Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 64

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Volume 1 Chapter 64: His Choice (I)

All eleven pillars were glowing vibrantly, covering this once darkened Hall of Heroic Spirits in a luminous light. These lights did not shine very intensely, but this glow completely astonished the middle aged man clothed in black. He could not believe his eyes.

The eleven pillars that symbolized the strongest of the Forgotten Continent were lit….all of them were lit! This meant that the man in front of him also obtained the acknowledgement of being worthy of all the heroes in this hall!

This abrupt situation made the middle age man unable to believe everything that was happening before his very own eyes.

“This….this is impossible…..even one with great talent, will only get the confirmation of one pillar, two at the very most, but all of these pillars are acknowledging him….Is his talent really at such a frightening level!” mumbled the black cloaked middle age man.

When he saw the first pillar glow, he was surprised, when he saw the second pillar light, he was shocked, and upon seeing the third, fourth, fifth…. and all the rest of the pillars all gleam brightly, there was only one thought left in his mind….He had to within a dream. An impractical dream, a dream that was so left far from reality that it could only be ludicrous. But his subconscious voice was telling him….that he was not dreaming.

The glow from the eleven pillars did not stop, in fact their light began to intensify, then they start glistening by fading and brightening in various patterns. The first pillar that gleamed quickly led the second pillar to glimmer as well, and soon all the pillars started glinting and the patterns of their glow accelerated….almost as if they were trying to capture Ling Chen’s attention, and led him to chose themselves.

This was a scene that were never seen nor heard of before. The black cloaked middle aged man could not believe that he was not dreaming, because he had been guarded Hall of Heroic Spirits for decades, yet he could not find any words that could describe the situation before him.

But this situation was one that the Class Trainers predicted, because Ling Chen hold the skill of ‘Soul Sacrifice’. It meant that he spirit held enormous strength, this strength was one that all classes would greatly desire…..these pillars all yearned for such a person to succeed their class, because he would be able to utilize their abilities to the pinnacle….Just like how they throw away their pride to fight for him to chose their class. If the black cloaked middle aged man knew about how Ling Chen already activated ‘Soul Sacrifice” beforehand, then he would not been this shocked.
“You….what is your name!” He asked with quivering as he stood behind Ling Chen and tried to calm himself down. In the past, he treated all that came into the Hall of Heroic Spirits coldly, no matter who it may be. He had never asked anyone their name or history before, this was the first time he instinctively asked the name of a challenger to the Hall of Heroic Spirits.

“Ling Tian” answered Ling Chen.

“Ling Tian…..” repeated the middle aged man who began to memorize this name as he took a deep breath, pointing towards the front stating: “As you have seen, all of the pillars had lit….. meaning that your talent was acknowledged by all. But they have not only acknowledged you, they also seem to desire to be chosen by you….This is the first time that this has ever since the Hall of Heroic Spirits was built. What you hold can be said to be the greatest talent that the Forgotten Continent has ever seen, there is no one that can be rival you.”

The analysis given by the middle aged man was the highest evaluation that could be given, and it was the greatest appraisal that he had given, even he voice was clearly shaken by it.

“Now, you can go forward….and determined the pillar that best suits you, or you can chose a strength that you like best….but remember you can only chose one, and you can only have one chance to succeed that one strength.” said the black cloaked middle aged man. But deep in his mind he still could not believe that such a situation was authentic, all this time it had alway been the pillars who chose the heroes, and to be selected by any one of these pillars was the ultimate honor and great glory…..but now there is a person who had the power to freely decide which strength he desired. If this reality was not unfolding itself before his very eyes, no matter who told him about it, he would not have believed it.

Ling Chen nodded his head as he proceed closer towards the right, towards the glowing light red pillar.

“But be cautious, do not chose to the one in the middle….you have to remember this!” echoed the voice of the stern middle aged man behind Ling Chen.

Ling Chen’s footsteps began to slow….even he doesn’t want me to touch the pillar in the middle, the warrior class trainer also told me this, what exactly is the middle pillar hiding?

But without asking much, Ling Chen walked up towards the first pillar and stood before it as he read the information concerning this strength within the red glow.

[Red Lotus Warrior]: This comes from the greatest warrior of the long lost Forbidden City, the ‘Red Lotus Sword God’. When one inherits this strength, their class will be changed to the “Red Lotus Warrior—Red Lotus Hero—Red Lotus King—? ? ? ?”. One will wield a sword with both their hands as their weapon, and their sword dance will ignite the red lotus fire. One will hold an attack power that is much greater than the average warriors, and one will also have fire abilities that a the average warrior will never obtain, one’s strength will overwhelm all, and one is able to dance a sea of red lotus fire that is just as frightening as hell.

As Ling Chen stood in front of the first pillar, it’s red light gleamed brightly, craving him to chose itself and inherit its abilities onto him. Ling Chen stood in front of it for three whole minutes, before walking towards the second pillar.

The second pillar, glistened with a silvery white light.

