Island: Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6: Was There a Need to Use this Method?
>>Part 1<<

In a few minutes, Lai Yixin found plastic bags and brought them back. Chen Luonian took the initiative to take over the task of bagging the corpses so that Lai Yixin and Ye Weishan could leave first. He was halfway done when someone lightly knocked on the helicopter a couple times. Chen Luonian was already prepared for it and he opened the side door. However, he was surprised by the sight of three girls that looked about twenty.

The girl in the middle had a slender and well-developed figure. She had on a black coat and was wearing leather boots that reached her knees. Her hair was pulled up into a high bun and themakeup on her face was light. She smiled slightly with a sweet smile as she looked at Chen Luonian. “Little brother Luonian? I’m Qiaowen.”

“Qiaowen jie.” Chen Luonian nodded to her. This woman was dressed quite luxuriously. Is that fox fur on her coat? She better not let Huai Zhen see.

“These two are Peng Shiqun and Chi Mingmei.” Liu Qiaowen introduced the two girls wearing pantsuits and holding spikes, then asked with a slight smile, “Are you cleaning up the monster corpses? Let them do it and let’s chat a little?”

Chat about what? Chen Luonian stepped out of the helicopter, a little puzzled, as he followed Liu Qiaowen to the steep cliff. Liu Qiaowen only turned back and spoke after they reached the boundary of the cliff. “I heard that you’re from the same school as Weishan and the rest? Are you also a third year?”

“Second year,” said Chen Luonian.

“Only a second year?” Liu Qiaowen smiled, then said, “I envy you, you’re so young.”

“Huh?” Chen Luonian looked at her and couldn’t help but want to sigh. This woman seemed to speak casually but her thoughts so varied and complicated that it was hard to grasp.

“What are you looking at?” Liu Qiaowen smiled as she trailed a finger down her cheek to her chin. “Is there something on my face?”

“No.” Chen Luonian shook his head, then shifted his gaze to the valley below that was already submerged in the color of night.

Liu Qiaowen looked at Chen Luonian for a little while, then asked with a smile, “Can I ask you why you’re helping us?”

“Hah?” Chen Luonian hadn’t expected this question and was pretty surprised.

“Since you belong to a different sect and also have no intentions to expand your sect, why get involved and risk your life?” asked Liu Qiaowen.

What was her intentions behind asking this? Chen Luonian looked at Liu Qiaowen and replied casually, “I heard that it counted as breaking the law if members of martial dao schools refused to step up.”

“It doesn’t go as far as counting as a violation of the law. It’s just that they would have to follow very strict restrictions since they possess special abilities. The more troublesome part is when public opinion is used to pressure people into submitting. That’s why all the members of He Sect went into hiding,” said Liu Qiaowen. “However, it’s not like you’re the leader of some big sect. You’re just a little member that a little over a dozen years old. Who could blame you for not wanting to battle with monsters? Not to mention, you’re not even an adult yet.”

This made sense. He seemed to have been intimidated by Li Han and forgot about the fact that he didn’t have to take responsibility for stuff as a minor. Chen Luonian slightly furrowed his brows as he said, “Are you recommending that I leave Bai Sect?”

“Of course not. I just wanted to know how long you can help,” said Liu Qiaowen with a smile. “Bai Sect would be troubled if you suddenly changed your mind.”

Isn’t this simple? Chen Luonian immediately replied, “It won’t be any trouble if you guys just pretend I don’t exist.”

Liu Qiaowen was slightly taken aback but a smile soon reappeared on her face. “It’s not that simple. Do you think that Li Sect really won’t be suspicious with how fast everything went today?”

Chen Luonian asked, “So what if they do suspect?”

“Of course they’d want to find out the secret behind this ability to sense monster qi,” said Liu Qiaowen slowly. “To the best of my knowledge, there’s only one possibility. The Li Sect will definitely think of this possibility as well…”

Could it be that she knows how he exchanged spirits with the phoenix? Chen Luonian was rather shocked and he looked at Liu Qiaowen, waiting to see how she continued.

