New Series: Bringing A Farm To Mess In Another World

Hello! I am Armored Raven, and I come from some of the more perverted corners of the internet. I discovered that this story was being machine-translated, which I honestly think is an injustice to what could’ve been a great and much appreciated story. In Blue Silver Translations, this was only a teaser project which stopped after a dozen chapters. The translation there was inconsistent and the context wasn’t brought out well. Upon deciding that a greater amount of attention was needed for this story, I took it upon myself to start translating it in my spare time.

This story is one of the longest ones in Chinese web novels. Each ‘part’ has around 1000 chapters in average, and judging from how the machine translation itself had paused at around chapter 240 of just the first part, I felt that the story is in urgent need of proper translation starting from the beginning. Please enjoy the reading of the translations, and please lend me your support in order to bring this wonderful story to all English readers in the world.

Read Chapter 1 Here

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121 Responses to New Series: Bringing A Farm To Mess In Another World

  1. Gohankuten says:

    I have to ask what do you mean paused at chapter 240? It was updated just yesterday with chapter 240 and hasn’t been dropped by the MTL group they just slowed down release due to holidays.

    • joeglens says:

      that’s why he said it paused, implying it will resume and its not dropped due to holidays

      • Anonymous says:

        and then he makes some bs reason to translate this novel when just reading his explanation pretty much shows that he actually hadn’t even bothered to read the MTL and is only trying to steal someones work.

        • Anonymous says:

          MTL is nice and all but I would greatly prefer higher quality translations. Doubt the MTLer would care much either way since he is not starting at 240 but merely retranslating from the beginning. If he started at 241, THAT would have been rude and stealing work imo.

        • DarkArts says:

          He doesn’t steal anything since he starts from the beginning. If you talk about stealing, they both do, from the author, I suppose.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah yeah, he doesn’t steal anything. For all I know, he can take what was already translated, change one or two things and taaadaaaaa* He translated everything from scratch furthermore he steel viewers and that’s the most important thing.

        • IsolatedPhoenix says:

          Trust me when i say he isnt someone who hasnt read the LN and just wants to steal which im sure he made clear when he said it was injustice to a great story. If he simply wanted to steal he would have continued where yall left off and give shoddy translations like currently. But no he wants to take the time to start from the beginning and do it properly with real effort. To quickly dismiss his effort to give us proper legitimate translation to us is plain ignorance on ur part.

  2. Se says:

    Yeah i’d rather they not quit translating this because someone else is trying to take it Mt or not it’s readable

  3. NoTofu says:

    His translations are pretty good though, also translator hasn’t paused, I think you should talk to him about it before doing anything

    • Amplify says:

      Personally I think it is indeed in desperate need of a complete re-translation, plus the editor for the MTL is a complete tool.

  4. TaoBaiBai says:

    i never thought that the other ine was MTL…
    they are actually better than others who arent mtl

  5. majinrat says:
    this series is currently being translated by a very good tl group and is currently being frequently updated

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      “this series is currently being translated by a *MTL group who r also very good people and is currently being frequently update”

      much better 😛

  6. ReaderKei says:

    alyshu pls dont be a translation stealer and ask the original translator about it first

    • Danis says:

      Is not translation stealer but he want to make perfect translation and personally there no need to be this way there a lot good Chinese novel to translate why not do other novel who still not translated

      • Rai says:

        he is translation stealing because he made a false claim saying that the MTL is terrible and tries to justify himself by saying he wants to ‘make a better translation’. If you actually read the MTL you would know that of course there are a few issues here and there but the translations do improve. Even translators who are first starting out make mistakes but they slowly improve over time. Yet this guy most likely read a couple chapters and decides to do something immoral like this.

        • Guest says:

          I’m also against the new translation, simply because there are a lot of good novels untranslated and so no need for poaching.

          I do read Sif’s version, and I’m grateful for it, but it is by no means a good translation. He just chose to translitarate every name, even when the author clearly didnt intend to do so (there are common chinese names being transliterated, actually not even transliterate just adaptation)….

          BUT, he is doing it for free, and is really better than to mtl yourself (which is a pain), so we cant really complain

          • Anonymous says:

            he just messing around others work that is doing fine and keep updating..

            why not translate “Hail the King” i keep waiting for that to update..

