one can fully withstand any melee attack from a Lv50 Celestial creature or below and can bounce it away. Can be used 5 times. Remaining Chances: 5.
(TL: Imagine armour made of this stuff.”

Fully withstand 5 melee attacks!! This is a miraculous item that can save one’s life when facing a lethal blow, moreover it’s 5 times! It can even be said without exaggeration that with this item, against powerful opponents that can one-shot him, it’s equal to him having an extra 5 lives!

[Moon God Spring Water]: Celestial grade recovery potion, spring water that originates from the Moon God Spring blessed by the Moon God Clan. After use HP and MP are all instantly fully recovered. Cooldown Time: 3 secs. Only effective for players.

Ling Chen: “…”

Without question, this is the entire Mystic Moon world’s best, most ultimate recovery potion. It can recover all HP and MP in an instant and its cooldown time is only a short 3 seconds. He actually obtained this kind of most high grade potion at the most beginner level of the game. He couldn’t help but think of that middle aged person with a cold face in the Hall of Heroic Souls. What he gave him, was actually such shocking aid! Looks like he honestly hopes that I can pass this trial.

And only after seeing the last item that he gave him did Ling Chen realise how generous of a gift the middle-aged person had given him… He probably brought out everything that he had.

[Spirit Shield Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Celestial, Attribute: None, Effect: All damage received reduced by 20%.

Ling Chen was stunned… This orb in his hand releasing a silver glow, is actually an energy orb.

The Novice Village village chief told him, even on Forgotten Continent energy orbs are still extremely rare items. Normal people might not even be able to see a real energy orb in their entire lives. And this middle-aged person from the Hall of Heroic Souls, he actually gave me a real energy orb! That black clothed middle-aged person’s strength is shrouded in mystery, but this energy orb for him is definitely still an extremely valuable item. He actually gave it to me just like that.

Ling Chen immediately felt that cold middle-aged person become very cute.

Actually, in the Hall of Heroic Souls when Ling Chen first made the decision to choose the middle pillar, the black clothed middle-aged person could not understand, he even felt deep disappointment. But, during the time that Ling Chen was preparing, he who had calmed down silently thought that, is it not just so that a person of true strength requires this kind of conviction of clearly knowing that the chances are next to zero but still resolutely moving forward…  Maybe it is also only by possessing this kind of conviction can the people that experience this kind of trial have the qualifications to become an apex master… How can a person that makes ordinary decisions, become an unordinary person.

So, he decided to be impulsive once… Giving his most valuable items all to this person of extraordinarily high talent, hoping, the he really can create a miracle.

Decreasing all damage received by a whole 20%… This evidently includes physical damage and magical damage! The powerfulness of energy orbs once again showed before Ling Chen. With one energy orb one’s strength will increase greatly, this sentence is not false. With this energy orb he has another lucky charm against powerful opponents.


Holding this Spirit Shield Orb, Ling Chen’s gaze stopped on that “Attribute: None” annotation.

This is a non-elemental energy orb.

And… When at the Novice Village, the last condition for the awakening of that egg that Tao Tie entrusted to him, is exactly a non-elemental energy orb.

Should I use this energy orb to awaken it?

No doubt, with this energy orb that decreases all damage received by 20%, towards him passing this trial and the future opponents that he’ll face it is all a great assistance. This kind of powerful damage reduction effect is something that not even the beginner abilities of shield-guards can have. This is a defense orb that can be used until the last day of the game. If sold, it will undoubtedly sell for an astronomical number that will can scare people to death.

But on the other hand…

Tao Tie said that this beast egg was entrusted to him by a “great beast”. A beast that can be called a “great beast” by the ancient mythical beast Tao Tie, its strength has to be at the very least equal to Tao Tie’s!

This kind of beast… The descendant of this kind of beast, how powerful will it be. If he hatches it right now and it follows him, the role that it plays could far surpass an energy orb. And maybe… When that “great beast”’s descendant is born it will already have the might of Mysterious God, just casually breathing and all of the obstacles in front will be destroyed without a trace.