“It is said that there was a special way to go through Bian Ti in the past. It was called ‘Entering YaoT/N’,” said Liu Qiaowen. “This method not only changes one’s constitution but also allows the user to obtain some of the monsters’ special powers. The method has already been lost… However, since the Monster Binding Fraction that has gone extinct reappeared, it’s not impossible that the method of ‘Entering Yao’ had also been passed on.”

‘Entering Yao’? Chen Luonian had never heard of this term and he didn’t feel like the exchanging of spirits with the phoenix had anything to do with this. However, he could tell from Liu Qiaowen’s expression that she was rather confident in this conjecture. This meant that she truly does believe in this and that the Li Sect would likely seek him out as well due to interest in this method of ‘Entering Yao’.

“So?” asked Chen Luonian directly. He didn’t know the method of ‘Entering Yao’ so if she wanted to know, he could only ask her to please find someone better qualified.

“The original Sect Leader was a good person,” said Liu Qiaowen, suddenly changing the topic. “But as they say, ‘a person of noble character understands not petty deception’, so he had always submitted meekly to the oppression and bullying of the Li Sect. Or, perhaps, he was muddled for time and didn’t put his guard up against the Li Sect in time. In any case, you should take care in this regard.”

“En…” Chen Luonian couldn’t quite see through this woman. He didn’t feel like she was doing things out of pure kindness, but her words didn’t seem to contain any threats either. Thus, he could only nod and say, “I understand, thanks.”

“No need for thanks, after all, you are helping us right now.” Liu Qiaowei smiled, then suddenly reached out to fix Chen Luonian’s collar as she said, “I used to have a little brother next door who I was very close to. He was very much like you and always seemed to be unconcerned about everything. The moment I saw you, I thought of him.”

Fuck! This was definitely a lie! Chen Luonian might not have been able to see through some complicated thoughts instantly, but straightforward and simple words were easy enough for him to see through for him. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. This woman’s expression when telling lies is so sincere. But, why did she make up a story in order to trick him?

“It’ll probably be very busy again after today. We might not be able to meet again…” Liu Qiaowen retrieved her hand and reached into the inner left chest pocket of her black coat. She took out a delicate little box of business cards and, pulling one card out, she placed it in Chen Luonian’s hand as she said cordially, “You’re welcomed to call me anytime whether it’s a big or a small problem. I will help you with all my ability.”

Chen Luonian took the card and said, “Thanks.”

Liu Qiaowen smiled and then tried to stuff the box of business cards back. She tried several times but it wouldn’t go back into the pocket. Knitting her brows slightly, she grumbled, “I’m always so clumsy… Can you help me hold this for a moment?”

“Of course.” Chen Luonian took the box of business cards.

Liu Qiaowen undid the row of buttons on the front of her coat, pulled open the cover, then took the box and shoved it in. However, with this, the clothes she was wearing inside were revealed. She was wearing a semi-transparent purple blouse. Though that thin gauze, her skin was even more conspicuously white and her lace bra of the same color could faintly be seen. Below her plump chest and slender waist was a dark purple colored tight skirt that revealed her perfectly round butt. Between the dark skirt and her leather shoes were eye-catching fishnet stockings. This sexy outfit was so different from the sturdy and serious black coat that covered it that it caused people to involuntarily take a second look.

This woman actually wore a short skirt to the mountains to hunt monsters! What the heck is with that? If it was the him from three months ago, he definitely would have stared so much his eyes popped out. Chen Luonian was just about to speak when Liu Qiaowen sighed in relief and pulled together the fronts of the coat, concealing the springtime scene again. Her face was slightly red as she said, “My apologies, I forgot that I dressed rather casually.”

Forgot? You were totally doing it on purpose! Big Sis! Was there a need to use this method? However, though that scene earlier lasted no more than a few seconds, it did make a deep impression. If it was the past, he probably would have had a ‘very wonderful dream’ tonight… How hateful. Now he didn’t feel anything from seeing it. This was way too unfair! Damned phoenix! Return my interest in beauties!  

Liu Qiaowen looked at Chen Luonian, seeming confused as to why his expression was a little angry. She didn’t say anything more and turned to the side to redo the buttons. Suddenly, she turned back around with a slight smile. “Will you call me?”

