Island: Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 3

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Chapter 5: It’s a Rainbow of Diverse Colors Now
>>Part 3<<

“Yes, I’m Lin Jingyi. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Wu Jiafang, please take care of me.”

Two unfamiliar female voices spoke as well. From the sounds of their voices and their steady tones, they were probably older sister type people as well.

“The two of them are also dispersion types and are currently leading two other small groups. These two groups have already joined for four months,” said Liu Qiaowen with a smile. “They can pretty much assume personal responsibility and challenge the world on their own now.”

“Congrats, Qiaowen jie.” Ye Weishan spoke with a wry smile, “I heard from the Sect Leader that you’re finding people rather smoothly. You already have six dispersion types, is it? I haven’t even found a single one.”

Chen Luonian couldn’t help but feel a little awkward and couldn’t bring himself to meet Ye Weishan’s eyes. Luckily, Liu Qiaowen soon replied and said, “In any case, there has been plenty of monster essence lately. I only look for girls so the odds are increased by thirty percent. Not including Shiqun and Mingmei who have been with me from the very beginning, of the twenty that just joined, six are dispersion types. This is pretty normal ah… No way you’re looking only for boys right? If that is the case, we can set up a partnership you know.” As she spoke, she started chuckling.

Only look for girls to join? Ye Weishan didn’t expect this to be Liu Qiaowen’s method. She was slightly dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond. When she saw that the helicopter was currently descending and that the Tainan airport was already within sight, she hastily said, “We’re about to arrive. In a bit, the information will be sent over.”

“Alright,” said Liu Qiaowen. “I’m going to head northeast from Gaoxiong and the two of them will be heading west from Taidong. You guys should head east from Tainan. As for the rest, we’ll be counting on you, little bro Luonian.”

“Then, Qiaowen jie, we’ll close the call for now.” Ye Weishan stopped the call. Only after she saw that Chen Luonian had closed the call did she shake her head and whisper to Lai Yixin, “For some reason, I always feel like it’s a little tiring to talk with Qiaowen jie.”

“Weishan also feels this way?” said Ma Lian with a laugh. “In any case, it feels like you never know what she’s really trying to say.”

“That’s call ‘having hidden meanings’. Let’s go.” Qi Ya who seemed to be napping earlier opened her eyes. She turned to the side and jumped off the helicopter.

Ma Lian who was wearing shorts and sitting cross-legged on the chair also jumped down. She turned back to say with a laugh, “Luonian, little guy, we’ve each brought two large backpacks today. You better not disappointment me!”

While Chen Luonian frowned, Lai Yixin had also jumped off the helicopter with a smile. Ye Weishan turned back to say, “We’ll be closing our GPS processors when we get close to monsters in order to prevent the monster qi from damaging them. If you have any matters, try calling multiple times.”

“Got it,” said Luonian.


Not long later, the helicopter carrying Chen Luonian finished refueling and flew up once again, heading slowly towards Mount Yu.

Chen Luonian’s sensing range reached up to ten kilometers. With the helicopter flying at a low attitude like this, it was really very easy for him to search for monsters. He marked the places he sensed monster qi on the processor while enjoying the scenery. As expected, due to the fact that the mountain’s forests stretched so far, they hadn’t been able to enclose the area with a wire fence at the very start so the monsters had scattered in all directions. There were also a lot of them as well. They were everywhere within a radius of twenty kilometers in the mountain region.

Three refuels and two breaks later, it was the afternoon and Chen Luonian had finally finished marking the entire area. While they were flying, Chen Luonian had learned that the five groups were moving from the south towards the north in a bowl-shaped net in order to surround the monsters. Thus, he also started marking from the south end. By the time Chen Luonian finished marking the entire area, they had also cleared about half of the monsters out. That meant they might be able to clean out all of them by tonight.

After their last patrol, Chen Luonian asked the pilot to fly north and find a place to land in the center of where the remaining monsters were. This way, he could monitor the positions of the remaining monsters and readjust the information right away if any changes occurred.

The pilot didn’t understand what Chen Luonian was trying to do but the superiors had ordered him to obey Chen Luonian. Thus, he could only do as requested and find a convenient place to land. After a brief moment of deliberation, he landed the helicopter in the public square in front of the Mountain Pass Manor next to Nanheng highway.

