Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 30

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Volume 1 Chapter 30: Desperate Situation

“Good …… fire of rage!”

Calling out lightly, Ling Chen buffed himself with this newly unlocked skill. A pale layer of red suddenly appeared on his body, his defense and life fell simultaneously, his attack power increased by ten points. With a faint red glow, Ling Chen turns back toward the last two man-eating giant toads.


With the effect of fire of rage, the damage to the man-eating toads caused by Ling Chen obviously increased, with his continuous [Crescent Slash], the last two man-eating toads finally fell.

“Ding…… You successfully kill two level 1o two star elite ‘Big Man-Eating Toad’ Fame+4o, Skills points +4o. Remaining skills point: 40.”

40 SP, enough to upgrade ‘Fire of Anger’ to lvl 2, he put all SP to ‘ Fire of Anger’, so it can rose from level 1 to level 2.

[Raging Fire]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5, Sp to Upgrade to LV3: 90, Advanced trainee skill for apprentice warriors, will only unlock when all beginner trainee skills reach max level. After activating higher attack strength is gained from the burning of life force and sacrificing defense. Effect: HP-20, Defense-20, Physical Attack Strength+20, Duration: 20 secs, MP Consumption: 10, Cooldown Time: 1 min.

The [Fire of Rage] after upgrade enhanced greatly, the attack increased by 20 points and the duration reached 20 seconds, but life and defense and MP usage increased by double too.

After killing all the Man-Eating Toad’, Ling Chen’s mind weakened,  he almost collapsed to the ground. He bit his tongue hard enough to wake himself up, he made his way towards the Greedy Giant Toad standing 10 meters in front of him. His eyes are wide open, he forced his body and consciousness… He has held up until now, how can he fall!!!

Whoosh! !

Fortunately, the greedy giant toad spit out its tongue again, Ling Chen’s exhausted body broke its limit, even for ordinary humans in their peak condition the attack is extremely difficult to avoid, but he successfully landed on the tongue, he released at the same time [Fire of Rage]… With the help of the giant tongue he jumped to the greedy giant toad’s head, he released 3 powerful attacks…

-83, miss, -81!

With the help of [Fire of Rage] the damage inflicted to the Giant Greedy Toad improved greatly, if he can keep his damage rate, the time needed to kill the Giant Toad will significantly reduce by a good amount… But in this state can Ling Chen dodge the Greedy Giant Toad’s next attack? Even if he can, can he keep attacking efficiently as before?

There are only 5 bottles of special potions left, and in a few minutes the remaining effects will end, then there are only four bottles. There are maybe enough special potions, but his mana potions have been slow consumed, with [Fire of Rage] the consumption rate has increased. In addition, the original red and orange potions are now being used because of the giant toad attack and the use of [Fire of Rage]. Once the mana and the life of the potion are depleted, then he will be on deaths door…

Ling Shui Ruo opened her eyes, in the dim light, she saw the clock at the wall it’s 6 o’clock in the morning, behind the windows there is faint white, a new day has come. In the past this time, she always had a deep sleep; she needs to sleep a lot. But tonight she woke up three times in a row; there is some anxiety in her heart.

She turned towards Ling Chen, using the twilight moonlight; she saw Ling Chen’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, his face, also showed a faint twist, his teeth, also as if biting together.

She turned to see Ling Chen……. His eyebrows are furrowed worse than before, his lips closed tightly, his expression is twisted, and there is a row of cold sweat on his forehead… His expression is like trying to endure. Struggling against something.

“Brother……” Ling Shui Ruo gently whispers, stretching out her hand and gently wiping the sweat on his forehead. She finally understands why she woke up often this night… Because he was suffering, and experienced a great challenge, she can’t feel peace because of his pain. After all, to her, he is everything and is more important than herself (1)…

“Brother, keep going… There is nothing that can defeat brother.”

Morning 6 o’clock,  from the time Ling Chen entered the 5th area to now it’s passed already 9 hours.

In the 5th area is filled with battle noise, without a moment of silence. Ling Chen is still not dead.


Clang! Boom! Crash! ReKlang!   (2)

With his last [Crescent Slash], 4 man-eating toads, empty of their lives, fall in front of Ling Chen, he had also been struck by two of the toads’ tongue attack, falling backwards.

