Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 26

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Volume 1 Chapter 26: Spark of Hope

After using the [Scan Scroll], every information about the greedy giant toad appeared in front of Ling Chen, it also told him how powerful a Fairy Boss is. (Lucky for you huh Sylver, it’s not a spider) The Boss is only level 10 but it already has 6 powerful abilities. If he didn’t used the scan scroll to learn the skills and weakness of the giant toad, he would succumb faster under the giant toad attack.

“Ding… You used [Wang Ji’s Special Strength Potion]: physical attack strength+20, lasts 1 hour.

“Ding… You used [Wang Ji’s Special Hit Potion]: hit rate+20, lasts 1 hour.

Fighting alone against the Greedy Giant Toad, he didn’t see many ways to win, Ling Chen didn’t have any hesitation, he immediately used the precious Strength and Hit potions. Magic potion has no use to him, as for the Health potion even with an additional 200 HP when one hit can instant- kill him, using it is simply a waste.

After using the strength, hit and speed potion, Ling Chen’s attack rose to 118, hits rate reach 37, and movement speed reaches 120%, his stats has reached their full potential, He raised his weapon and looks in front of him. The giant toad makes a high leap, the body lands heavily on the ground, there is only 10 meters separating them. Ling Chen inhales deeply, he slowly takes out a bottle with green liquid…

In the skill attribute, it shows that the toad is immune to poison. After all, inside the toad there is many kind of poison, being immune is natural. But, the hell spider saliva is different; the potency is on a higher level, its description clearly said “unless the power is above Fairy class, otherwise anyone getting infected will lose instantly 3o% of health”, it takes away 30% of health directly, instead of losing health little by little. It means the toads immunity towards the Hell Spider saliva is ineffective.

But unfortunately a long time has passed the saliva effect will be less effective, when he first took the hell Spider saliva, if he wasn’t concerned about Ling Shui Ruo, he will certainly choose the risk to enter the fifth area and face the formidable foes and use the hell Spider saliva immediately to achieve maximum effect, but in the end, he choose Shui Ruo(TL:me too!!), after all, to defeat the enemy takes a long time, it would make him unable to take to care of Shui Ruo on time. By now, the hell spider saliva effect have decreased, it may not take 30% of health. While it still has some effect, it is best to use it now…
But will it be really easy?

The Greedy Giant Toad, huge as a hill, leapt towards him, Ling Chen was prepared and with his 120% of increase in speed he easily escaped to the side, and before falling, he rolled his body to avoid falling from the shockwaves. He did not leave, after standing up, he took out the hell spider saliva from his bag.

He didn’t forget about the Giant Toad strongest skill – Earth Split, it’s an indiscriminate skill that can cover the surrounding 30 meters The total length of this space is only 50 meters. If the Greedy Giant Toad activates the skill in a center location, it will cover the entire location. The indiscriminate attack will cause him to have no chance of evading. At that time, what greets him will only be death.

However, this skill will only be released when its HP falls below 10%. As long as his health doesn’t decrease fewer than 10%, it will not have the opportunity to release this skill!!

He hopes that he can hold until the health reaches that limit!

He also hopes that the spider saliva can take the 10% of HP!

That is a gamble!

He bet on his pride, he made a gamble with everything…… He will do his best!! Even if the enemy in front of him is 10 times stronger, he must fight and not die!!

He cannot die!!

The huge shadow falls from the sky again. Before jumping, the Giant Toad will crouch his legs, at that time Ling Chen starts to retreat, as long he is focused, with his 120 speed he can avoid it easily…if he reacts slowly, he will die under the Giant Toad’s Body.

The giant toad fall heavily to the ground once more. This time, Ling Chen did not run away, but hastily ran back, attacking the giant toad’s body three times.

-1,-1, miss

Ling Chen: “……”

His physical attack rose by 20 points and with the bulky body of the giant toad, it couldn’t avoid, letting his three attack hit two times.. But the two hit, unable to break the minimum defense…. Only did ‘1’ damage.