“I’m going to be waiting here for a while,” said Chen Luonian to the pilot. “Will you be returning or waiting here?”

“For how long?” that pilot turned back to ask. “I can wait, but I have to report to the higher-ups.”

This baffled Chen Luonian. It was hard to guess whether if they would decide to finish it in one night or split it over two days. Just as he was hesitating, the contact signal on the processor started flashing. Right after Chen Luonian put on his earpiece, he heard Qi Ya’s voice. “Luonian?”

It seemed to be his first time hearing Qi Ya call his name? Chen Luonian felt a bit strange but he responded, “Yes.”
“The helicopter is at Mountain Pass Manor?” asked Qi Ya. “Why?”

“It’s… the center of the remaining ones. It’s convenient for keeping watch.” Chen Luonian carefully skipped across the keyword, then said, “Are you guys going to clear all of them out?”

“En, that’s the plan,” said Qi Ya. “Don’t go, I’ll be heading over to where you are right now.”

Heading over? Chen Luonian didn’t quite get it since there were still a lot of monsters in the range between him and Qi Ya’s group. However, Qi Ya had already closed the call before he had a chance to ask. Chen Luonian couldn’t be bothered to call again to ask, not to mention, he could already feel Qi Ya and Ma Lian heading over at a rapid speed. They were actually ignoring the monsters they passed, so they probably had a reason.

“I think we’ll have to wait a while. Close the engine?” Chen Luonian said to the pilot.

“Alright.” The pilot shrugged and picked up the wireless communication device to give a report as he prepared to shut off the helicopter’s electric power source.

Chen Luonian got off the helicopter and gazed at the large wooden manor behind the public square. All that could be seen was that the mountain clouds swept up by the chilly wind were rolling viciously behind the manor. The cloud and mist overlapped so much they couldn’t be distinguished and in a split second, moist fog blew over, filling his vision with mist. A couple seconds later, it suddenly cleared up again to reveal a beautiful, yellow-green mountain expanse.

He turned around to look at the other side of the public square and discovered with astonishment that it was a steep cliff. Below, a sea of clouds seemed to swirl. Floating clouds that were like gauze and seemed within reach slowly drifted left and right. The sun hadn’t set yet but the sky had already darkened. Chen Luonian saw that the pilot who had also jumped down was currently rubbing his hands vigorously and exhaling on them. Only then did he recall that the temperature was probably rather low. He had gone through Bian Ti so he didn’t feel it but the pilot was an ordinary person. He thought for a little bit, then said, “You can go somewhere to rest, it’ll be fine if I’m here alone.”

“I can’t leave the helicopter unattended.” The pilot looked at Chen Luonian’s thin jacket, then shook his head in speechlessness. “You monster subjugation units don’t feel cold? And there was even a girl wearing shorts.”

“It’s still alright.” Chen Luonian slightly furrowed his brows and looked towards the west. He sensed that Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin seemed to have started heading this way as well.

“This place is pretty nice, isn’t it?” The pilot hugged himself and hopped around as he spoke with a smile.

“It’s not bad.” Chen Luonian looked at the front of the mountain, then at the back. He felt like he wanted to see both sides but as the sun was setting, in a little while, he probably wouldn’t be able to see anything. He couldn’t help but feel a little sad and reluctant at this.

“This is the highest point in Nanheng. It’s such a waste to come here and not stay a night ah. But…” said the pilot, shivering, “it’s best to come during the summer. Winter is cold as hell. I’m going to wait up there, at least it’ll block the wind.” As he said so, he ran back to the helicopter.

After a few moments, Qi Ya and Ma Lian appeared below the cliff. The moment they landed in the public square in front of the mountain, Ma Lian started shouting while looking all around. “What a desolate place! What’s with these clouds? Why’re they running all over the place?”

Qi Ya and Chen Luonian didn’t pay attention to her, but she didn’t mind. She then ran over to slap Chen Luonian’s shoulder as she said happily, “Little guy, you’re pretty useful! Qi Ya’s and my bag are all full so we came back to unload.”

