Island: Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: It’s a Rainbow of Diverse Colors Now
>>Part 2<<

“Luonian, so you’re actually from a different sect?” Huang Zongru wasn’t quiet for long. “Huai Zhen jie is the Sect Leader?”

“En, it can be put that way,” replied Chen Luonian mildly.

Huang Zongru saw that Chen Luonian didn’t seem to want to talk about it so he thought for a bit and asked about something else. “Is this method of sensing monster qi classified information within your sect?”

Here it was again. It couldn’t be that everyone he encountered had to ask once, right? Chen Luonian glanced at Huang Zongru but still didn’t speak. Huang Zongru hastily said, “I’m not trying to probe. If it’s inconvenient then just forget it.”

Chen Luonian couldn’t very well get angry seeing as Huang Zongru was being this polite so he could only say, “This is related to one’s constitution, it’s not something that everyone can train in.”

“En…” Huang Zongru couldn’t find anything else to say and fell silent again.

Not talking worked too, let’s take a break for a moment. Chen Luonian leaned against the wall. When he recalled that he had to go to the airport early in the morning tomorrow, he couldn’t help but feel a headache. He definitely wouldn’t be able to get enough sleep tonight. Luckily, Uncle hadn’t been here these last couple days. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known how to explain himself.

“Um…” Huang Zongru started to speak again. “Luonian, did you know? Xiao Rui played a game together with us for a day.”

“En.” Chen Luonian nodded and asked, “What about it?”

“Nothing much.” Huang Zongru paused for a moment, then said, “She never shows much expression so we don’t know what she’s thinking. But when we ask her if she’s bored, she’d say she wasn’t.”

“Really?” Chen Luonian was at first a little surprised but after thinking it a bit, he realized he had never noticed since what he looked at wasn’t facial expressions. Huang Zongru was right. Wu Peirui really didn’t have much expression except when she occasionally smiled. She liked using that pair of bright eyes to look straight at people so people couldn’t really tell what she was feeling. However, since she always had the same expression, she looked a little foolish and blank. When Chen Luonian’s thoughts got to here, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is it?” asked Huang Zongru, surprised.

“Oh, nothing much.” Chen Luonian shook his head, then said with a smile, “I was just thinking of something funny regarding Xiao Rui.”

“Are you two really close?” asked Huang Zongru. “You helped her quite a bit this time… I… we’re also really happy that Xiao Rui could successfully join Bai Sect.”

What did this count as? It’s an aura that’s uneasy yet had a tinge of unusual softness? If it was compared to a color this feeling was really similar to… pink? Fuck!? Is someone in love? Chen Luonian looked at Huang Zongru and asked with furrowed brows, “You like her?”

“Huh?” Huang Zongru never imagined that Chen Luonian would be this direct. Blushing, he said, “I… I didn’t think that much…”

Crap, it changed colors again! It doesn’t seem to be the case? Chen Luonian was getting confused by what he saw and hastily said, “In regards to Xiao Rui, we’re just friends. I only think of her as a little sister.”

“En… I know, you shouldn’t misunderstand,” replied Huang Zongru awkwardly. He seemed a bit at a loss thinking about something.

It’s a rainbow of diverse colors now! What is this ah? Chen Luonian was a bit uncomfortable so he immediately switched the topic. “Your shield looks pretty useful.”

Huang Zongru snapped out of his stupor and his expression turned serious. “It’s still not good enough. Perhaps the shield needs to be a little heavier.”

His emotions changed to the silver-gray color of rationality. This was much more comfortable. Chen Luonian sighed in relief and said, “Would you be able to move it if it’s heavier?”

“En, that has to be taken into consideration too.” Huang Zongru pondered in silence for a while before saying, “It’s heavier weight wouldn’t make much of a difference if the monster would run into it on its own.”

In reality, on point ridicule and provocation abilities aren’t that divine and their enemies weren’t the dumb creatures in games either. Those creatures were nothing more than tricks designed so that team games would run smoothly. Chen Luonian shook his head and said, “Wouldn’t it be better to just use a sledgehammer if you’re just going to use it for ramming?”

“That’s completely different,” said Huang Zongru. “When using a shield with a large surface, you pretty much don’t need to worry about getting hurt. The main question is still how to make the enemy voluntarily attack.”

Voluntarily attack? Chen Luonian didn’t feel like trying to persuade any further so he said offhandedly, “The effects of the rock I threw last time didn’t seem bad.”