        • Anonymous says:

          Nothing immoral about it. He is not stealing new content, merely improving old content. I find it silly for any translator to object as long as he does not leap ahead and steal chapter 241+

    • Anonymous says:

      Not alyschu just a guy on the same website

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      Tell me about which part he stole, also “ask the original *MACHINE translator about it first”

      secondly, there is no need to ask for permission for something they dont own at all and neither is he stealing what they already translated but going from scratch with much higher quality. I can guarantee you that from reading works he previously translated

  7. Danis says:

    There a lot of Chinese novel to translate no need to be like this 😖

  8. death says:

    i death think that thieves deserve to die since you’re attempting to steal someones else’s hard work and credit it to yourself plz die

    • oogie boogie says:

      He’s not trying to steal anyone’s work, he’s re-translating it from the start as he thinks it’s a story deserving of a perfect translation. Honestly you A. Need to learn how to read and B. Learn some basic manners and etiquette. Also the language you used is a crime in some countries so I wouldn’t say stupid stuff like that in future.

    • Banarok Lionrage says:

      i think you’re seriously misunderstanding something, stealing would be copy pasting it and calling it your own, that’s not what’s happening here.

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      It takes a real level of dumbass to say what u wrote. stole? its machine translated for fuqs sake, and dude isnt continuing where the MTL left off then going at it. hes taking the time to start form the beginning and give the story the effort or proper translation it deserves

  9. Skitzafit says:

    If you are looking for something to translate, The Simple Life of Killing Demons, has not had an update since october and was august before that. It is one that is already being TL’d by Alyshu

  10. Dao Protector Furious Nirvana Fruit!!! says:

    I Dao Protector Furious Nirvana Fruit!!! think you should not do such a shameless act of translating a novel that is being translated by another group even if it’s mtl the way the novel is translated is good enough. there are many chinse novels out there do another novel just do it save me some face.

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      I think u need to understand who is being shameless here asking him to not translate a LN which is merely being MTL which is a true shame to this LN. And here comes this gentlemen who is clearly giving the author of this LN enough face to truly bring it the high quality translation from scratch from the very beginning. U should Kowtow to this new translator for forgiviness and in thanks for picking up this LN and giving it the time to truly give it the attention it deserves

  11. llllll says:

    plz ask the group who are doing the project before u start doing it as ur own there are other novels which are slower or dropped u can do that in ur free time we will appreciate that

  12. TDDM says:

    They dont translate it,they are making it redable from its mtl for.And no Im not saing i its is writen on theirs page

    “Shif Alarcon

    Making Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World easier to read using machine translators. Doing it only during my free time as I have a real life job along with some online freelancing works.”

    .And if they continue translating it if they would translate 1 chapter a day we would see end of this novel after 16 years soo considering they are doing somtimes less sometimes more we wouldnt see end of it.
    Ps.Sorry for my language but its not my nativ langugage.

  13. exreloic says:

    hmm maybe Armored Raven just dont know.. that this story already translate by Shif ( )
    maybe it just misunderstand

    • Rai says:

      He does know. He clearly stated ‘the translations has paused at around chapter 240’ Yes chapter 240 was posted just yesterday. I think he clearly knows that someone is already translating this story.

    • skitzafit says:

      almost believable except Raven knows that it has been TL’s up to 240 which was just released yesterday.

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      I can tell you he is very much in the know like he stated if u even read what he wrote, the problem is that all of those 240 r merely MTL and barely truly convey the authors true intentions behind the words he writes.

  14. exreloic says:

    well but thanks for translatee it >.<

  15. Maralis says:

    I you sure with this tl project? This novel already translated! Your work will be regarded us “stolen goods” from now on.

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      what about it is stolen? i feel that english is not ur first, second or third language, clearly he doing it form scratch and translating it properly with the effort it deserves and not machine translation which cant even be considered proper translated. Its a copletely different story if it was not MTL but it isnt so its totally acceptable to do from the beggining

  16. pokeperson1000 says:

    The translations haven’t paused, they’ve “only” been cut down to 3 chapter updates per week. That’s not even qualified as a hiatus, with 3 updates still being made weekly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate you taking the story beyond the boundaries of MTL, but you should probably keep your facts straight.

  17. sibobo says:

    if he start from chapter 1 i dont think its stealing.. just rework , but i think not much different

    • Rai says:

      Except he makes it sound like the MTLer stopped translating and that he doing a very shoddy work in translating the story when that isn’t true at all. He wants to make his so called ‘perfect translation’ when he already messed up by calling a room a house.

