Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 14

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (14/15)
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He returned to their room and locked the door.

Already, it was evening.

The room that was only lit by candles was dim, dim enough that they could only vaguely see the walls, the bed, and each others’ appearance.

Since there were no chairs, Diablo sat Rem on the bed and gazed at her.

She was casting her eyes downward.

Her small panther ears were drooping down. They were shaking.

That’s so cute.

He wanted to pinch them.

——Ahh, this isn’t the time to be thinking that. I need to properly hear about her circumstances.

However, he didn’t want to use any coercive measures.

She was someone that had the possibility of moving together with him from now on. He wanted to maintain a minimal connection with her.

「There is only one thing I wish to hear……It is the reason why the Magician Society’s Head went out of her way to visit you.」

「……I won’t say it.」

Rem’s will was tough.

Although she looked frightened, she didn’t seem to intend to confide her secret to him.

Diablo was perplexed. The reason why he wanted to hear the hidden circumstances from Rem was because he wanted to take measures before the distress quest that would eventually happen would occur. He wanted to avoid making their relationship worsen, which could cause the problem to get bigger instead.

He decided to try to fill up the moat a bit more.

「Are you telling me to lend you my power while you keep secrets from me?」

「……That’s……That’s, true, but……But, I don’t want to talk about it.」

「Hou? Does that secret of yours bring about any disadvantages for me?」

「……No……It’s because, if I were to tell it to you, I’m sure that you would also separate from me.」

It was a depressed voice.

Enough to make Diablo speechless for an instant——The Rem that was within the very dim light had lonely, desperate eyes.

She continued.

「……I, have a repulsive secret……If you were a summoned beast that were only strong, I probably would have talked to you about it. However, you are able to choose between me, Shera, or even a completely different path……That is why, I am scared. I absolutely require your, the Demon King of another world Diablo’s, strength……But, if you were to know my secret, I am sure you would keep your distance from me.」

——So, in other words, she didn’t want to talk because she was insecure.

Rem was afraid that after learning her secret, Diablo go away from her.

A repulsive secret, huh.

Moreover, there were probably people that kept their distance from her after learning about it. Enough to bear a wound on her heart.

——Even if I were to say that I’m fine with it, she probably wouldn’t be able to believe me.

And then, there’s no mistake that it was a pattern where things would be too late by the time he built up a relationship with her where she could believe in him.

If Diablo were doing a virtuous Hero role-play, that’s probably how it would turn out.

He did not possess the communicative ability that would let him say the magic words that would erase Rem’s grief.

There was not enough time to get her to believe in him, and he was lacking in the art of conversation to bring out courage within her.

——A Demon King should do things in a Demon King-like way.

Diablo smiled.

In an extraordinarily villainous way.

「I understand the reason why you do not want to say it. However, what I want to hear is about the reason why Celes had come to visit you. Did you think a Demon King would go easy on you?」


Rem tried to draw back, but she was already sitting down on the bed.

But even so, she skillfully crawled up on top of the bed. To move her body so easily, as expected of a Pantherian.

Chasing after her, he pressed down on her shoulders.

Diablo was higher in both AGI and STR.

And above all, Rem was frightened and in a state where she couldn’t bring out her usual abilities.

「Ku ku ku……As I thought, it looks like torture is required.」

「Uuu……A, are you……planning on raping me?」


He didn’t have that idea.

Certainly, as he did pressed her down on top of the bed, he wondered why he didn’t have that kind of idea.

Because he had a lifestyle where he couldn’t remember the last time he even talked to a girl in his real life before, this was probably something reasonable.

Even in real life, he was naturally a solo player……wait, that was just damaging himself.

As Diablo was staying silent——maybe having accepted it, Rem had tightly shut her eyes and was trembling.

Her eyelashes were long.

Her slender shoulders, and her slender limbs. Her miniature-like fingers. Her cherry blossom color lips.

She had a somewhat earthy smell. Was it because Pantherians were of the Earth attribute?

Along with that, she also had a sweet aroma.

Her clothes that looked like a dress disheveled, and the hem of her skirt turned up, her white thighs could be seen.


This feeling of how she’s so cute that if he were to touch her anywhere that he could only become a criminal was amazing.

The tears at the corners of her eyes glittered.

Although he had pinned down her shoulders, what should he do next?

He thought that she would do as she was told if he were to taunt and threaten her a bit but……even threatening her made him feel sorry for her.

With her black hair spread out on the sheets, she somewhat looked like a hug pillow or a “sleep together” sheet. No, it’s the opposite. What was imitating girls was those goods.

