Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 29

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Volume 1 Chapter 29: Fire of Rage

Ling Chen used his quickest speed to stand up from the ground, fighting the weak feeling in his body, using all of his strength to maintain his balance. In front the the Greedy Giant Toad, it is very dangerous if the body is under an unbalanced condition.




The next second, the next attack did not arrive. It lifted its head, starting to release strange “Croak” cries, the cries became louder and louder, eventually reaching an ear-splitting state.

This movement…

Avarice Sound Wave? No! This is not the sound for Avarice Sound Wave, what kind of attack method is this? Besides Earth Split which only activates when its life is below 10%, Ling Chen is already familiar with the rest of its attack methods, but this action and sound do not belong to any of the attacks that he already knows…


Could it be… a hidden skill!?

Lord BOSS and above will usually have one or even multiple hidden skills. The activation of these hiddens kills require special conditions, and will not be discovered using regular scan techniques… including the scan scroll.

Right when Ling Chen realised it, the sound of the system’s discovered intel appeared beside his ears…

“Ding… Warning! Greedy Giant Toad has activated an unknown hidden summoning skill, the said summoning skill will only activate when its HP is below 50%, activates once every half hour when HP is below 50%, please face it carefully!”

Summoning skill!?

Under Ling Chen’s surprise, 5 black and green rays of light suddenly fell from the sky, landing around the giant toad, reflecting 5 greenish-black figures.

Those are 5 big toads that even though their size couldn’t compare to the giant toad’s, are still as big as a human.

[Big Man-Eating Toad]: Type: Beast, Level: 10, Grade: 2 Star Elite, HP: 1600. Big toad summoned by the Greedy Giant Toad, possesses a dangerous attack ability, its big mouth can easily swallow an adult human, need to be careful of its pounce and barbed tongue pierce.

5 man-eating toads… 5 LV10 2 star elites!

The summoned man-eating toads immediately came hopping from both sides. Their jumping ability is equally high, one jump crossing a distance of 4,5 meters, a couple hops and already approaching him from the left and right. At the same time, a giant rock was thrown over by the giant toads hands.


Ling Chen did two rolls backwards, dodging the giant rock and the exploding gravel, but after his body steadied, 3 green and black shadows pounced over, Ling Chen whose mind is already completely exhausted couldn’t dodge, being hit by the 3 big toads’ pounces…

-78,-76, -80!

Ling Chen’s total HP of 270 fell into critical condition, if not for eating the red blood fruit before, right now he would already be dead. Stumbling a few steps backwards from the three attacks, his body bumping into the wall behind. He tightly held onto the wall behind, almost falling onto the ground. If he fell on the ground, and suffered from another round of the man-eating toads’ attacks, he will surely die.

Adjusting his body, Ling Chen went around the attack of the other two big toads, and then rapidly escaped, pulling apart from them with his 120 movement speed, and then quickly swallowing an orange potion and one of Wang Ji’s specially made health potions.

“Ding… You have used ‘Wang Ji’s Special Health Potion’, Total HP+200, effect lasts for 1 hour.”

The special health potion that he thought wasn’t needed, now had no choice but to be used. Before just facing a Greedy Giant Toad was already incredibly tough, but what was worth comforting is that there was just that one opponent, there would be no other disturbances here, but now, the disturbance came, and 5 of them at once!

He needs to deal with these smaller toads first, or else it won’t be possible to continue.


The giant toad came pouncing over, Ling Chen just barely dodged it but Ling Chen whose reaction time was clearly slower almost fell to the ground from the proceeding trembling of the ground. His gaze became cold, rushing at the 5 big toads that had already gathered together leaping at him during the opening after the giant toad’s attack, a “Crescent Slash” sweeping over.

Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh!

The attack of the 5 toads were all dodged by him with just a small turn of his body. While charging forward, his Crescent Slash swept through the the 3 closest toads to him.

-110, -108, -111!

The defense and dodge rate of the man-eating toads naturally couldn’t compare with the Greedy Giant Toad’s, under the effect of the health potion and strength potion, his attacks all hit, and all dealt damage over 100. Charging behind the man-eating toads Ling Chen once again turned around and swept across, Crescent Slash flying forward…


Once again all hitting. And at this time, the giant toad’s attack had already arrived, the scary barbed tongue suddenly attacking from behind.

The suddenly approaching danger did not make Ling Chen turnaround, instead jumping backwards at a hair’s breadth distance, a big roll, just narrowly avoiding the path of the tongue, landing on top of the tongue, and then jumping onto the giant toad’s head following the retraction of the tongue, 3 “Full Power Strike”s mercilessly striking out.