  18. eldermist says:

    You should translate “Hail the king” , that novel is quite good , for me atleast , and we didn;t had an update for ages.

  19. Domi says:

    Nope. Never reading your translation.

  20. Blight says:

    people dont be like this just tell the men to cooperate with the mtl group it would make it easy to bought do it like larve and the other one translating the kingdom novel im too lazy to see how its called so yea be good and im out !

  21. Chicken lover says:

    I personally think all people who can’t read Chinese should shut up. Because you can only judge the quality of the English, not how accurate the mtl actually is. And from the translation process stated on the website it should not be too high, because translating with a machine and then rewriting the butchered English will have many, many translation errors.
    Now, the mtl of Xian Ni/renegade Immortal, that was an accurate mtl (so I have heard at least). The translator was cross-referencing several different machine translators as well as actual chinese dictionairies if I remember correctly.

    • Owl says:

      …so do you read chinese?

      • Anonymous says:

        I do. While I don’t really care for the english translations too much (since I tend to read FAR ahead of the translations to sate my curiosity and then slowly wait for the translations to get to somewhere interesting before skipping forward again), there are places in shif’s translations that don’t quite match up with what I read (there are probably more but I never bother reading the translations too carefully).

        Well props to the translator for doing a thankless task o/ I know for a fact I’d probably never be able to pull out enough willpower to correct mistakes on translations (especially not when I neglect my own translations so much that someone else took it over :P)

  22. inspirati0n says:

    FINALLY. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The other translation was so.. Flawed, especially when the people took it upon themselves to change things away from the translation (aka adapting chinese phrases and turning it to near-fanfiction).

    To all the haters, if you compare the original blue silver translation, and then read the “latest chapter” it’ll be pretty strange…

    • Owl says:

      There are different degrees of translation, sometimes the local context is colloquial enough that it does not make sense to a foreigner and requires a corresponding non-equivalent ..”parable?” to get the meaning across.

      If you translated word for word, you can get very strange sounding near incoherent text. A classic example of this is a word for word translation of the Bible vs something like NIV or KJV. Hence why there are so many versions of the Bible out there, the degree of localization varies for all the different versions.

  23. Fluffums says:

    A lot of the comments are from people who didn’t read, apparently.

    1) The current version is MTL-edited: readable, but not great.
    2) This person is going to *translate* from the beginning – no stealing.
    3) Think of it as a good excuse to re-read from the beginning, and maybe you’ll notice things you didn’t see before.

    • Anon147 says:

      1) Why would someone go out of their way to translate an entire novel when they already have ongoing projects? Also if they do, do you really think they wont be just re-wording the existing translation? Naive.

      2) Starting to translate a novel that is already being translated, wasn’t abandoned nor in any sort of pause IS stealing. It is unneeded. They even make false claims about the other group.

      3) I’m waiting for new chapters, not going to pointlessly start over again. You must not read a lot since you are not bearing in mind that most people here read more than 1 novel at a time and it doesn’t take few minutes to read them all, its a time consuming hobby. We are not all going to re-read a novel just because someone will reword it from chapter 1, certainly not when they do so in such impolite way.

      • inspirati0n says:

        1) because the existing “translation” is basically a fanfiction, there’s not much they can “steal”. For example, a lot of the names have been forcefully westernized in some places (grandpa kun became.. John) and taken too literally in others (blockhead/rockhead to… stonehead/woodhead)

        2) a shoddy interpretation is not a translation. It is a disservice to the author and detracts from the story

        3) that’s your problem. When all my favorite novels have been finished, I reread them from the beginning, regardless of chapter release schedule. “You must not read a lot.”

      • Guest says:

        Anon147, currently it is being MTL’d not TL’ed.
        Shif is doing us all a great favor by making it readable, but not by a large margin can it be considered a translation.

        They will not “re-word” it, they will translate.

        Shif doesnt know chinese, I myself rage quit reading after he decided to transliterate every chinese name to english (there are a few names in the novel that were transliterated from english to chinese, so doing the opposite is the right thing to do, but Shif decided to mostly do it all the time, hence we have John and things like that, tks gosh he didnt change the MC name), only to go back to read it after a couple months, because quantity > quality =p

        • Anon147 says:

          Oh okay, so then its grabbing what shif did, reword it, edit it and make it decently readable. When you translate your original is the one in the original language, not another work that can be more or less understood.

