Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 24

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Volume 1 Chapter 24: Dangerous Warning Sign

After equipping [Mind Saber], his physical attack reached 98 and his hit rate rose to 17.  This kind of damage and hit rate is abnormal among Apprentice Warriors at the same level. If people saw Ling Chen holding that sword, it would lead to a large group of players attacking him in a frenzy trying to rob him.

The other piece of equipment is a novice Assassin’s light leggings, Bronze level, but it’s no use to Ling Chen, he casted a glance and put it away. Afterwards he observes and wonders what the other things are.

[Poisonous pedipalp] : the pedipalp of the poisonous spider, can be used in forging, granting the forged weapon the “poison” attributes. (Sylver: Pedipalps)

There are eight Poisonous pedipalps. And the last thing, is what looks like a transparent bottle, inside there is a thick green liquid swaying slowly along his movement.

[Hell spider saliva]:  obtained from the poisonous spider, is extremely toxic, once contaminated, unless your power is above Fairy class, otherwise anyone getting infected will lose instantly 3o% of health. After leaving the hell spider body, the saliva toxicity will gradually dissipate, after 24h will lose all of it toxicity.

Ling Chen hand’s shook violently, almost throwing the bottle to the ground. But soon, he handles it carefully, the liquid inside the bottle is the poisonous spider saliva, Ling Chen feel fear in his heart. The liquid is dangerous but he also understand that it has a really amazing effect ,if he can use effectively and throw it at the body of any BOSS Fairy grade or below, he can take away 30% of their life.

Carefully put it away, Ling Chen subconsciously shook his hand, to prevent being contaminated. Then move towards the fifth area. The rear is completely sealed, he have to advance forwards.

Advancing to the rock gates, just one step from the fifth area, but suddenly, his whole body shock violently. ( [R.E.A.D.E.R]: Vi Britannia ORDER you: play this video  )

Slowly, Ling Chen retracted his foot, and took a step back, he stared at the stone gate, and don’t move for a long time (Sylver: A common way to say a long time or to exaggerate time is half a day).

The reason is, as he was about to enter the stone gate, he feel an extreme sense of danger (TL: his spider’s sense is tingling…). That feeling is not a mistake, for many times in his life; this warning has saved his life many times, it has never failed him. This sense of danger tells him, right before him, there is a powerful enemy…so powerful that he is helpless in front of it! As soon as he entered, he will be easily crushed into pieces, without any mean to resist let alone fight it! (TL:yes he is about to meet his worst nightmare called EXAM!!!)

A second passed, after a full ten minutes, Ling Chen stood still. He tried to enter several times, but each time he makes a move, a terrible wave of danger surges, so he can’t move forward. What is inside; what is hidden in the cave? Could it be ten, and even more advanced lord Boss?

His sense of danger warns him to not enter, there is only a dead end (TL: ho? did you activate Ruo Ruo yandere route?), even if he had 10 lives he would still die. However, his retreat route is completely blocked, except advancing, he have no other options.

Half-hour passed, Ling Chen is still standing here. Behind the stone door, there is a deep darkness, perhaps once entered, he will fall and with the result is dying.(TL: yeeahh, after killing more than 2k of monster he died…from a pitfall……)

Time passed, and noon arrives. Ling Chen in the end did not advance, but took a few steps back and looked at the time, and then log out of the game.

He opened his eyes, he sees Shui Ruo attractive body, her beautiful eyes make the stars looks pale in comparison, seeing him opening his eyes, touching his cheeks with her hand pursed a smile, and sweetly said: “Brother.” (TL: [R.E.A.D.E.R] received critical damage, [R.E.A.D.E.R] has fainted).

Ling Chen stands up,Carrying Shui Fruo from the wheelchair, putting her on his knee, he scolded her: “I told you to not move around, what if you fall?”

“Hee, I will not fall. I want to observe brother. Brother looks while playing the game seriously, is very good looking.” Ling Shui Ruo takes advantage and use his arm to embrace her. In his arms, she gently twist her body, on the white smooth wrist she also wears a gaming device, she was waiting every day to get better, so she can enter the game with Ling Chen, secretly helping him to do some things.

Ever since that day she took the dose of the 13223 drug, Ling Shui Ruo’s smile became brighter and more beautiful, a day before she was desperate and have no hope with a dark future the promise with Ling Chen was the only reason why she could struggle for so long. For Ling Chen, in order to realize that wonderful dream, but the commitment has been out of reach, she is using her all to fight, but, she also knows herself she can’t struggle for long, thinking there is no future in, leaving Ling Chen living alone by himself, every day, her heart is in pain. But now God gave her a chance to be reborn, she believed in Ling Chen, believing the drug will save her, the depressing feeling disappeared, leaving a bright and pure sky in her heart. She knew after being reborn what to do, she will use all the time remaining in her life, to accompany the young man even in desperate times…… No matter what, even if the whole world hates him, and rejected him, she will not. (TL:Damn you onion ninja, DAMN YOU!!!)

Ling Chen put his arm around her waist and the other hand holding her light gaming device, he smiled and said: “In a few days when the body is completely better, I will take you along in the game world, I believe Ruo will like it a lot.”