“Uh…” said Chen Luonian. “I don’t know.”

“Tell me your phone number,” said Liu Qiaowen with a smile.

Chen Luonian didn’t really care so he asked with a shrug, “Do you have paper and pen? I only have a home telephone.”

“You can just say it,” said Liu Qiaowen with a wink. “I’ll memorize it.”

Now her memory is back to being good? After Chen Luonian told her, Liu Qiaowen gave a sweet smile, then turned and left leading the other two.


Not long afterwards, Lin Jingyi and Wu Jiafang came as well, leading their own groups. Chen Luonian sensed the distribution of monster qi in the surroundings and estimated that they would probably finish by ten with the current speed. Since it would still take three hours, he could take a break.

Chen Luonian had nothing to do so he told the pilot who was about to take a nap that he was leaving, then walked by himself back to Nanheng. Afterwards, he ran towards the west to the nearby Great Guanshan Tunnel to sightsee. However, it was already night so he couldn’t make anything out in the mass of black. All he could do was return in disappointment.

Chen Luonian waited for about another hour. As he walked around bored, he couldn’t help but start thinking that though Huai Zhen had a beautiful physique, it was only the gentle and beautiful appearance of someone in their twenties. That big sis’s full bosom and round butt from earlier was the sexy figure of a fully mature woman. If it weren’t for the cheat-like existence of Huai Zhen’s Enrapture Aura, this type of mature figure would probably more attractive to some people.

However, all types were ineffective towards him now. How sad ah. His life was already beyond saving.

Just as he was feeling sorry for himself, he started and looked towards the southeast. There seemed to be a martial arts expert using qixi to rapidly approach this place. Chen Luonian had never seen this type of speed before so he couldn’t help but be a little worried. Could it be it’s some strange monster again?

Not long later, that person got on the Nanheng Mountain Pass Manor road and soon switched to the speed of an ordinary person. He walked towards this direction slowly, seeming to be pretending to be a normal person. However, only a few seconds had passed between the start when Chen Luonian had sensed that person’s movements, til now when that person appeared in his vision. This person had actually been able to approach with a speed like this in the forest, it was unbelievable.

Chen Luonian looked over and saw that the person seemed to be a senior that looked over fifty. He was wearing a fluffy down coat and his hairline was receding to reveal a large shiny forehead. He had bright eyes and a firm chin line. From the looks of it, he didn’t seem like someone that would be easy to deal with.

“Hi! Little brother.” The senior walked out from the road that was covered by the shadow of the cliff and entered the public square. He waved towards Chen Luonian as he greeted him.

Although he was smiling, there was a sort of cool-headedness in his bones and the cold feeling that came from him also seemed to contain some ruthlessness. What kind of emotion is this? It caused people to feel subconsciously frightened. Chen Luonian cautiously nodded and greeted him. As he looked at the opponent, he thought, the way this person’s qixi condensed was strange. In addition, his inner and outer qi swirled about indefinitely so it was definitely not the Bai Sect’s cultivation method. Could it be Dual Cultivation? He was an expert from the Li Sect? But, why wasn’t he wearing their black uniform? And why’d he run all the way here?

That person walked over and looked at the helicopter before looking back to the side at Chen Luonian who was clearly only a bit over a dozen years old. He smile and asked in slight surprise, “Little friend, you’re not military personnel, right? What are you doing here?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – The term ‘entering yao’ looks really like ‘entering mo’ which is commonly used in cultivation novels and translated ‘falling to the internal demon’ or ‘qi deviation’. Mo is like an internal demon or refers to demonic existences, existences that practice dark techniques… yao on the other hand also refers to monsters/demons but they’re kind of natural existences like, plants can develop a soul and consciousness after several thousand years and become a ‘yao’. Then, after cultivating following the ‘good’ path long enough, they might become an immortal and ascend to Chinese heaven. On the other hand, if they follow the ‘dark’ path, they go through a variant of ‘qi deviation’ and become ‘mo’. In any case, I don’t know what’s the best way to tl this term, it seems to suggest entering the path that monsters use… so I’m just going with ‘entering yao’. To those of you who took the time to read this huge chunk of text, thanks~

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