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I recommend you use Ctrl+F or the search function on whatever device you are on to find what you’re looking for. Terms are listed with Chinese first, the way I’m translating it as, followed by the meaning or what I think it is, and lastly, the chapter where I noted it down. This is partially for me to keep my terms consistent so there’ll be plenty of terms that don’t really need explaining included.
But, if I miss something you think I should add, leave a comment or email me. If you have suggestions or corrections from some of these tentative terms, than definitely email me at [email protected]!

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沈洛年 – “Chen Luonian” main character (1)
沈商山 – “Chen Shangshan” MC’s uncle (1)
朱国庸 – “Zhu Guoyong” the teacher (1)
黄宗儒 – “Huang Zongru” short guy (1)
侯添良 – “Hou Tianliang” tanned guy (1)
张志文 – “Zhang Zhiwen” triangular-faced guy (1)
赖一心 – “Lai Yixin” easygoing and cheerful guy (2)
叶玮珊 – “Ye Weishan” serious studious girl (2)
怀真 – “Huai Zhen” monster from Frog God Island (4)
玛莲小姐 – “Miss Malian” boisterous girl that took the beef noodle soup challenge (4.3)
奇雅小姐 – “Miss Qiya” expressionless girl (4.3)
宗长 – “Zong Zhang” probably the current Sect Leader (4.3)
祖师 – “founder” (5.1)
校長 – “headmaster” (5.3)
無敵大 – “Unrivaled Giant” Zongru (5.3)
吳中尉 – “Lieutenant Wu” (6.2)

Titles/Ways of Calling Someone:
导 – “Director Chen” MC’s uncle (1)
姊姊 – “Jie Jie” older sister, also a way to address females older than you (4.1)
修行者 – “practictioners” tentatively (4.1)

蛙仙岛 – “Frog God Island” (1)
仙界, 妖界、魔界、异界 -“Immortal World, aka Monster World, Demon World, or even Other World” (4.2)
道境 – “Dao Jing” Perhaps related to above^^ (5.3)
樹林 – “Shulin” city where Huang Zongru lives (7.2)
凡間 – “mortal realm” (7.3)

玉膏 – “Jade Cream” (3.4)
血冰戒 – “Blood Ice Ring” (4.1)
…五戒八律十守则 – “five Buddhist disciplines, eight laws, ten regulations” from the black leather book (4.3)
茶桶蓋 – “Tea tank lid” Huang Zongru’s shield?? (5.3)
妖獸 – “YAOSHOU” translates to monster beast, online game (7.2)

白泽 – “Hakutaku” (3.4)
仙 – “Fairy” in reference to Huai Zhen, also can mean immortal being (4.1)
仙狐, 天狐 – “Immortal Fox, Celestial Fox” (7.3)
鑿齒 – “Chisel Tooth” (7.3)

Related to Aura:
道息 – “Dao Xi” (2)
浑沌原息 – “Hun Dun Yuan Xi” tentatively nicknamed the Original Chaos Breath/Essence. It’s the thing that Chen Luonian got from the pheonix (3.4)
内气、外气、食气 – “Internal qi”, “external qi”, “nourishment qi” (3.5)
换灵 – “exchanging spirits” with the phoenix? (4.2)
妖氛 – “Monster Miasma” (5.1)
妖质 – “Yao Zhi” ttt Monster Essence (5.2)
納炁 vs 氣 – “Na Qi” vs “qi” seems to translate to receive the breath (of emptiness and fire) (5.3)
炁息 – “qi xi” both words individually means breath? Might refer to the qi that’s absorbed and processed by the person?(5.4)
元初生命之力 “Primary Fundamental Life Force” (7.3)

Related to Techniques:
咒誓 – “Contract Vow” (3.5)
媚术 – “charm spell”
媚惑之术、障眼之法、天成之气 – “Charming Techniques, Blinding Techniques, and Heavenly Aura” (4.2)
天成之气,又叫喜欲之气 – “Heavenly Aura, also called Enrapture Aura” (4.2)
道武兼修 – “Jian Xiu Martial Dao” (5.1)
变体 – “Bian Ti” transform (5.2)

Regarding the Sect:
宗派 – xah defined it as “Zong Sect” but I’m going to just use “Sect” for now (2)
派 – “Fraction” tentatively (4.1)
白宗 – “Bai Sect” Weishan’s sect, one of the branches of Martial Dao School (5.1)
道武门 – “Martial Dao School” (5.1)
专修派 – “Zhuan Xiu Pai” Bai Sect’s practice style, double cultivation(?) (5.1)
兼修派 – “Jian Xiu Pai” He and Li Sects practice style, single cultivation(?) (5.1)

Other terms:
相称 – “balance” (3.5)
属性是发散还是内聚 – “dispersion or congregation” (5.2)
妖化 – “Yao-ize” (5.3)
道入武 – “cultivating of Martial Dao” (5.3)
事無常、心易變、緣已滅、咒應散 – “matters fickle, hearts change, fates extinct, contract break” (7.3)
通道 – “channel” (7.3)

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