Chen Luonian didn’t dodge because he didn’t want to be seized again. He just nodded as he said, “So it was like that.

Qi Ya had already opened the side door of the helicopter and was pouring the entire bunch of shrunken monster caresses inside. Afterwards, she turned back and said, “Ma Lian, don’t chat anymore.”

“Coming!” Ma Lian leapt over laughing, then poured her pile onto the ground as well.

“Luonian.” Qi Ya helped as she said, “Are you going to wait until we come back?”

“I can ah,” said Luonian after he walked closer.

“Then we’ll come back here after we finish. Afterwards, let’s return to Taibei together.” Qi Ya looked at the screen of the processor, then said, “Weishan and the rest are almost here as well. You should pass it on to them.”

“You two ladies won’t be spending a night here?” The pilot was in the pilot’s seat in front. He turned back with a laugh to say, “The wooden rooms here are nice and spacious. Not only is it cheap and comfortable, there’s also breakfast. It’s a rare to come by experience.”

Qi Ya only glanced coldly at him before turning back to Luonian to say, “We’re leaving.”

Ma Lian made a face at that pilot and laughed ‘hehe’ before following Qi Ya.

“That short-haired beauty has quite a temper.” The pilot gazed at the two healthy figures as they gradually faded away, then stuck out his tongue. Afterwards, he curled up and said, “Little Bro, help me out by closing the door? I’m freezing.”

“Wait a little.” Chen Luonian’s gaze turned towards the West. Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin had just passed the manor and were heading here. The two were also carrying large bags and were coming here to unload the carcasses. The two worked as they chatted with Luonian a little. After they learned Qi Ya’s suggestion, Ye Weishan agreed and immediately got in touch with the other three groups to let them know about this plan.

While Ye Weishan was getting in touch with the others, Lai Yixin went to chat with the pilot and listened to the pilot talk about the specialties of this region. When Ye Weishan finished contacting everyone, Lai Yixin jumped out of the helicopter and said, “Weishan, I hear that the sunrise here is really beautiful. Should we stay a night?”

Ye Weishan froze and her face turned red. She glowered at Lai Yixin but for a while couldn’t force out a single word.

Fuck! Shyness, anger, frustration, sweetness, all the possible colors of the rainbow were tangling together! What does this count as!? Chen Luonian saw that the atmosphere was so awkward he had to do something to try and save the situation. Thus, he asked Lai Yixin who looked like he was looking forward to staying, “Is Yixin suggesting that everyone stay here a night? Qi Ya doesn’t seem interested though.”

“Qi Ya’s not interested?” Lai Yixin felt like it was a great pity. “It’s only fun if everyone stays together. Wait, I’ll try asking again.”

When Ye Weishan heard this exchange, the red on her face gradually faded and left just a nice white color. Her expression turned stern and she glared at Lai Yixin. “I’m not interested either!”

“Huh?” Lai Yixin scratched his head, disappointed. “But this is the highest point of Nanheng? If a cold stream comes along it might snow? There even a very famous Great Guanshan Tunnel over there…”

“In any case, I’m not interested! We don’t even know when we’ll be finished working and this type of place probably doesn’t take last minute guests anyways,” Ye Weishan said as she glared at Lai Yixin. “Go ask and see if there’s anything like plastic bags. The back is full of monster carcasses, there’s not even a place to sit down.”

“Got it.” Lai Yixin could only run towards the Mountain Pass Manor with a dejected expression.

Ye Weishan followed Lai Yixin with her eyes. She felt a burst of sadness and couldn’t help but sigh. Suddenly, she recalled that Chen Luonian was right next to her and got a little embarrassed. She glanced at Chen Luonian who didn’t really have an expression and bit her lips a little. “That… there’s a local police station over there. I’m going to go say hello.”

“En.” Chen Luonian nodded. As he watched Ye Weishan leave with rapid steps, he couldn’t help but worry a little for her… He could tell that though she never expressed it, she did like Lai Yixin. But though Lai Yixin ‘saw, heard, and obeyed’ all her commands, he never seemed to express emotions of or desire for love. Is it really alright… for things to go on like this?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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