          Was there any need to make false claims about Shif? Have you noticed how moonbunnycafe only does this “translation” you talk about with novels that were already translated by someone else? Can you really call this a translation group? I myself can just go grab the novel and edit it so it can make more sense and grab the original naming from the novel, but that’s not translating.

      • IsolatedPhoenix says:

        1) Because they truly love this LN and feel it is a great shame that this LN is being butchered to the degree that it is so with MTL
        2) MTL cant be considered a true TL in anyway where the results wont be anything similar at all cant ever be considered stealing when they dont even own the rights to translating the LN
        3) Okay sure, not everyone may choose to reread from the beginning it is time consuming sine Chinese LN are long as heck fair point. Doesnt mean that everyone will do just that and this will give everyone who will start this LN in the future quality Translation giving them what it truly means to luv the LN and will grow in popularity.

  24. SleepiHed says:

    while I do understand about the MTL it is readable and I can understand what is going on. what I don’t understand is you sounded like saying they stopped at chapter 240 for a long time. No they’re haven’t and translating on your spare time won’t do justice because it might discourage them from translating. I don’t want to find out that your spare time in translating it will come up with 1 chapter a week. There are a lot of good novels that haven’t been translated yet. Go to Qidan and do their rank 1. Plz

  25. warwick says:

    First of all, the MTL is much better than you make it out to be.

    Secondly, why not focus on Douluo Dalu, which you already translate? Doing this seems like stealing a project someone else has worked hard on.

    Blue Silver Translations, of which you are a member, did a translation of this novel as a teaser project. It is in the teasers section of the site. Someone else picked it up. Why can you just suddenly change your mind and go back to it? You had your chance,

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      “MTL is much better than you make it out to be” whaaaa?? what r u talking about thats not even close to the truth. it is vastly more different then u could ever think. Douluo Dalu isnt his main work it is something he started translating recently and joing up with the Bagelson who is the main translator for that series whos been there since the beginning.

  26. Anon147 says:

    Just like every other lover speaking nonsense i’ll say that i love the novel and leave it at that.

    But just like every other hater speaking with common sense it would be nice if you didn’t STEAL a translation instead.

    1) To re-translate you got to agree with the original translator, it is simple courtesy and politeness.
    2) You are not re-translating, you are editing. As in making sentences make a bit more sense or rewording them.
    3) You are making false claims about the other translation group, which is certainly not polite.
    4) It is not the first time this that moonbunnycafe needlessly translates a novel that some other group translated already, most of your novels already were translated.

    How are you supposed to deserve our thanks when you do this kind of stuff?

  27. Hatersgocry says:

    Honestly I could careless about any of this. I have stopped reading from shif and I have been reading from I don’t care to wait for my chapters and I can read anytime from lnmtl. For those people who have said that this is a translation steal are idiots. THIS IS A RE-TRANSLATION OF THE ORIGINAL CHINESE WORK. So calm down and enjoy Christmas.

    • sdeligar says:

      I don’t know how you can read this story on everything is complete gibberish I don’t think they even try to read what they are translating to understand it.

      • Aisara says:

        First, what is there to read.. Second, learn to jump word, not reading it thoroughly. Otherwise your brain fried. The only think i am grateful for lnmtl is the names..

  28. Salty says:

    Good, for as long as it is being retranslated and not starting from where the other translation is at, it is fine. The normal readers will continue reading the Original translation, while you translate a more commercial and official quality, which I think the author and his publisher would appreciate. The team on it right now is doing a great job and I’ll continue to read their translation.

  29. agila0212 says:

    Dont translate that since somebody is already translating it. This is more better It can even replace TDG, also the translators stop translating it

  30. MaCcoy says:

    Not much a difference when you think back anyways..
    You’ll only remember the important parts of the story and how it went.

    While i do appreciate the re-transtlation and the it deserves better quality, but you need to clarify things first before proceeding any further to avoid the readers complaints.

    Cheers mate.

  31. Reader says:

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the word stealing in this context. It is not used as that he is only copying the translation. In the translation scene it is used to mean that a person starts translating a series which is already translated by another group. Which this quite clearly is! This is frowned upon. For more on this and why it is frowned on I would advise to read an essay of Ren from wuxiaworld. You can find it if you google Stellar Transformations – A Case Study in the Repercussions of Translation Poaching.
    One could argue that the other involved party is only mtl. But i think this is a weak reason none the less because the release quite frequently and in an ok Qualität. there are enough different novels to translate so just pick another and we would not have the whole Drama.

