Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 31

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Volume 1 Chapter 31: Strike of Faith

The Greedy Giant Toad jumped up high. Feeling the wind from the giant toad’s jump, Ling Chen heavily bit the cusps of his teeth, even though he was already using a lot of strength, but right now, even from biting his tongue he could not feel a lot of pain. His mind cleared just a slight bit, at the moment before the giant toad landed on the ground, he jumped up… the height of the jump is very small, but it is just barely enough to avoid the trembling of the ground. He then squeezed out the last bits of his concentration while biting his teeth, recklessly charging forward.

Countless rocks under a piercing wind fell over his head, Ling Chen did not turn his head, using all of his strength to run forward. With his current condition he cannot depend on his senses to find gaps in the concentrated falling rocks to dodge, the only thing he can do is run with all his strength… to run out of range before the falling rocks can hit his body.

Every falling rock above his head is a shadow of death, as longs as just one rock make contact with his body, all of his persistence during these 9 hours, all of his hard work will be wasted. Ling Chen could no longer feel the weight of his body, running… running with all of his strength… but, the speed that the shadow of death approached at greatly surpassed his current running speed.


Under that incredibly hoarse cry, Ling Chen’s body flew forward, and then closing his eyes, letting his body to heavily fall on the ground.

A the instant that his body is about to land on the ground, countless rocks fell on the ground behind him, mercilessly pounding on top of the cold, hard ground.

Listening to the sound of falling rocks beside his ears, Ling Chen knows, he is not dead yet.

His hands grasping the cold stone wall, he tried his best a couple times, but was unable to control his two hand to make him stand up. He gave up, easing himself under severe breathing… Taking advantage of the Greedy Giant Toad’s short few seconds of rigidness to allow his mind to recover just a small little bit…

This time, he really couldn’t stand up. And could no longer go and attack it or avoid its attacks.

Although, to be able to last for so long against a Fairie BOSS by himself while LV5, it can be considered pretty good, right.

The corners of his lips slightly moved, and then extending his arm while trembling… In his palm, there is a dark green item.

Hell Spider’s Saliva.

Right now, I can only depend on you…

This is the last sliver of uncertain hope…

It has already been a dozen hours since he gained the hell spider’s saliva. Its effect, has also definitely dropped by more than half. The Greedy Giant Toad still has around 13% of its HP. Ling Chen doesn’t know if the hell spider saliva can eliminate the rest of its HP…. If it succeeds, then, all of his persistence and effort will bear fruit, all of his exhaustion will also be drowned by gratification and excitement. If it fails… then, there really is no more hope, not a single bit.

The Greedy Giant Toad has recovered from its rigid state after releasing Stone Hail, dark green eyes once again locking onto Ling Chen. Ling Chen took a deep breath, suddenly biting his teeth, squeezing out his last drop of concentration, controlling his arms and throwing the hell spider saliva at the Greedy Giant Toad with all of his strength.

The Greedy Giant Toad still has one skill it hasn’t used, and that is that final large area indiscriminate AOE attack. Once this skill is released, even if Ling Chen was at top condition he would still be insta-killed without any doubt.

He fought without using the hell spider’s saliva even while its effect slowly weakened, so that at the end when the Greedy Giant Toad’s HP drops near 10% he can eliminate the rest of its HP all at once. Making it not have a chance to use its ultimate move, or else if it releases its ultimate move, all of the hard work from before will be wasted.

Around 13% remaining HP, still quite a distance from 10%m but he no longer had the ability to get rid of more of the giant toad’s HP. Using his last bit of strength, Ling Chen threw out his last hope.

The hell spider’s saliva flew out following a perfect parabola, flying ou 20 meters in a moment, landing on the giant toad’s body that was about to jump up…


The hell spider’s saliva exploded on the Greedy Giant Toad’s body, splattering dark green fluid tainting its body, and then quickly seeping into its body. The giant toad’s body that was about to jump up immediately froze, and then let out a strange cry of pain…

The giant toad’s cry of pain meant that… the hell spider’s saliva was working on its body!!!

Ling Chen opened his eyes wide, staring at the giant toad that was contaminated by the hell spider’s poison, his two hands clenching tighter…

It has to succeed… It has to work!!


Under the watch of his shaky vision, a 5-digit number floated up from the giant toad’s head. Ling Chen’s vision was already increasingly blurry, he could only faintly see that it is a 5-digit number. Instantly, his heart started to pump excitedly. Because before this, the Greedy Giant Toad’s HP was 10897. And under the 5-digit damage caused by the hell spider’s saliva, it will definitely…

He widened his eyes a bit more, focusing his mind, finally clearly seeing that already dimming 5-digit damage… When the 5 red numbers entered his eyes, his pupils contracted to the size of the point of a needle.


That is only a damage that barely surpasses 5-digits… it did not clear the Greedy Giant Toad’s HP.

The Greedy Giant Toad’s remaining HP: 415/80000!

There still remains the last 415 HP.

Ling Chen’s eyes dimmed, 415, the last sliver of the giant toad’s remnant HP. From 80000, using 9 hours, with completely exhausting his mind as the price, slowly whittling its HP down to the last 415 points…

Yet becoming a hopeless gulf that cannot be crossed.