-50, MISS, -51!

His mind had clearly surpassed its limit, his body practically unable to stand steadily, but when death closes in, his mind continues to quickly react, his body also continues to explode with terrifying movement ability… No one can understand, exactly what is supporting his mind and body to endure until now and not fall.

His true limit, exactly where is it, or maybe, he doesn’t even have a limit!?


After 3 attacks, Ling Chen like every time before was thrown off, and the direction he was thrown just happened to be the position of the 5 big toads. Seeing him fall, the 5 man-eating toads all opened their big mouths, 5 1 meter long barbed tongues shooting towards him together.

Ling Chen’s pupils severely contracted. He bit his teeth, quickly swallowing a bottle of orange potion that had just come off cooldown, bringing his HP up to 436, and then facing the attacks of the man-eating toads, a Crescent Slash sweeping downwards.

-76, -80, -82, -77, -79.

-110, -141, -108!

Ling Chen’s sweep attack and the barbed tongues of the 5 toads practically landed on each other’s bodies at the same time. Ling Chen’s HP that had just recovered nearly emptied. After landing Ling Chen HP only remained its last couple dozen points. He didn’t even think, using his fastest speed to run forward. The cooldown time for recovery potions is 5 seconds, and during the cooldown period all potions of the same type cannot be used. Him who was already in critical condition cannot withstand the attack  of even one man-eating toad. Right now he needs to give up on attacking and put all of his effort into recovering HP. At the same time, he realised, before exterminating the 5 man-eating toads, no matter how good of an opportunity, he cannot go and attack the Greedy Giant Toad. The longer the man-eating toads exist, the more dangerous it becomes!

20 seconds later, under a state of only running and dodging, he finally recovered his HP using red potions that recover 100 HP. He only has a dozen or so bottles of orange potions that instantly recover 200 HP, he needs to use them at critical moments, he cannot waste them.

Recovering to max HP Ling Chen’s eyes displayed a cold light, charging straight at the man-eating toads at the risk of suffering from the joint attacks of the man-eating toads’ and Greedy Giant Toad’s…

-106, 112, -117!

-110, -141, -108!

-111, -103, -220.


The attack of one Greedy Giant Toad is scary enough. Now with the addition of the 5 man-eating toads, the pressure on Ling Chen more than doubled. He could only focus his dodging on the Greedy Giant Toad that can kill him with one hit, his exhausted body thus being struck by the man-eating toads again and again. His attacks, also swept through the man-eating toads during intervals between dodging.

-109, -112, -100!


Finally, after a dozen continuous Crescent Slashes, 3 man-eating toads lost all their HP at the same time, falling under Ling Chen’s Mind Saber.

“Ding… You have successfully killed 3 LV10 2 star elite ‘Big Man-Eating Toad’s, Fame+60, SP+60, Current SP: 150.”

Exterminating 3 man-eating toads, the pressure on Ling Chen immediately dropped. He did not start attacking again. Avoiding the barbed tongue of the Greedy Giant Toad, he quickly ran away, and then immediately opened his skill page, putting the 150 SP into Crescent Slash.

The SP required for Crescent Slash to upgrade is exactly 150. Under a bright flash, Crescent Slash once again upgraded.

[Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV5, Reached Max Level. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 120% regular damage towards 5 targets in a 4 meter forward area, also has a 20% chance to knockback the target. MP Consumption: 7, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

“Ding… Your trainee skills “Full Power Strike” and “Crescent Slash” have both reached max level, apprentice warrior advanced trainee skill “Fire of Rage” unlocked.”

Ling Chen stared dazed, and then quickly looked towards the newly unlocked trainee skill.

[Fire of Rage]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV5, Sp to Upgrade to LV2: 40, Advanced trainee skill for apprentice warriors, will only unlock when all beginner trainee skills reach max level. After activating higher attack strength is gained from the burning of life force and sacrificing defense. Effect: HP=10, Defense=10, Physical Attack Strength+10, Duration: 10 secs, MP Consumption: 5, Cooldown Time: 1 min.

The final skill of the trainee profession, it is a berserk technique that increases physical attack strength, but due to the fact that its condition for unlocking is too harsh, the amount of apprentice warriors that can unlock this skill are pitifully few. Wasting HP and defense in exchange for 10 points of higher attack strength, for Ling Chen right now it is definitely a good bargain… It’s just that the duration is too short, and the cooldown time is too long, most surprising is the amount of SP for it to upgrade. From LV1 to LV2 Full Power Strike requires 1 SP, Crescent Slash requires 5 points from LV1 to LV2, yet Fire of Rage from LV1 to LV2 needs 40 whole points!

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