Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 27

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Volume 1 Chapter 27: Belief!


Being thrown at the ground Ling Chen lost a little HP, he did a roll upon landing on the ground steadying himself. Gripping Mind Saber in both hands and tightly clenching. The saber that struck its head dealing “34” damage. The Greedy Giant Toad’s head having slightly lower defense is only relative to the rest of its body, Ling Chen’s basic attack of 118 only dealt 34 damage, being reduced by nearly one quarter…. but as long as he can penetrate its defense, then there is hope!!

Then, the only possibility of defeating it, is at every moment it spits out its tongue, instantly stepping on the giant tongue after dodging, allowing the tongue to bring him towards the head and attacking…

This is the only possibility… also making it impossible for regular players to accomplish. Dodging the attack of the barbed tongue is already incredibly difficult. Jumping onto the tongue right after dodging, jumping onto its head the moment before the tongue is completely retracted… Among the process, if there is even a sliver of error, then he will be directly swallowed into the Greedy Giant Toad’s mouth or falling off, being trampled by the toad.

And it is exactly this attack strategy that normal players cannot even dream of accomplishing, that has become Ling Chen’s only chance of winning.


The terrifying barbed tongue shooting out like an arrow, Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed into a thin slit, the barbed tongue shooting towards him as if suddenly becoming a lot slower in his eyes, its trajectory clearly visible to him…

Jumping back to the side, the Greedy Giant Toad’s tongue tapping on the ground in front of him, only a hair’s width away from the tip of his toe. At the short moment that the barbed tongue pauses, his body that had just touched the ground rapidly leaps forward, steadily landing on top of the tongue, firmly controlling his body’s balance, and then charging towards the giant toad’s head following the retraction of the tongue.

From that terrifying mouth is only the difference of one step, at this instant Ling Chen jumps upwards, landing precisely above the giant toad’s mouth, but not immediately attacking like last time, instead taking another step forward. jumping between its eyes, lifting Mind Saber, “Full Power Strike” cutting downwards.

-50, -51, MISS…

Standing at the position between the Greedy Giant Toad’s eyes, with the obstacle of the left and right eyes, he rapidly attacked 3 times before being thrown off by the giant toad.

Landing on the ground Ling Chen once more lost some HP. He steadied his body, lifting his head, the corners of his lips forming a cold smile… Just like this, I will point by point send you down to hell!!

My body, my spirit, my will… you have to persist!!

I cannot die here!!


Even though the damage dealt by Ling Chen’s two attack couldn’t even be considered a scratch, it already made it enraged. Big green eyes releasing an even more violent light, its body pausing, two massive hind legs abruptly kicking at the ground…

At this moment Ling Chen’s body subconsciously made a dodging movement, but, in the next moment, the Greedy Giant Toad’s shadow did not fall towards him, instead jumping highly on the spot, and then landing heavily back onto the ground.

Ling Chen: “!!!”

Ling Chen’s eyes tightly locked onto the giant toad’s falling body, one of its scariest skills flashing across his mind — Stone Hail.

Right at the moment before the Greedy Giant Toad’s body is about to land on the ground, Ling Chen jumps up high.


A heavy sound, the entire area starting to violently shake. The gravel and dust on the surrounding walls streaming downwards. When Ling Chen landed on the ground, the ground was still trembling, making him almost unable to stand steadily. If he hadn’t jumped up on time, this attack would be more than enough to make him lose balance and fall down, even become dazed. Doing his best to maintain his balance, Ling Chen used all of his strength to escape backwards.


A thick yellow light started to flicker on the Greedy Giant Toad’s body. Under the continued trembling of the ground, countless broken stones from an unknown location, heavily smashed towards the ground from above, forming a screen of concentrated rock shower.

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam…

The disastrous rocks fell to the ground with a terrifying smash, completely enveloping Ling Chen’s body. Ling Chen did not lift his head, because the time required for him to lift his head is enough for him to be smashed by a couple falling rocks. He closed his eyes, listening to every sound of wind that approached his body, his body following the sound of the wind twisting his body at angles and positions that completely defied human physiology. Or high or low, or left or right, his entire body bringing up a ring of unclear afterimages…

Nobody could see clearly, in these two seconds, he continuously made 8 or big or small shifts in his position, and just like that charged out from a gap in the concentrated falling rocks, his body sticking to the wall at the very side… The range for Stone Hail envelops the 20 meter area around the Greedy Giant Toad. He successfully escaped, the moment his taut body relaxed, if he wasn’t leaning against the wall, he would have nearly fallen onto the ground.

Greedy Giant Toad has a total of 80 thousand HP. Up until now, he has dealt a total of not even 150 points of damage… And within this time period, he had already encountered many dangerous moments, many times only a thin line away from death.

Even so, he is not willing to give up. In his dictionary, the term“give up” does not exist.

After activating Stone Hail, the Greedy Giant Toad will enter a rigid condition for at least 3 seconds, but this rigid condition doesn’t matter towards Ling Chen even if it’s 10 times longer, because he can’t even pierce through the Greedy Giant Toad’s defense. This short period of time, he can only use it to adjust his mind, allowing his constantly tense nerves and mind to relax for a small moment.