Huang Zongru’s eyes lit up. “Makes sense, that’s also a method of provocation. However, long distance weapons aren’t suitable for absorbing inner qi… are there any long range weapons that can be used with one hand?”

“A whip?” suggested Chen Luonian.

“En…” Huang Zongru considered it seriously.

“How about tying a rock in front of the whip? There also seems to be this sort of weapon?” Chen Luonian continued to come up with rotten ideas.

“A Bola? Or maybe a rope dart?” Huang Zongru said with a deliberating tone, “That doesn’t seem to work as a single-hand weapon and a spiked flail seems a little short… Haa, that’s not right.”


Rope Dart

Spiked Flail

“What’s not right?” asked Chen Luonian.

“Using a shield means you’re preparing for a close range battle. How can you use a long distance weapon?” Huang Zongru shook his head with a wry smile. “Wouldn’t it be useless once the enemy gets close?”

“Oh.” Chen Luonian hadn’t thought about that much. He just shrugged as he said, “Then just ram them with your shield? Why didn’t you put any spikes on your shield?”

“Because we were worried that if we encounter an opponent with monster qi that’s too strong, not only would the spikes be unable to injure the opponent, they would prevent me from diverging the opponent’s power,” said Huang Zongru. “It’s still more standard to be holding a blade in the right hand. I’ll continue trying to think of a better method.”

“En… they’re about to come out.” Chen Luonian turned around and looked below.

“Really?” Huang Zongru started slightly and turned around as well. Indeed, the glass door was being slowly pushed open. Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin walked out, one after the other.

“Is Yixin alright?” Huang Zongru hurriedly went over.

Chen Luonian, on the other hand, wasn’t worried. He could sense that the two felt like laughing. Lai Yixin also seemed a little excited so it could be seen that what they found out definitely wasn’t bad news.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” As expected, Lai Yixin replied with a gentle chuckle. “However, Sect Leader said we can’t explain right now so I’ll tell you guys later.”

“Don’t be so happy,” said Ye Weishan as she rolled her eyes at Lai Yixin. “You did break the rules of the sect. It’s a good thing the current situation is different.”

“Hehe.” Lai Yixin laughed a little, embarrassed, then said, “It’s also only because of this situation that I would break the rules ah.”

“You always have something to say,” Ye Weishan rebuked. “Let’s send everyone home.”

“Understood!” Lai Yixin climbed up the stairs and opened the jeep to let everyone in. As he started the engine, he said, “Luonian, earlier was the first time I heard that you belonged to a different sect.”

“En.” Chen Luonian made a sound in reply.

“Sect Leader said that people of your sect can’t defend themselves before binding a monster,” said Lai Yixin.

“Yixin!” Ye Weishan was shocked and she scolded, “Didn’t Sect Leader tell you not to randomly disclose that to people?”

“Oh.” Lai Yixin was stunned for a moment, then said innocently, “I count Zongru as one of us too though.”

Upon hearing that, Huang Zongru couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. However, they were all inside the car so it’s not like he could duck anywhere to give them space.

“I’m not saying that Zongru is an outsider,” said Ye Weishan in a bad humor. “It’s just that you shouldn’t casually mention these things. What are you bringing it up for?”

“It’s fine.” In any case, Chen Luonian had no plans to fight monsters and wasn’t that concerned about having no self-defense ability. He asked casually, “What about it?”

“It’s too dangerous like this!” said Lai Yixin. “I’ll help you design a special series of footwork.”

“Eh?” Chen Luonian was dumbfounded for a moment. “Didn’t I just learn a set today?”

“That’s for ordinary combat and pays particular attention to ways to naturally facilitate power as well as smooth movements. Practicing that isn’t bad,” Lai Yixin then shook his head as he said, “but you still need a specially designed one.”

“Huh?” Chen Luonian couldn’t keep up anymore.

“I still haven’t finished thinking it through yet,” said Lai Yixin with his brows furrowed. “Give me some time to figure it out.”

“It’s fine ah, take your time,” Chen Luonian said, unconcerned.

“And Zongru’s shield… today counts as your first real battle.” Lai Yixin was silent for a while before he said, “The efficacy of the shield really is displayed upon encountering strong enemies… Looks like the shield can be a little heavier?”

“That’s what I thought as well, but the opponent might not necessarily target me,” said Huang Zongru. “I was just talking to Luonian about this issue. Is there any way to lure the opponent’s attack?”

“There’s no need,” said Lai Yixin as he shook his head. “Usually, the person with the most powerful firepower is your dispersion type companion. You only have to stand in front of Weishan, the opponent will naturally target you.”

