• Poisoning the World
    Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
    Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
    inside the cave v2
    bringing a farm cover
    genuis doctor black belly miss
    cry of the phoenix cover
    invincible salaryman
    xiao qi wait cover
    GCR Cover
    Lazy Dungeon Master
    legend v1
    my disciple died yet again


Old Guy Machine Translator and your friendly neighborhood Admin for MoonBunnyCafe, helping other translators if I like the novel they are working on. I’m also one of the resident Admin, so if you see anything broken on this site leave a comment below to notify me

Currently translating Magic Robot AluminareParallel World Pharmacy, and The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner.

I was previously helping translate Magi’s Grandson over at http://www.japtem.com, Summoned Slaughterer at http://kerambitnosakki.wordpress.com and Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou over at http://holdxandclick.wordpress.com/ .

I also help as a grammar editor of Magic, Mechanic, Shuraba which can be found here on Moon Bunny and also do grammar edits on Magi Craft Meister over at http://natsutl.wordpress.com. I also act as a Typesetter for Fantasy Maid manhua at http://www.japtem.com

I’m looking for willing slaves helpers to be my English editor, send me a comment below or over at http://joeglens.com if you are interested.

If you like the type of novels I translate, I suggest you buy the novels below as those are my personal recommendation base on my taste and guarantee you will also like it. (please whitelist http://moonbunnycafe.com on your adblocker program to see the list)

Also if you like what I did, please leave a tip to show appreciation


16 Responses to joeglens

  1. GodHand says:

    do you have any requirement for proofreader?

  2. takumi168 says:

    Do you have a fix schedule? If not could you make one by cutting down the workload? Thanks for translating in advance.

    • joeglens says:

      I don’t have a fix schedule since I’m a working professional (engineer).

      So I can spend more time translating if I’m not busy at work or at home with the family.

      But I have been concentrating on my own project this past month that I’m only offering small support on the other projects I listed

  3. Charles says:

    I love magic mechanics shuraba!

    Also, I’d be willing to help with English editing, if you like

  4. Oribios says:

    I’m pretty good at english and am willing to help out if you need it.

  5. Jack Nathaniel Mikahil says:

    Hi senpai. I would really like if u can translate more of the slave career planner.
    Sry for selfish request even though I did not donate.

  6. chutulu says:

    i love you

  7. fefnir says:

    has “The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner” been dropped ? WHY?

  8. laylow says:

    I could help as editor and try proofread too.

  9. gabon-chan says:

    Big thanks for you work!
    This one will sparkle you magic dust


    Your legacy is marked permanently on this planet

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