    • Anon says:

      “This is frowned upon.”
      By idiots and pussies. It hurts no one to have more translations.

      • Owl says:

        Then you would be the idiot because what happens often is that the original translator either gets mad and quits translating or lets the other guy do the work while he decides to focus on something else. So no you do NOT get more versions of translations.

        Even worse is that after the new guy chucks out a few chapters, he loses interest and abandon the project. So you end up with NO translations at all.

        This happens a lot in the past, which is why poaching is so frowned upon these days.

        Ren from wuxiaworld covered all that in the essay of his, it is a very good read of what happens when people get greedy.

    • inspirati0n says:

      ‘scuse me non-english speaker. The mtl changed the novel in more contexts than one, so even if it is “readable” you wouldn’t get the semantics out of it.

      Besides, I’m pretty sure they read that article already. It’s not applicable.

  32. Anon says:

    I for one welcome a real translation.

    As someone who has done some JP > EN translations I know very well that there’s a huge difference between even a good machine translation and a mediocre translation by someone who actually knows both languages. In addition the English prose on the current translation is grating as hell in places; so hopefully that can be addressed as well.

  33. CyberDragon says:

    Calm down people, it’s just like the anime scene, where a group will do “speed subs” then another one will do a “HQ sub” more slowly for quality reasons and often waiting for an higher quality video. Those who prefer speed read one, those who prefer quality read the other or both; there’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t try pushing your own agenda on Armored Raven, it’ll just drive him to not translate anything at all.

    Thanks for giving attention to this series Armored Raven, I hope you’ll have fun translating it 🙂

  34. Weed says:

    If you are planning to trandlate this please talk to the previous translator and start from 241. The story from the beginning is spoilt so much for the long-time readers of this novel and we wouldn’t want to start over again especially when the pace from the start is so slow and we are in the good part already

  35. Me, Myself and I says:

    First of all, calm down guys with the “translation stealing plz die” comments.

    Starting from a gap of 240 chapters and putting out a HQ translation of a series that was previously MTLed or “speedsubed” to use an anime term is something I have no problem with. If you want to read the newest then you read the MTV, if you want clarity from the beginning you read the HQ.

    This is a mature series and I do not think that a HQ translation from such a gap will take newer readers away from the MTL group. If anything it will add readers as peeps who get their appetites whetted will want to keep on reading past the HQ translation.

    With all that said I hope there is communication between this translation team and the MTL team. I think that a collaboration to improve the early chapters (done by another MTLer) could benefit the current MTL team.

  36. Flamemaster says:

    reading the comments above, also my own view if you want to translate its your own choice just hope you will reconsider translating this as its been already translated and even though its machine translations they have a team which of editors and proofreaders who check it, I think it will be more worthwille to start on a novel which is either dead or a new novel, though I I’m not trying to diss you or anything so don’t take anything to heart, as translating is a hobby for most ppl, do what your heart desires.

  37. Mike says:

    Please Translate Heavenly farmer!

    its great novel, however no updates :/

    I know its a great novel but I don’t think there is a need for double translating? Unless you could translate up to 240 chapter within a month? Otherwise people will not want to wait for it…

  38. YenPress says:

    The problem is that the MTL group got a C&D around the same time as he started his translation, so either no translation can happen or their being Yen Press about the whole thing.

  39. Callum Conboy says:

    None of you guys are helping the situation (even if it isn’t much of one in most people’s eyes). No it is not stealing but it still shouldn’t be encouraged. The author is the only one who has a say in this sort of stuff and guess what? I bet most authors won’t want a fan translation done and the legal situation of a fan translation is murky anyway.

    Your elitist comments of being fluent in chinese and the fact that you are basically insulting the further on translator using that as justification. It is childish and not critical at all.

    I am fluent in english and it is my 1st and only language. Do i shove this up my ass and criticise someone for doing what they want to do with the english language? No i don’t and as i said the legality of any translation is basically up to interpretation just like the translation done by even a great translator. If you ask the author about stuff in a fan translation, there is no doubt there will be differences in opinion between the author and the translator what word or such fits somewhere in the work as a whole. This situation is no different when compared to the situation i described above!

