Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 25

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Volume 1 Chapter 25: The Behemoth in the Chasm

Two hands touching Shui Ruo’s tender skin, the fingers slightly folded, an invisible force entering her body, from outside to inside, making her body feel relaxed.

When everything is over, the outside light is dimmed, it’s already evening, Ling Chen’s clothes has been completely soaked in sweat, he withdraws his hands, letting a long sigh of relief out. He checked if Shui Ruo is asleep, he let out a small smile, she is sleeping peacefully. Ling Chen put a blanket over her body, walking lightly opening the door and walking out.

After closing the door Ling Chen started panting without holding back , he leaned back at the wall and couldn’t move.  Every time after massaging Shui Ruo, he is completely exhausted, that is not simply a massage. Shui Ruo survival until now is deeply linked with this technique.

He stretched out his hands, silently looking at the red point in his palm, Ling  Chen eyes narrowed, in a low voice murmured to himself: “HELL, back then, I hated you, I wanted to cut you into thousandth piece. But now it seems that I need  to thank you…… At least without you…… I would have died 10 years ago…….”

“Died from Isrock……”

Ling Chen exhausted all his strength; he fell asleep for many hours and woke up late, going outside in a hurry to buy food, afraid that Shui Ruo will be hungry. He was busy a long time, outside night has already fallen, bathing Shui Ruo, putting her into the bed, and soon Shui Ruo fell asleep, her face is filled with smiles, thinking about her happy future.

After Shui Ruo slept, Ling Chen adjusts his posture and enters Mystic Moon.

“DING … Welcome back to 《Mystic Moon》, we wish you a happy experience.”

Ling Chen appears to his previous place, in ‘The forgotten cave’ fourth area, in front of the stone door towards the fifth area.

He took a step forwards, before entering the fifth area, the sudden sense of danger surging again, this time, Ling Chen grinded his teeth, examining his current status and item,  after he stepped forward. There is only one way, no matter how long he hesitates it’s just a waste of time, he can only advance and take it head on.


After entering the fifth area, behind him the stone door, a sense of extremely dangerous atmosphere sweeping past Ling Chen’s body and mind.  He looked attentively at the front, this room is the same size as the areas from before, a circular place about 50 meter, the only difference from before, at the center there is a 7 or 8 meter black and green in an irregular shape.



The moment when the stone door closed, something else was awakened, a weird and horrible cry entered in the ears of the Ling Chen, the source……

Is the huge object ahead.




A deep and dreary sound, the black mass wriggled slowly, then all of a sudden jumping high, Ling Chen unconsciously took a step back, looking up, his eyes contracted and focused on the monster, he saw two huge claws extended, the claws are covered by lumps, the dead is covered by skin. As it falls from the air, a ugly body stands in front of Ling Chen, two big eyes look down and emit ferocious and chilling killing intent.

This is a toad……. A green black giant toad, as huge as a hill looks on Ling Chen.!!

[Greedy giant toad]:  Type: Beast, Level: 10, HP : ? ? ? ? ? Description: Unidentified huge toad.

Upon observing the stats of the huge toad appearing in front of him, he inhales a deep breath.

The huge toad is actually …… a level 1o fairie!!

No wonder there is such intense danger warning sign before entering here. He never thought he could meet a lvl 10 fairy grade behind the stone door.  A fairy grade, an existence above the Lord Boss. There is only one different rank between a Lord Boss and a Fairy (TL: toad=fairy so strange), but their strength are far apart. A Lord Boss is strong, but as long as the players have sufficient personnel and adequate equipment with correct coordination between them they can win, However, a Fairy Boss at the same level is impossible for the players to win. To overcome a level 10 fairy monster, even 1000 of level 10 players combined may not have a chance of success. A level 50 fairy Boss needs a high amount of players with lvl 100 if they hope to succeed. Fighting alone is simply fantasy. Especially in the starting phase, classes, skills, attributes are not complete it’s impossible for news players to fight against a Fairy Boss. At the same time, fairy Boss also does not appear near a novice village.

But in front of Ling Chen, there is a real Fairy Boss! (TL: Must be his luck stats)

Stepping back, Ling Chen can only think of four words, can not be beat. A level 10 Fairy Boss…How can a Fairy boss appear near (TL: if you don’t add the 3.36km fall) the novice village! (TL: no dude you were supposed to lvl up more and receive some quest…. you took a shortcut….). This is simply contrary to common sense!(TL: like hell you have common sense!!!) Such a monster, even with his full stats in strength, silver weapon in hand, is still an impossible task to break the defense. A Fairy Boss has plenty of skills and powerful attacks, he can’t deal with them like he did against the normal, elite or lord boss monster.




