Isekai Maou – LN Parts 10-15 + Manga Ch. 1 Part 2

“Welcome back to the moonbunnycafe.” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

Isekai Soul-Cyborg starts waiting on visitors.

“A table for one, right?  Right this way.” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

Suddenly, a large butcher’s knife flies out from the kitchen and barely skims Isekai Soul-Cyborg’s nose.

“Eeeekkkkk!” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

Isekai Soul-Cyborg screams like a wimp and nearly wets his pants.

“Don’t tell them that!” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

A dark malicious aura is coming from the kitchen.

“Where the heck have you been!!?” (Voice from Nowhere)

“Eh, ah~, umm. At home. Te he pero” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

The dark malicious aura burst into black flames. Knives start flying at Isekai Soul-Cyborg from the kitchen. Isekai Soul-Cyborg barely dodges all of them.

“Get to work now!! And update a lot faster!!” (Voice from Nowhere)

“Roger~!” (Isekai Soul-Cyborg)

Here are the parts:
LN: Part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15
Manga: Part 2


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  1. Nelus Van Eembergen says:

    Lol, thank you for the chapter parts cyborg-kun
    Although i’m still gonna reread them at your own wordpress page ?

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