    If you have made a review on novelupdates or a similar site and have expressed your opinion clearly that should be enough for you. Anyways to summarise this situation, everyone has their own opinion and will make their own choices so live with it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Lol, they probably are doing the translation now because the MTL of BAFTAW is popular and he can get good views from a properly translated version of it. So his purposes are probably moral.

  41. Bebek says:

    Lmao try to reap benefit from popular novel are you, really dick move

  42. Duck says:

    Just stop translating please what a bastard lel

  43. Callum Conboy says:

    Personally i think that redoing a ongoing translation is pointless and disrespectful because no matter what you think of the existence of mtl translators. The fact that they put in the effort to post edited mtls to the public on their own is praiseworthy in my opinion. Also they have improved immensely and even though i am not a big grammar nazi i can still notice fewer errors sometimes.

    In the first place it is the readers choice whether or not you wanna read their mtls and it is the new translator’s choice whether or not he wants to notify the mtler and ask for good luck or something like that. Though it is common courtesy in my opinion as they are both fans of the chinese novels no matter how you look at it or look at their interpretation of the author’s words in the novel they translate.

  44. Niinka says:

    Well to put it blunt: most people will read if he catch up with the machine t.
    No it is not stealling, it would be if he start from the last mtled chapter.

    The things that will say if people will keep reading here or stay with the mach. t. is the quality and speed of release (more so about the speed).

  45. Anonymous says:

    Go for it!!!
    Hope for more than a chapter a day. Don’t think I keep Reading or liking for mor than a decade.

    Anyway thank you.

  46. capnchronos says:

    tl’er isnt stealing it – if he/she – hey im not sure i dont them personally so i prefer not to guess as i havent looked into it at all – isn’t taking other tl’ers works and saying its their own then its not stealing its re translating – which isnt the same for those of you who dont understand this stop and consider what theft would actually entail before commenting pls – for the final bit im not debating this -its an opinion for a reason = everyone has one lol

  47. LethalKiss says:

    Can you please create another entry in the
    Your … “understanding” … create a mess in my reading list


    Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World c240 c1

    I hate when someone i don’t know mess with my list.
    And you didn’t want someone hate you right.

    Ps. I don’t care with the rest

  48. kaaa says:

    i hope you can release 2-3 a day then its good (probably not gonna happen)
    heck i won’t wait 240 days or more to read the next chapter lol
    i don’t care about the quality as long as about its understandable like the current one.
    more speed 😀

  49. justreadingnovels says:

    What the???
    Couldn’t you just translate from 240,please?
    I mean you just said that you are gonna translate in your free times,so that means not a regular one chapter per day. Doesn’t that mean this novel will finish in who-knows-what-decade?..Do you really think people are gonna stick for that much time? Sorry for sounding rude since YOU are the one that is doing the translating because you like it and it is not your responsibility and we are SUPER grateful for it. But common man we just read about 240 chapters to get the story up to here and we are back to the start again? Even the mario game had some checkpoint( I think? ). And again i’m very thankful and grateful for all the translations you guys are doing,so keep up the good work!!

    • IsolatedPhoenix says:

      Even if he tried to start translating from 240 he wouldnt be able to because things would be too different. Its more then just different terminology, it is a difference of phrases, intentions behind the wording used by the author. thats why MTL is frowned upon because what the authors intended to describe or show can mean something else entirely in english

  50. Kevin says:

    Is the farm now a pharmacy ?

  51. wes174 says:

    so your only going to translate 240 chapters then leave us to machine anyways?

  52. MarcoM says:

    I’m pretty sure you started a smale-scale otaku war just now.
    People going nuts over a restart..

    I’ll be honest ~I don’t like people who STEAL work.

    But you’re putting 120% effort in a complete translation.
    Meaning: No more Engrish, No more changes to the original, no more small deviations or interpretations.

    A Clean translation.

    I suppose there’s nothing against such an upgrade. However do keep in mind that you’re messing with peoples lists. Also it does gets the feeling of a re-read. Making it hard for me to dedicate myself to reading the chapters anew. I wonder how many people will actively read this.

    Good luck with the project, dont blame people for fuming.