But, if it fails to hatch, or the hatched beastling doesn’t have enough time to awaken any power… For the course of this trial he will lose a powerful shield for no reason. It’s very possible that the trial that could initially be passed will fail due to not having this powerful protection orb.

Ling Chen started to hesitate… Exactly should he use the energy orb in his hand to hatch the beast egg that Tao Tie entrusted to him right now.

Silently hesitating for a long time, Ling Chen still hadn’t made a decision. He took out the four energy crystals that he bought from the item shop in Azure Dragon City and then slotted them into Lunar Scourge one by one.

“Ding… ‘Elementary Strength Crystal’ successfully slotted, physical attack strength+6%”

“Ding… ‘Elementary Pierce Crystal’ successfully slotted, pierce rate+4%”

“Ding… ‘Elementary Speed Crystal’ successfully slotted, movement speed+6%”

“Ding… You have already equipped ‘Heartless Orb’, cannot equip again energy crystals or orbs of the same type, ‘Elementary Critical Crystal’ slotting failed.”

“Ling Chen: “I…”

People always have the moment when they do something stupid. Holding the elementary critical crystal that he spent 200 gold coins to buy, Ling Chen knew that he’d wasted 200 gold coins! He prepared in too much of a rush, actually forgetting that energy crystals and orbs of the same type cannot be simultaneously equipped, buying a useless elementary critical crystal!!

After being depressed, he had no choice but to put away the elementary critical crystal, picking up the “Spirit Shield Orb”. Right now, his Lunar Scourge is already equipped with 6 different energy crystals or orbs, this is a number that current regular players don’t even dare to think of!

If he equips the Spirit Shield Orb, that will be the seventh.

The hand holding the Spirit Shield Orb stopped above Lunar Scourge, not falling down. After almost a minute of silence he finally took his hand away and then crouched down, taking out the beast egg from his inventory that Tao Tie entrusted to him and placing it in front of him.

The size of a soccer ball, a grey coloured body, like it’s made from a grey stone.

“Hope that you won’t disappoint me!”

While muttering, Ling Chen’s hand holding the Spirit Shield Orb stretched forward, touching it to the grey coloured beast egg.

Instantly, a grey glow slightly flickered over the beast egg for a moment, a strange feeling came from Ling Chen’s hand. He subconsciously released his hand, suddenly discovering that the Spirit Shield Orb has already been enveloped by a mass of grey light. And then slowly disappearing on the surface of the eggshell like being devoured.

The instant the Spirit Shield Orb was entirely engulfed, the grey  light also completely disappeared. Just like that, everything, fell into silence.

Ling Chen: “…”

What’s going on? Didn’t Tao Tie say that the life form inside would hatch with just a non-elemental energy orb? Why is there no movement!?

Is it that what Tao Tie said is false… Or, Tao Tie himself also judged wrong!?

With the Spirit Shield Orb, he would have an extra layer of protection. Giving it to this beast egg right now is entirely a gamble… Gambling that the life form this egg hatches can give him help that surpasses the Spirit Shield Orb. But, the Spirit Shield Orb has been devoured and the beast egg doesn’t even have the slightest bit of movement.

Ling Chen’s face twitched. But, an ancient mythical beast shouldn’t trick him. He kept calm, patiently waiting, hoping that the life form inside was just absorbing the energy of the Spirit Shield Orb and is about to come out right away.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

A whole five minutes passed by and the beast egg still didn’t have any movements, like a stone egg without any life. Ling Chen’s patience finally disappeared, letting out a depressed sigh and extending his hand preparing to take back the beast egg.


The instant Ling Chen’s hand was just about to touch the beast egg, a thin, long crack accompanied by a light crackling sound appeared on the gray eggshell.

Ling Chen’s right hand immediately stopped.

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