“Ding…… You successfully kill four level 1o Two star Elite “Giant Man-Eating Toad”, Fame+8o, Skill Points +8o. The remaining skills point: 3oo.”

For four hours, he was fighting against nine waves of man-eating toads, five every time. Every toad appearing with the wave fell to their death, it was the most difficult and longest time to make it through for Ling Chen. How dangerous and frightening that period was , only he knows. He did not know how many times he had stepped on death’s door  …… but, he didn’t fall. The 45 man-eating giant toads, all died under the blade of his sword.

The 45 man-eating giant toad gave him plenty of experience, enough to nearly shoot him to the next level. At the same time, he received 900 Skill points.

45 level 1o two-stars elite, an elite line-up that can’t be appearing somewhere else.

Those skills point gave him the opportunity to upgrade his advanced trainee skill [Rage of Fire] to level 5. All of his novice warriors skills are at max level, if he were to tell someone, no one would believe him.

Greedy giant toad’ HP 10897/80000.

With the upgrade of Raging Fire, the damage caused by Ling Chen to the Giant Toad improved greatly. Before he used 5 hours to cut down the toad’s life to 40000, with the help of [Raging Fire] after 4 h he had eliminated almost 30000 of the giant toad’s HP. The attack damage has increased but his mental strength grew weaker, he had a more difficult time to escape the piercing tongue, escaping is already difficult, grasping the opportunity of attack after dodging was also becoming lower, he can attack only once every minutes or two, sometimes the chances to attack are even longer.

He looks like he has an enormous amount of willpower…Up until now, he didn’t stop, he fought and survived under the endless attacks of the Boss, he is even able to lower the Boss HP under 20%.

But even with strong willpower, stronger than normal people, he still has to have a final limit.

Ling Chen that was hit by the Greedy Giant Toad lay sideways on the ground, his vision already entirely blurry. This time, for a whole 3 seconds, he did not stand up. No matter his body, or his eyelids, they are all so heavy that they just cannot move. In the game world, the body will not be exhausted, because the human’s body does not actually enter the game word, but the exhaustion of the mind is real… Because what enters the game world, is exactly a person’s mind. It is a person’s mind that experiences everything within the game, and controls all of the movements of their body in the game.

The over exhaustion of his mind, has made him practically unable to continue controlling his body. He struggled to make his eyes not close… He is afraid that once he shuts his eyes, he will fall into a long period of deep slumber.

HP still remaining 96 points, MP still remaining 25 points.

And, all of the special potions, HP recovery potions, MP recovery potion have already been finished… all of them.

Right now, for Ling Chen regardless if it’s his mind or replenishments, they have all reached a burned out state.

… Just close your eyes like this and sleep. Making your mind so exhausted to such an extent for just for a small BOSS in the game world, is simply not worth it. Continuing like this, you  will definitely get very sick. Moreover, gaining a silver sword at the bottom of this chasm, gaining large amounts of SP, all of you skills reaching max level, this is a huge harvest that regular players couldn’t even dream of, it is already enough…

A weak voice spoke like this in his mind. But immediately, this voice was interrupted by an even sharper voice: “You cannot die!! You’ve already endured until now, how can you willingly die! How many people wanted to take away your life but were unable to do so, how much torture did you suffer but did not break down your will. Even that most terrifying man died by your hands. At the game world before, you also never had a single death… How can you be willing to die under the hands of only a LV10 creature!”

Vaguely, he heard an abnormal air current  behind him. He immediately bit his teeth hard, the strength accumulated by his faith pouring into his right leg, exerting force and stepping towards the stone wall beside him.


Under this step, his body suddenly slid aside, almost at the same time, the long barbed tongue touched the position that he was at an instant ago.

He once again brushed shoulders with death, even after reaching such a condition, he still continued to struggle, not willing to die.

This last bit of HP, this last bit of MP, a mind that is only a hair’s breadth away from completely collapsing… The Ling Chen right now no longer had any strength to attack, even his last bit of strength is already unbearably weak… completely falling into a hopeless situation.

What he has to face, is the still remaining 10 thousand HP of the Greedy Giant Toad.


1 Author ლ(ಥ益ಥლ  you ….

2  Noise

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