The Greedy Giant Toad with just 1/100ths of its HP remaining in an instant cried out in fury, its head raising high, 2 dark eyes releasing a cruel aura that would make people tremble in fear… As for its body, a group of thick yellow light started to flash, illuminating the entire area in and increasingly heavy yellow colour.

On the ground, from light to heavy it started to tremble, an air of destruction enveloping the entire area.

Ling Chen instantly knew… this is the precursor to its strongest skill “Earth Split” that activates once its HP drops below 10%.

9 hours of hard work using all of his strength, only 415 HP remaining… but all just one step short of success.

He is not willing to accept this, how could he!

But, what could he use to get rid of this last 415 HP… He cannot pierce the defense of the Greedy Giant Toad’s body, he can only depend on the tongue to jump to its head and damage it. Even if he can move freely, right now he didn’t have any chances. Because the skill that he didn’t want to see the most, the skill that once activated would surely make him die, was already being released.

Can it really only end like this…



Brother is the strongest person in the world, no problem can beat brother, I also have to be strong like brother.

So, I will not die… Without completing my promise towards brother, how can I die.

For brother, I will not give up even the slightest bit of hope…

Brother, let me be as strong as you, let us be strong together…



Ling Shui Ruo’s smiling face appeared in Ling Chen’s shaking consciousness. The girl whose body was clearly weaker than her parents’, who was clearly more seriously infected with the Isrock virus than her parents. For him, for that beautiful promise, continued to struggle two years after the death of her parents.

Slowly, Ling Chen stood up from the ground… Him who could barely even open his eyelids, actually stood up using strength that he did not know where it came from, and then inch by inch raised the Mind Saber in his hands.

Ruo Ruo, this is the strength that the you who has always been by my side has given me… You are trying so hard, just to live until 21 this kind of hope that couldn’t be any slimmer. Finally, the hope that you were not willing to give up has welcomed a miracle… No, it is not a miracle, instead it is your reward after working so hard. In truth, you’ve always been stronger than me, a lot more stronger than me.

Then, let me be like you, persisting until my last drop of strength for that sliver of hope…

The me right now, can only muster one last attack… What I can have, is only that last sliver of almost unseeable hope…

Ruo Ruo, bless and protect me!!

Lifting Mind Saber, he ran towards the Greedy Giant Toad. Thinking of Ruo Ruo, his conviction that was on the verge of collapsing revived, supporting his crumbling consciousness, giving him the strength to unleash this last attack…

“Fire of Rage!!”

Red light enveloping Ling Chen’s body, his already critical HP once more dropping down 50 points, defense dropping 50 points, MP dropping 20 points… Only remaining the last 5 MP, just enough to unleash one “Full Power Strike”

[Fire of Rage]: Current Level: LV5, Max Level Reached, Advanced trainee skill for apprentice warriors, will only unlock when all beginner trainee skills reach max level. After activating higher attack strength is gained from the burning of life force and sacrificing defense. Effect: HP-50, Defense-50, Physical Attack Strength+50, Duration: 30 secs, MP Consumption: 20, Cooldown Time: 1 min. (TL: Upgrade points LV1—40→LV2—90→LV3—160→LV4—250→LV5,540 total)

Fire of Rage that had reached max level can add 50 points of physical attack strength, this kind of buff at the novice village stage is definitely OP. But on the other hand, how many apprentice warriors in the China region can unlock Fire of Rage at the novice stage? Unlock this skill, how high can they raise the level? If they really can do it, then this kind of skill effect couldn’t be considered exaggerated.

Under the simultaneous effects of Wang Ji’s Special Strength Potion, beginner strength crystal, and Fire of Rage, Ling Chen’s basic attack strength reached  169. The expressions of hesitation and unwillingness disappeared from his face. Only the massive figure of the green and black Greedy Giant Toad remained in his eyes. He even didn’t notice, his current running speed was actually so rapid… His mind was clearly exhausted, his body couldn’t even stand steadily, yet his running speed has reached the maximum that he can attain.

The ground shook more and more violently, the air of destruction trembled in every inch of the space. The giant figure in his eyes became closer and closer, Ling Chen jumped up, Raising up high Mind Saber, cutting towards the Greedy Giant Toad…


Using his last bit of faith and concentration, the last 5 MP, unleashing his last Full Power Strike.


He heard the sound of cutting, the attack that couldn’t have ripped through the Greedy Giant Toad’s defense, had cut into the giant toad’s body, deeply cutting in…

The Greedy Giant Toad’s “Earth Split” had already finished charging, yellow light about to explode, and it is at that brief to the point that it could not be briefer moment before exploding, a rapid shadow bringing up a silver light, cut into its body .

The scene, froze at this instant.

The yellow light that had expanded to its limit did not explode, The Greedy Giant Toad’s massive body also stopped moving as if frozen. At the area of contact between Mind Saber and its body, a purple number slowly floated upwards…


With only 3/1000 of a chance… Critical plus pierce!

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