[The Sky Court Archer]: This comes from the best archer of the Forgotten Continent, the hermit of the Sky Court, after one inherited this, their class will be changed into “Sky Court Archer—Holy Sky Court Archer—Sublime Sky Court Archer—? ? ? ?”. One will use the bow and arrow as weapons, every arrow that comes from the Sky Court Archer holds formidable power, no matter the distance or the strength will exceed normal archers greatly,and just one arrow will pierce the skies, and thousand arrows will drown the sea.

Ling Chen: “……”

After a few minutes of silence, Ling Chen began to move towards the third pillar.

[Ice Poison Assassin]: This comes from the fearsome ‘Ice Demon Ghost” of the Forgotten Continent, after inheriting this one’s class will be be changed into “Ice Poison Assassin—Dark Ice Killer—Black Ice Poison Shadow—? ? ? ?”. One can use the short sword as their weapon, or they can chose to not use any weapons. One can use ice to attack anyone and limit their movements, as well as use poison to kill without warning. This skill is as frightening as the greatest poisonous snakes of the grasslands.

The Fourth Pillar:

[Sword Spirit of the Dream Shadow]: This comes from the long lost “Absolute Sword of the Dream Shadow”, after inheriting one’s class will be changed into “ Sword Spirit of the Dream Shadow— Sword Soul of the Dream Shadow—-Sword Saint of the Dream Shadow—? ? ? ?”. One will hold dual swords as their weapon, one can chose to have a single sword in one hand or use dual swords in both hands. If one holds the same swords in both hands, then the might of the swords will be brought to the apex and when the swords dance together, they will be peerless.

“Ah?” The class description of the fourth pillar caught Ling Chen’s interest. This class allows you to wield two swords at the same time, counting his gemini orb, this was the second time he has seen the possibility for one to use dual weapons. Even if this the strength of this class cannot be compared to the gemini orb….the gemini orb does not only allow one to use two weapons, but it also stacks the strengths of both weapons and that attribute allows it to far surpass the strength of this class….however that only proves that the gemini orb possesses an extraordinary capability, because this class is already much stronger than the normal classes, but if it could stack two weapons then it’s power would be much greater.

The fifth pillar….

[The Elf Priest]: This comes from the “Elf Queen” of the Elf Clan that resides in the Elf Forest, after inheriting one’s class will be changed into “Elf Priest—Elf Chaplain—Elf Saint—? ? ? ?”. One body will be circled in beautiful light of the Elves and one will hold strong healing and assisting abilities. One will also have the power to to control nature to attack their enemies, and those that inherit this will class will be welcome by the Elf Clan if they ever chose to enter the Elf Forest.

After the fifth pillar, there stood the biggest pillar in the middle, but Ling Chen did not stop, he passed this middle pillar and went straight to the sixth pillar, then the seventh pillar, the eighth pillar, the ninth pillar, and the tenth pillar.

Every pillar held powerful class with great powers, each with their special attributes. There was no denying the fact that these classes all came the strongest heroes and these classes exceed normal hidden classes. Although normal hidden class were indeed stronger than the mundane classes, they do not surpass the mundanes one by a lot, there are even one that are weaker the mundane classes. However these classes surpassed the mundane one by whole another tier, no matter which one of these classes that one picked, one will still be able to become stronger than the mundane.

If all this information was leaked, then who knows who sort of mayhem will be caused by the all the players.

“Have you decided which one to pick?” asked the black cloaked middle aged man, seeing that Ling Chen has finished looking at all the pillars.

Ling Chen shook his head, walked up to the middle pillar: “There is still the last one left!”

“You don’t need to see that pillar, because you should not pick that one,” answered the middle aged man. But as he spoke, Ling Chen has already went up to the middle pillar, and was reading the information. Even though the pillar glowed, there was not infomation coming out of the pillar.

“Why can’t I pick this one?” asked Ling Chen: “If it is glowing that means that it wants me to inherit its powers right.”

“Yes, it has acknowledged your talent….however that only means you have talent.” answered the middle aged man with a stern face: “But in order to inherit this class, you need not only talent, but also you need it to acknowledge your strength. Even you really want to inherit this power then you will have to go through a test of strength….Even you hold frightening talent, that is merely just talent. You have only been in this world for a few days, so matter how much talent you have, your strenght is no where enough to pass the test. The test made by the one who originally held this power is much harder than anything you can imagine. It is impossible to pass the pass with the power you hold right now….you do not even hold a single thread or hair of chance!”

“Is the test really that frightening?” asked Ling Chen as he wrinkled his brows.

“I do not know, and there is no one that really knows.” replied the middle aged man shaking his head, “A thousand years have passed since the Hall of Heroic Spirits was created, there has been fifteen people who have received the acknowledgement of one or two of the pillars, but there is only nine that have inherited the powers and left this hall. Do you know why?”

“…..because six have challenged the test of the middle pillar?”said Ling Chen.
“Correct, these six were all acknowledged by the middle pillar, there was even even two great geniuses that received the acknowledgement of two pillars. But because they chased after the strength of the middle pillar, they all attempted the test…..the six of them all far exceed you. But….”

“They all failed?”

“No….they all died. Six living people were sent into this hell-like test, but the only thing that was sent out, was their dead bodies.”

Ling Chen: “…..”

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