A Slave Career Planner Can Be a Successful Profession

Alternative Name: 奴隷キャリアプランナーは成功できる職業
Author: Richard Roe
Category: Japanese web novel, Transport, Fantasy, Business Management
Status: Ongoing
Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7979cu/
Translator(s)/Translation Group: joeglens
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Career Consultant. It was a profession where they perform various consultations for a person in hope of getting a job.

Mitsuji Toshiki, a young man from modern Japan, had the skills and qualifications to be a career consultant. He was teleported to another world before he knew it and became an apprentice to a slave merchant.

Toshiki was determined to redo his life one more time when he realized that he was teleported to another world.

He had the skill to judge and see through a person’s suitable character, as he skillfully rose in fame in this other world

UPDATE: 10/11/2015
Per the changes the author made, I’m following his direction of merging chapters.

UPDATE: 03/01/2017
Author rewrote the story flow for publication, So I’m translating his rework from Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Volume 2: Career Plan to Becoming Full-fledged
Volume 1: Career Plan to Indepence

35 Responses to A Slave Career Planner Can Be a Successful Profession

  1. Aiko says:

    A story about a dude with a former job on helping people getting a job.

    I’m in.

  2. jacobpaige says:

    Was he teleported to two different worlds? And what is he doing in the final world, convincing people to become slaves?

  3. Richus says:

    In further chapters, is there any harem

  4. Arashi says:

    This sounds pretty interesting. Looking forward to more chapters! Thanks for translating!!

  5. NosSiej says:

    “I love you”

    1% chance.. worths the post.

  6. leonardo says:

    Obrigado Pela Tradução. !

  7. Pyro says:

    Thank you 🙂 this looks like it has potential.

  8. oe says:

    preetty interesting. I love management kind of storyline.

  9. Paulus says:

    I feel this premise is kinda off somehow?
    The Japanese web (and light novel) authors seem to have a dubious interest and obsession in slavery…it’s in so many of these web novels as a matter of course and the protagonists often just seem to accept this without much resistance?
    Considering the reality of slavery is brutal, inhumane and already frighteningly shown by terrorist groups like ISIS – Then I wish web authors wouldn’t keep using it as harem titillation etc.

    • joeglens says:

      It’s because their concept of slavery in their novels are totally different from what is usually known IRL.

    • Hal says:

      From the novels I’ve read, the slaves are treated more like vassals. The setting of slavery is (usually) used to quickly show the moral superiority of the protagonists over the other stereotypical slave owners there.

      But you are right, its a serious issue that shouldn’t be cheaply used as a plot device. Nodesu.

      • joeglens says:

        From my understanding of Japanese culture, they equate slavery to indebted servitude. Their idea of slavery is more commercial, as long as you can pay off what they paid or what you owe, then you are free.

        Just look at the geishas during the warring states period, most of them are sold by their parents and as long as they can pay off or someone pay them off for their worth, then they are free.

        So you have to at least take into consideration their idea of slavery instead of western-centric idea of slavery

  10. mllhild says:

    Yay, more about slaves. A lot of MCs save slaves, but very few become slaves and this is the first who I see dealing in slaves. The two later I find really interesting if the slave system and and you have the POV from the slave, slave maker and custumer/bystander about the same event.

    • Anonymous says:

      No idea whether you’d like it, but “Rise of the Shield Hero” is a pretty good story with slavery in my opinion.

  11. Jack Nathaniel Mikahil says:

    Many thanks for the chapters! With lots of love, Jack ❤

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is this still getting translated?

  13. lolwut says:

    Is this still being translated, is this like a one update every 2 weeks, at least?

    • Rak says:

      Heh, nah. I thought it would be on a regular basis but it hasn’t been updated for months now.

      • doger says:

        Yeah, I really enjoyed reading this but seems like no one is updating it.

        • joeglens says:

          sorry about that, im just a lone translator. It would be updated frequently if there was somebody to help me.

          • Rak says:

            Well, no need to apologize as we’re not doing anything that’s helpful. (or are even able to) This novel is great though, I might check out Otherworld Nation, seeing as you focus more on that one.

            We all appreciate you taking the time to do this, by the way. Keep up the good work!

  14. Does this Novel been dropped its been almost 4 months since the last realease

  15. IrvanK says:

    this is really interesting

  16. fefnir says:

    why did you abandon this serie? i like it very much because this a very unusal serie .
    can you post at least one more chapter !
    i waited long for the restart of ” The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner ”
    what’s the problem here ? are they too few viewers?

    • joeglens says:

      its not dropped, i was trying to finish the whole chapter 2 of pharmacy before finishing chapter 2 of slave career. But, IRL is holding me hostage right now so I’m slow right now to TL.

  17. Eric says:

    only a thought but I would wonder if you have considered talking to at other sites to see if you could get help or go back and for on translations of chapters I recommend raisingthedead.ninja as the often try to pick up dead projects and see if you would either help or if you think you cant they may even take over the project for you if you ask just a thought

  18. Cheezeguyloz says:

    Ten months since last chapter. Still translating this? Is it dropped? If dropped, has someone else picked it up? Great story and hoping for more.

  19. Jack misses reading this 🙁
    Hopefully translator sama is well.

  20. This is basically the only novel I liked reading on MBC. The rest are not to my taste. But sadly this is seems to have been dropped. No matter how much I try to read the other novels here, I cannot even find 1 that I enjoy reading. Such a shame…
    You can check out my read list on wordpress (jacknathan89)

  21. nansty says:

    Hello , i have 1 question , does this Novel been dropped ?

  22. kitten says:

    Was This Dropped? Please Tell Me That Is Not true! It Is Now Aug. 2017 And You Started Back In Sept. 2015.

  23. Dan says:

    Is this still being translated? It’s been almost a year. If it’s dropped please let me know.

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