“Weishan is just like the sorcerer in games.” Huang Zongru exposed a smile, but then he furrowed his brows again. “However, I can only guard one direction. If the opponent’s movement speed is faster than mine…”

“If my prediction isn’t off, there’ll be an opportunity to resolve this problem.” Lai Yixin muttered to himself, “Of those four types of qi…”

“Yixin!” Ye Weishan glared at Lai Yixin.

“Ah.” Lai Yixin froze for a moment, then laughed as he said, “I still can’t tell you guys yet. Haha, let’s talk about your matter later. I’ll think about Luonian’s matter first.”

“Don’t you find it tiring? Always worrying about all kinds of stuff,” Ye Weishan grumbled quietly. “You haven’t even finished thinking about your own matters.”

“It’s fine, there’s definitely a way,” said Lai Yixin as he laughed.

Afterward, Lai Yixin focused on driving and everyone else also quieted down. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but be a bit puzzled. From the looks of the situation in which they battled with the wolf monster, Lai Yixin’s attack power seemed much greater than Ye Weishan’s. Why did he say that Ye Weishan had the strongest attack power? Could it be related to the trick Lai Yixin used today?

Chen Luonian’s home came into view. When he got down, he walked over to Lai Yixin’s window and said, “Yixin, if you’re really busy then you shouldn’t waste time thinking about my footwork.”

“Why?” Lai Yixin asked in surprise. “Do you have other means to protect yourself?”

“That’s not the case…” said Chen Luonian. “In any case, I might not necessarily be able to always help you guys so you should first work on your own matters or on other people’s matters… In the future, I’ll just stay behind if it’s dangerous.”

“Wouldn’t it be such a waste if you don’t go? Don’t worry, I’ll be able to come up with something. There’s always a way,” said Lai Yixin with a smile. “Don’t worry, don’t worry!”

This guy seems to be sincere… Wait, what does he mean ‘wouldn’t it be such a waste if you don’t go’? Chen Luonian really didn’t know how to convince passionate guys like this. To the side, Ye Weishan shook her head. “Luonian, don’t try to argue with Yixin anymore. Even if you argue with him an entire night, it’s still useless.”


“Don’t worry and go to sleep early. See you tomorrow morning at the airport.” Lai Yixin waved, then drove off.


The next day, the military helicopter transporting Chen Luonian and the others took off from Songshan early in the morning and headed south. Ye Weishan had already taught Chen Luonian the basic controls to the GPS processor before they reached Tainan airport. She had also explain the ways to use the satellite communication channel and the wireless channel. Then, Ye Weishan took out another device and had Chen Luonian copy her movements.

Chen Luonian saw Ye Weishan pull out a small earphone from below and put it in her ear so he hastily mimicked her moments. Following that, Ye Weishan said, “In a little bit, we’ll say hello to everyone… that’s right, Qiaowen jie entered the sect in the same generation as the Sect Leader. You have to be polite.”

Does she also seem like a big sister’s aunt? Chen Luonian nodded.

Ye Weishan glanced at Chen Luonian a couple more times worriedly before she started the group call. “Is Qiaowen jie online yet?”

“En, is this Weishan? Long time no see.” A happy and slightly delicate voice came from the earphone. After a slight pause, that voice said in a slightly displeased tone, “Why did you only look for me now? I waited for a long time already.”

“I was teaching Luonian how to use the GPS processor earlier and had just finished. So I was planning on letting everyone get acquainted.” Ye Weishan glanced at Chen Luonian and indicated for him to give a greeting.

It really didn’t seem like the way an aunty spoke. Chen Luonian said, “Qiaowen jie, I’m Chen Luonian.”

“Aiyah, so little brother Luonian was also listening,” Liu Qiaowen said with a laugh. “I really received a shock when Sect Leader got in touch with me last night. You really aren’t simple ah.”

Ye Weishan had told him before that they wouldn’t be able to keep this information secret so it’s best not to discuss the important details. Chen Luonian upheld the principle of ‘less words less mistakes’ and said, “It’s nothing much.”

Liu Qiaowen paused for a few seconds, then gave a soft laugh. “Where’s Qi Ya and Ma Lian? Why aren’t they saying hello to jiejie?”

Ye Weishan glanced at Qi Ya whose eyes were half closed as she rested on the chair. “They’re still resting and didn’t put on their earphones.”

“Alright, in any case, we’re all acquaintances so there’s no urgency… that’s right, our side should say hello as well,” said Liu Qiaowen. “Jingyi, Jiafang.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sigil

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