  53. slay_mithos says:

    Sad, there are a ton of series that are barely english at all after MTL, as well as plenty that are no longer translated, and you choose one where the translation was at an ok level (definitely not spotless, but good enough to read without cringing at every line), that is still actively translated too…

    Oh well, good luck with your translation, I will probably not read this for a while because it covers the chapters I had already read months ago.
    But if you do manage to do a proper translation (translating the meaning, rather than just the words) into a proper english format, then you’ll definitely get readers too.

  54. Serenis says:

    Well this is anoying, he is probably copying the earlier chapters before he is piffing them up in better english to make it seem he is working soo hard to translate it.
    Should he ever catch up to the other group will we most likely slow down dramaticly. If not stop up fully.

    Armored Raven create another entry at novelupdates so i dont have to see you in my readinglist.
    Also it is good manners to not intrude on another translators list unless they have abondoned their story.

    You are starting from scratch and i have no interest in Reading your Translation, i checked out your first few chapters and it is all trash,,

  55. Serenis says:

    So i read the last chapter 241 on HTL.
    Appears they wont translate the story anymore as Armored Raven poached the Translation job legally.

    Which is a shame, they really managed to bring out the soul of the story.

    I supose this is goodbye to my favorite Reading matrial which i have followed loyal for months.
    Checking every single day looking forward to next chapter.

    Ahh, i am going to miss it.

    Armored Raven, i personally believe you have destroyed a good Translation team, you need to seriously work on your Translation more to actually make the story justice.

    What a hateful way to start Christmas, thanks for ruining the New year for me.

    i hope this story will be your sole fokus til completion or you might as well Just stop here.

    • inspirati0n says:

      So, when someone does something legally, with permission, to translate a novel, rather than machine interpret it, they ruin your christmas and new years.

      Seems legit (o.o#

      In my opinion, the mtl screwed it up. I wanted to read the author’s connotations/implications, not the author’s denotations + interpreter’s connotations.

      I suppose you wouldn’t care about that though, so you’ll just have to find new “matrial” to “fokus” on elsewhere and stop complaining about a legitimate project.

  56. Juene says:

    To those who are saying that he is stealing the translation, please check the sit of the mtl and you will see the statement of the translator about this…

    Though I don’t really support this tl, the mtl was stopped so we really don’t have a choice…

  57. Irfra says:

    Both of them do it illegally so what is the problem?
    the one who have right was the author.
    so you say just because they translate the author work they have the right of translation his novel?
    the translator just translate his novel not create them, so what is the problem if someone else want to translate it too?

    sorry for my bad english

  58. Irfra says:

    Both of them do it illegally so what is the problem?
    the one who have right was the author.
    so you say just because they translate the author work they have the right of translation his novel?
    the translator just translate his novel not create them, so what is the problem if someone else want to translate it too?

    sorry for my bad english.

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is just inefficient
    You can mlt and edit it
    If you want to then don’t do it from beginning co operate with current translators if it is from beginning no one is willing to read

  60. Xazch says:

    why should you translate it from first chapter..
    they did good job even it is MTL.. they give fast update!!-_-

    well hope it will not overlapped later!

  61. Anonymous says:

    The worst part is that there are still a huge amount of errors in this translation. Why even say that shif’s was bad if you aren’t even going to try,

    • Anon says:

      what errors do you see? I looked at the two side by side for first chapter noticed spacing and the title different. Personally to live in is more accurate then to mess around in. that is just from how the novel is wrote.

  62. laschan says:

    Bab 1?????????????????????

  63. shadowtrap says:

    why is the link go to parallel world famacy?

  64. Yord says:

    Not gonna read the whole thing again from the start, too bothersome… I’m following a whole lot of LN, don’t have enough energy to reread a story which I already know whats gonna happen in that chapter… Mtl or not really dont care. I mostly skip to the dialogues the discriptions tends to be
    Long, repetitive and totally annoying… Guess its time for a break… Hopefully it will be a fast catch up

  65. Kevin says:

    Link still goes to pharmacy ?

  66. Uncle Oddball says:

    First of all, thank you Raven. I really appreciate the whole “let’s tackle” this interesting novel with a full-frankensteiner-translation thing. Cheers mate c[_]!

    Now, to all uncivilised cretins raging in the comment sections: I wish you well in life, just don’t breed please.

    Thank you folks for attention. I will not read this comment section anymore, so expect no response of any kind. To those who were offended by the second part, you deserved it(lol), but I kno~ I kno~ throw dirt around all you want. Make yourself feel better ;p

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