Level 5 with full strength, a silver ranked sword in hand, took a special potion that can increase 20 physical attack. And still unable to break the defense of the Greedy Giant Toad!

If he can’t break its defense, then what does he need to beat it!?

Ling Chen hearts sank, falling back after the attack, the giant toad moved to a safe location, preparing for his next attack. His eyes observe the greedy giant toad back legs, [Leap], one of the attacks the giant greedy toad will use often… but this time, he didn’t see the legs crouching down. Ling Chen frowned his eyebrows, he suddenly saw the giant greedy giant clam open slightly his mouth, without thinking, his right leg pushed the ground, quickly evading to the left.


The tongue of the Giant Toad shot out like an arrow, piercing the place where Ling Chen was standing previously, the piercing tongue is about a dozen meter – and have 1m width. After hitting the ground it stopped for an instant, it rolled back its tongue, after escaping a narrow death, Ling Chen let out a cold sweat. If he didn’t know about the [Piercing Tongue], he would be hit by the surprise attack.

Seeing the [Piercing Tongue] failed, the giant toad crouched his back leg, leaping towards him. Ling Chen swiftly escapes, then quickly turned back, attacking the Toad body three times.

-1,-1, miss.

Without surprise, his attack couldn’t surpass the defense, unless he got a lucky 5% piercing rate, otherwise normal attacks only cause 1 damage.

The Greedy Giant Toad is weak to wind element attack…… Ling Chen is not a mage, so naturally he can’t do any wind related attack. The other weakness is the weak defense on the head.

The head……

The body of the greedy giant toad is at least seven or eight meters high, the player’s initial maximum jump height of 1 meters, Ling Chen can’t reach the head.

What to do?… Relying on the 5% piercing rate? Even if he can rely on the 5% piercing rate, how many months it would take him to empty the 80000 HP?

Although his perception, reaction, judgment ability and agility are abnormal, however, in front of the Greedy Giant Toad, he must stay focused every second, if he is distracted or makes an error in judgment, he will die. In this state, every time minutes pass his mental fatigue increases, he can’t hold that long. Mental fatigue is worse than physical fatigue. Physical fatigue can recover with little time, but mental fatigue can’t be restored with such short time.

The Greedy giant toad opened his mouth and something squirming outside, Ling Chen’s body react instantly, he made a sideways roll, the wind sound entered his ears. The giant white tongue of the toad shot down, brushing past Ling Chen, hitting the place where he was before, he recovered his stance quickly. At that moment, he caught a glimpse at the tongue touch the ground… The giant greedy toad tongue is different from normal toad, this one is not sticky.



After recovering its tongue, the tongue held high his two front hands, a mass of dark yellow light appearing, the toad hold a large rock of 2 meters in his hands, letting out a strange sound, he threw it towards Ling Chen.


Ling Chen make a jump backwards, the rock falling in front of him, then suddenly exploding into 10 smaller pieces, 3 pieces flew towards him. If he didn’t know about [Stone throw] effect, he would be taken by surprise, but he was prepared, he observed flying path of the rocks, with two small movements, the 3 rocks all missed.




The toad tongue shot out once again, without any warning, a speed faster than an arrow is the worst nightmare for any players, people that can avoid like Ling Chen, there are very few of them in the whole world.

This time, the tongue didn’t touch Ling Chen, just like the previous time, it only hit the ground. After avoiding, Ling Chen’s eyes gleamed, just a moment before the toad recovers its tongue, Ling Chen suddenly jumped and grabs the tongue.


The toad recovers its tongue quickly, grabbing Ling Chen into its mouth. But just before falling into the toad mouth, with the help of the momentum he redirected himself; he landed on the toad’s head and used his sword to attack.

Miss, -34!

The toad body shook violently, Ling Chen is ruthlessly thrown on the ground, standing up Ling Chen looks at the disappearing damage on the toad’s head, and let out a smile.

The damage is small…but it let him see a spark of hope.

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