“Mmm !! I am certain that day will arrive soon …… Yes, brother, do not forget this afternoon.” While leaning on his shoulder Shui Ruo, said softly. On  her cheek, a faint color red can be seen.

“Haha, of course, I will not forget.”

(TL: those with dirty though, I the great Reader order you, dance, jump, do squats AND commit suicide)

Ling Shui Ruo’s body is weak, her body can only a little of normal action for every day, although Ling Chen often takes her to feel the morning breeze and helping her to walking slowly, but the amount is not enough for the human body. To prevent Shui Ruo’s body from declining and become rigid, he needs to exercise the body and do some stretching and muscle massage, every seven days, he spends an afternoon time, he applies a strange massage technique that ordinary people do not know on every part of Shui Ruo body … Under his efforts, with Shui Ruo illness during three years, and spend the majority of her time in bed, but her skin is still white, like a baby, slim and delicate curve, every part of the body is perfect can’t find the slightest flaws.

Ling Chen often sweat a lot and collapse after every massage. Ling Shui Ruo although distressed, but she never try to stop him, but take the initiative to remind him every week. Because she does not want her body to becomes imperfect … … Only a perfect body, can match up with him.

In the afternoon,…

The warm sunlight passed through the light blue curtains, shining on the two snuggling bodies. Ling Chen placed Ling Shui Ruo on the soft bed, lying upwards, he extended his hand, one by one undoing the buttons in front of her chest and the belt at her waist. Slowly taking off the white dress. The hot summer season, Shui Ruo only wears a dress at home. Her slim legs and delicate arms like jade being exposed to the air after taking off the dress. Her entire body was only covered with pink underwear that barely covered her body, but was unable to hide her full, abundant, creamy jade-like breasts, An intoxiacting scene in sight.

Ling Shui Ruo’s flawless skin white and soft, smooth as jade. That is not the pale white of a sick person, but a milky white as if rubbed with a layer of cream. Slim, elegant legs especially seductive, her fine, smooth thighs white and soft almost to the point of being transparent, moving uniformly with her curvaceous, tight, soft narrow waist. Ling Chen’s hands lightly caressed her legs, almost uncontrollably wanting to extend his hand downwards, towards her exposed feet so soft as if they had no bones. (Sylver: Foot Fetish?) (Reader: nah, siscon)

Every inch of her skin had the charm to make people mesmerized, especially that pair of breasts that can just barely be grasped with a hand. So full, soft, smooth, perky, tightly pushing against the bra. 16 years old, is the age for growth, the bras that Ling Chen buys for her would always grow tighter after a period of time.

Need to buy new bras again for her, Ling Chen silently sighed with feeling, extending his hand and familiarly undoing the stopper at the back. A section of dazzling whiteness lightly popping out, the small, pink pearl at the tips also lightly bouncing with it, making Ling Chen dazed. Shui Ruo’s body, has always been the most beautiful scene he has seen in his life.

The bra slowly slid down her silky skin, that pair of soft breasts as smooth as jade like a pair of blossoming flower buds, shaking and trembling in a section of snow-white translucent skin. Her thin, soft and tender waist giving people the feeling of wanting to embrace her and gently take care of her. Her body soft and translucent like a jade carving presenting itself completely naked in front of Ling Chen, warm sunlight falling upon her body, painting an unimaginably beautiful scene…

“Brother, do I look good?” Ling Shui Ruo’s beautiful eyes slightly squinted. She did not cover her body, instead opening her arms, allowing Ling Chen to see even more clearly, she understands the enchantment of her body. That year the first time she revealed her body in front of him, she clearly remembers the always calm brother immediately went blank. and had a big nose bleed… That also became the biggest embarrassment of Ling Chen’s life. Ling Chen did not respond to her voice, his eyes like many times before becoming mesmerized. Shui Ruo smiled lightly, her pure and beautiful face appearing slightly flirtatious, she brought her lips close, sticking out her tongue, lightly licking the side of his ear.

Ling Chen’s entire body numbed, his body slightly shuddering. In his vision, is still Shui Ruo’s body beautiful to the point of perfection. Her perky, shaking breasts, thin, waist soft as if having no bones, her smooth, round butt, silky, flat stomach, elegant legs, paired with her even though young, but already unmatchable, beautiful face, along with her fae like aura of dreamlike purity. Truly no part of her body is not beautiful, every single part of her body enough to drive men crazy.

Ling Chen took a deep breath, difficulty closing his eyes: “Shui Ruo, don’t mess around, or else… I really will eat you.” (Sylver: I don’t think I need to explain what he means by eat. If not… he means sex)

“Hi (laugh), I’m not afraid, I’m brother’s in the first place… belonging only to brother forever.” Ling Shui Ruo not only didn’t back down, instead extending her arms wrapping around his neck, laughing beautifully.

Actually, every week at this time, is always the most painful moment for Ling Chen. His strong willpower withstanding the most difficult test. If Shuo Ruo’s body was fine, he’d already taken her. But, her currently weak body cannot endure any sort of ravaging. Every time, he can only forcibly close his eyes, working hard to clear the dirty thoughts in his mind, and then using his hands, from top to bottom, from in front to behind, massage her entire body inch by inch…

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