Looking like they were hiding in Rem’s black hair, her panther ears were also quivering.

Is it alright if it’s around here?

He extended his fingers.

He pinched her tufty panther ears.



Thin. And then, the fur was soft and felt silky.

When he slid his fingers from the base to the tip of the ear, the sensation of the pad of the fingers streaming across the fur was, supreme bliss. And then, the feeling of moderate resistance when he stroked the puffed up fur, was also paradise.

*Shuku shuku shuku* (stroking), he savored the sensation.

Rem twisted her body.

「Ha, nn!?」

「What’s wrong? Is it ticklish?」

「……Y, yes……Could I have you……stop that?」

She had just barely managed to keep her cool attitude, but it would seem that her ears were fairly sensitive.

Diablo showed a smile.

「Well then, you should say your secret.」

「No way!?」

「So you’re not going to say it. Well then, I have no choice.」

Gently pinching the panther ear, *shaku shaku shaku*, he increased the rubbing.

*Bikun, bikun* (Twitching), Rem had reacted.

「Han……!? Ah! Ah! You……can’t……!!」

「Fumu fumu, so it feels good at the edge of the ear?」

Whether he touched the hair ends or not, he was attacking the bare edge of the outline.

The light and repetitive skimming of fur on his finger was ticklish.

Rem was slightly trembling.

「Fuau!? Nnaaah……N, no way……Nn……Ku……Hafuu……Nngh……It, it tickle……s……」

Her cool attitude had completely flown away.

Her facial expression had crumbled, and she was gasping with a high-pitched voice that was different from usual.

Diablo’s heart rate was also strangely going up.

「Then, how about the base?」

This time, he scratched the opposite side of the base of the panther ear. So that he wouldn’t injure her, he did it with the impression of stroking her with the tip of the nail.

*Biku, biku*, Rem responded as if she were to hop up, and her white fingers grasped the sheets.

The sides of the sheets were turned up, and straw was peeking through.

「Ha! Ah! Nnnn!! D, don’t……nn ku……That place……Ah! If you rub that……Ah, Aaahhhhh……!! The back of the ear! Doooooon’t!!」

「Are you going to say your secret?」

「……I……I……won’t say, it.」

「Such a stubborn one. In that case, I’ll do this.」

At the base of the other ear, he used the fingertips of both hands,  and with ten fingertips, he stimulated it.

*Kori kori kori kori kori kori kori kori kori kori……* (scratching)


The muscles along Rem’s spine spasmed, and her waist rose up.

Disheveling her hair, when she tried to escape, she moved to the edge of the bed.

He thought “it’d be dangerous if she fell”, but if he were to grab her arm or shoulder while she was struggling so much, he just might injure her.

To make a wound on such beautiful skin, even if the gods would forgive it, the Demon King wouldn’t.

When Diablo covered her from above, he turned his left arm so that her head was within his arm and pinned down her right shoulder. With this, she probably wouldn’t fall from the bed.

Although it looked like he pinned her down so that she wouldn’t escape——he didn’t have that kind of intention. Probably.

Even during that time, his right hand was caressing the panther ear.

「Hin! Nn, ah……Nah……T, that’s……don’t……my ear…….is tickl……Kufuu, such a……Nhaahh.」

「How about it?」

「Hyau!? Haa, haa……Nnn……Kuh……I, I won’t……say……Nn……it.」

Because he was covering her, his own lips were too close to Rem’s ear. Maybe his breath got caught on it. But still, the reaction from that time was extremely good.

He tried blowing.



It was a completely different reaction from when he was stimulating it with his fingers.

It wasn’t strong, but it felt like it had reverberated in her core.

Rem’s breathing was disordered, her face was flushed, there were tears spilling from the corner of her eyes, her back was bent backwards, her fingertips were grasping the sheets, and the tips of her toes were stretched out.

Just one more push——is what he thought it would take. For some reason or another.

With clouded eyes, she stared at him.


「Do you feel like saying it?」

「I, I, can’t any……more……Something this……embarrassing.」

Oh crap.

So cute.

Enough that it looked like even he couldn’t take it anymore.

「Rem, leave everything to me. No matter what circumstances you have, a Demon King will take it all in.」

While saying that, he opened his mouth.

Diablo held Rem’s panther ear in his mouth.

With his lips, tongue, and teeth, he savored her soft part.

Those stimulations piled up on top of each other and made the short girl’s body convulse.