The recovered giant toad with a “pounce”, fell towards Ling Chen’s position, and then with a “smash” sound bumping into the wall that Ling Chen was leaning on. Ling Chen made two long jumps, respectively avoiding the the giant toad’s pounce and the trembling of the ground. He then rapidly moved backwards, until his distance from the giant toad was exactly 10 meters… because he vaguely deduced that at this distance, the Greedy Giant Toad seems to readily use its barbed tongue.


As he wished, the giant toad’s barbed tongue carrying a strong wind shot over. Ling Chen who was already prepared dodged and jumped, once again stepping on top of the massive tongue. Jumping onto the giant toad’s head with a sound of wind brought by the tongue, “Swish Swish Swish” 3 full power strikes.

MISS, MISS, -177!

Missing twice, the third time, an eye burning blue coloured damage, a pierce damage more than the total damage of Ling Chen’s previous attacks.

Under the high defense of the Greedy Giant Toad, the damage from a pierce attack is a lot more effective than a critical hit.


After 3 attacks, Ling Chen was heavily thrown off. He swiftly pulled apart the distance from the giant toad, and then swallowed a red potion recovering to full health. Tightening his forehead, quickly running around in a 10 meter radius of the giant toad, waiting for the next time of the barbed tongue’s arrival.




Pounce! Pounce! Pounce! Giant Rock Smash! Pounce! Pounce! Stone Hail…

Ling Chen’s body travelled between a multitude of attacks that can easily insta-kill him, moving around, the sound of breathing becoming heavier and heavier, but from beginning to end his mind did not slack. His dignity, his will all did not permit him to fall here. It’s just, what made his heart start to shiver is, this Greedy Giant Toad seems to have become smarter… An entire two minutes, and it did not use its barbed tongue again once!

Fairie BOSS for the most part have a certain amount of intelligence, could it be that this giant toad already fully understands that Ling Chen only has a chance to hurt it when it releases its barbed tongue?

If it’s like that, then he really doesn’t have even an ounce of hope.


Right when he started to get anxious, the giant barbed tongue suddenly shot towards him.

This abrupt attack that can make regular beings lose all hope instead made Ling Chen so excited that he almost tripped onto the ground while running. This barbed tongue is not just a simple attack, it also means that this giant toad’s intelligence is not completely mature. It still uses an almost mechanical form of attacking. Ling Chen just narrowly dodges it, jumping up again, charging towards the Greedy Giant Toads head.

-50, MISS, MISS…

The most commonly used attack for the the giant toad is pounce, after that is its barbed tongue, but, the giant toad’s limited intelligence makes the rate that it uses its barbed tongue noticeably lower. Sometimes using it 2,3 times within a minute, sometimes not even using it a single time for multiple minutes. All of Ling Chen attention is focused on the Greedy Giant Toad’s body, those precious moments, he would closely grab onto them each time, and then mercilessly strike the giant toad 3 times on the head…

-50, -50, MISS…

MISS, MISS, -49…

-102, MISS, -52…



once, twice, three times… ten times, twenty times…

All of the pounce attacks are perfectly dodged by Ling Chen, the assaulting boulders and falling gravel not able to touch Ling Chen’s body a single time. The frequency of activating the large area Hail Stone is very low, an average of once every ten minutes. Every time, it would make Ling Chen step across the boundaries of death, but not a single time actually making him die…

The giant toad that would initially release its barbed tongue multiple times within a minute, at the end only released it three times in an average of two minutes.

And every time, Ling Chen would accurately grasp this opportunity, miraculously… or maybe it could be said as terrifyingly without any mistakes or oversights. At the same time every three attacks, every round would deal an average of 100 points of damage.

Under this kind of method the Greedy Giant Toad’s HP went down incredibly slowly… Half an hour, it lost 4000 HP, after another half an hour, its HP dropped down to 72000.

As for Ling Chen, besides the life lost from being thrown off, from beginning to end did not get touched by the Greedy Giant Toad’s body or attacks once.

One hour, slicing off 8000 of the Breedy Giant Toad’s HP…

If things can continue like this… 10 hours… he only needs to persist for another 9 hours…

Maybe, he can really defeat it!!

Once again dangerously escaping from the falling rock rain, Ling Chen was already sweating bullets. He half crouched on the ground, taking advantage of the giant toad’s temporary rigid status and taking large breaths.

One hour, from the very beginning his heart strings have been in a very taut condition, this kind of mental exhaustion had already surpassed a regular human’s limits. That he can endure until now, it is already enough to make people unable to believe it. Regular people under this kind of high mental concentration condition wouldn’t be able to last for 10 minutes before feeling dizzy, their entire body weak, wishing they could just fall down and sleep.

Ling Chen’s mind is already so exhausted that he wishes he could take a nice, long nap, but if he really wants to defeat the Greedy Giant Toad, under the condition that no other incidents or variables occur, he still needs to endure for 9 more hours… These nine hours, if his concentration slacks for even a second, we will die…

9 hours…

Can I really endure… Ling Chen lowered his head, quietly watching his palm slowly clench.

Ruo Ruo… please give be belief and strength!!

The constant struggles with you at the edge of death, time and time again beating the god of death… this bit of mental exhaustion is nothing!!

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