At every muffled cry, Ling Chen’s heart beats faster, and finally, the toad didn’t remain peaceful, he leaps violently, throwing himself towards Ling Chen. The Greedy Giant Toad has a great size, but its jumping ability is, he jumped for more than 20 meters, falling directly toward to the location with Ling Chen at the center, a body as big as a hill is falling down.  (TL:

Ling Chen used his maximum speed, running to the other side of the Giant Greedy Toad… he tried his best, by observing the shadow on the ground, the toad is falling closer and closer, although he escaped outside the falling point, but upon landing the aftershock will still hit him…the attack range is too big!

No choice!!!

In a flash, he gulped down a bottle of potion.

“Ding… You used [Wang Ji’s Special Speed Potion]: movement speed+20, lasts 1 hour.


The Greedy Giant Toad body fall heavily, the entire ground shook the ground was shaking, Ling Chen almost stumbles and falls on the floor, he had no time to think about, he didn’t dare to stop, with great efforts he stabilized the body, and running further away from the giant toad. He clearly feels the greedy giant toad upon landing, used his huge claws, missed a few centimeters away from his back.

If he had not taken the potion, he would be trampled under the claw.

He ran away on the opposite side of the giant toad, Ling Chen pants heavily, his forehead is covered in a cold sweat, firmly clenched the sword on his hands.

In front of a Fairy Boss… what could he do?

Escape? There is no way forward, the door is closed, where can he escape? Defeat it? A level 5, at the novice training stage, killing a Fairy Boss! Give up, get killed and go back to the novice village!?

Isrock was not able to take my life…

In that place even more terrible than hell, they died one by one……. I am the only one alive…… Even that place, did not take away my life, it couldn’t destroy my will…

Even the one called “the most terifying man on Earth” died by my hand  …

There is nothing, that could me make me give up and die!!!

Ling Chen eyes gradually becomes cold, he turns around and faced the toad, he raised his sword slowly…

Even the most desperate situation, didn’t take my life away…A ugly toad, doesn’t have the right to kill me!!!

Ling Chen takes out a white scroll, face it towards the Giant Toad…that was a scroll given by the village chef, [Scan Scroll] it’s a scroll to scan the information of monsters. (TL: Don’t know when he got it? read ch9). (what about his scan skill allow him to see the monster 10lvl higher right? why not use it? )

[Greedy Giant Toad] : Type: Beast, Level: 10, Grade: Fairie, HP: 8oooo, a descendant of an ancient clan of toads, that should have gone extinct a long time ago. Not knowing when it appeared in the abyss, but it never left the place, it seems to be guarding something. His body is heavily corrupted, has a strong defense and earth attribute abilities.

Passive skills: 60% earth Resistance, high physical defense, confusion, poison, petrification immunity


[Leap]: a high jump, its great body leaps towards the enemy, it will cause a shockwave in a small range, can cause dizziness and make a falling, usage frequency: high.

[Piercing tongue]: suddenly spit out its giant tongue piercing all targets in front of it, the range is 12×1 and fast, and can attack without warning, is extremely difficult to escape. Usage Frequency:  very high.

Stone throw]: throw a huge boulder to the target, the boulder after landing will explode, the explosion range will cover 5×5 from the landing point. usage frequency: Medium.

[Stone Hail]: Jumping up high and causing the ground to tremor, making all targets within a 20 meter radius lose balance, and then using earth element to call down rocks in a 20 meter radius around its body, the rocks have a chance to daze. The concentration of the falling rocks is very high, very hard to dodge. After activating, will enter a rigid state for 3 seconds, Usage Frequency: Med -Low.

[Avarice Sonic Wave]: Releasing dangerous infrasonic wave that interfere with the target’s mind, making all targets within a 50 meter radius 100% fall into a confused condition for at least 5 seconds. Usage Frequency: Low.

[Earth Split]: Using all of the earth element within its body to assault the ground, causing all of the earth element within a 30 meter radius to go ballistic, attacking all targets indiscriminately, also with a chance to stun, no openings to dodge within the enveloped area, after activating body enters a rigid condition for at least 8 seconds, defense decreasing to 0 for 30 seconds, also unable to use earth element for 30 seconds. Usage Frequency: Activates when HP is below 10%, can only use once a day.

Weakness: Wind Attribute Weakness 30%, the defense at its head is relatively weaker.

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