「Kuhauuuuu……ッ!? AH……Aaah……Nhaaaa……Tsaaahhhhhhhhhhh—————ッ!?」

Within his arms, Rem quivered several times.

She continued to raise a scream that was loud enough that was surprised and wondered how such a loud voice could come out from such a small body.


After some remarkably grand trembling, Rem became limp and exhausted.

In the end, even her screaming voice became hoarse.

With even the sound of her breathing having disappeared, he was a bit worried.

Diablo released his lips.


「……Uugh……Hi, kuh」

Rem let out some sobbing.

——I made her cry!?

Diablo went on his elbow and raised his body.

「O, oi?」

「……Uu……Hih, kuh……Uugh….Kuh……Hikuh」

The area around her eyes was red.

P 131

*Boro boro* (appearing in drops). Transparent drops were overflowing and going along her cheeks.


Did he go a bit too far?

「Are you, hurt somewhere?」

「……That’s not……I’m so hap……py…….So happy.」

「Wh, what?」

Could it be, her panther ears felt that good!?

Rem talked with her sobbing mixed in.

「……Uuu……It’s because……you said……no matter……the circumstances……y, you would take……it all in.」

「Nn? Ah, o, of course.」

He felt like he said something like that in the course of things.

If it were some outrageous secret, what would he do.

——How could this be. I even thought that I’d go my whole life unrelated to things that would invite trouble from female relationships.

Rem calmed her breathing down.

If there was a water supply, he could at least draw some water, but unfortunately, in this world, drinkable water was a high-class item, and was something one couldn’t buy unless they went to the bar’s counter.

「Nn? No, come to think of it……」

It was something that he couldn’t do in the game due to the specifications, but this world’s chemical elemental magic is greatly affected by his own imagination. If he could at least extract the moisture from the atmosphere, and if he were to do it with the gist of it being like a dehumidifier, it should be possible.

He decided to test it out a bit.

Diablo opened up the palm of his hand, and, in addition to that, he decisively imagined a small sized ice sculpture.

He didn’t mind if the shape was simple.

It was a glass that he always used. That and, he gathered moisture from the air. Magic of the lowest level.

「《Ice》 as well as 《Water》.」

Diablo’s hand shined, and a glass of ice and pure water appeared.

Remembering the setting explanation, he estimated that he would be able to use it this way, but it was something he had to try out.

Rem’s eyes became round.

「……This, is?」

「A glass and water. Though, since it’s a glass of ice, it’s slippery.」

Supporting her back, he raised her body.

And then, he handed her the glass.

「……ッ……It’s, cold.」

「Don’t drink it all in one gulp. Do it slowly.」

When she held the glass of ice using both hands, although she was surprised, she moistened her throat.

If he could create products like glass and ceramics, it looked like it could be useful in more daily life things. In that case, would that make it earth attribute magic? That wasn’t exactly his strong point. He decided to test it out when he had some time.

Rem took a breath.


「Are you alright now?」

Since she did a small nod, he dispersed the glass of ice and the water.

When he became aware of things, he was sitting shoulder to shoulder with her on top of the bed and supporting that small back of hers. It was just as if he were embracing the shoulder of a lover.

——No, this is just, looking after her. Ah, I said that this was torture before, didn’t I!

The reason why a person of Celes’ caliber would visit a cheap hotel. And to hear Rem’s secret were his objectives.

Rem was staring at him.

The eyes of a kitten, this was probably those felt.

It was like there was a small bit of fear and huge expectations were stuffed into them.

Diablo didn’t urge her on.

Her cherry blossom lips opened.

「……The Demon King Krebskrem’s soul……is sealed within me.」

「ッ!? I see.」

Diablo nodded.

Rather, Rem was the one that was surprised and made her eyes round.

「……Eh? Is that it? Are you not repulsed by it? Do you not find that dreadful? Do, do you……not……hate me for it?」

「The Demon King Krebskrem’s soul is repulsive? Dreadful? What are you saying, I am the Demon King Diablo, you know?」

「……Th, then.」

「Celes said that she wanted to protect you. Going by that, it would be valid to think that the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul would be released if you were to die or if you were kidnapped by the demonic beings. Furthermore, you don’t know of any means to take it out right now. If you did have those means, you’d get surround by the war potential from around the world, take it out, and defeat it, right?. And then, the only one that knows about this would pretty much be Celes. Naturally including the people of the town, not even the underlings of the Magicians Society know about this. That’s because I don’t think that hysteric wire man would attach “-sama” to the one possessing the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul. Those people only think of you, Rem, as an excellent Summoner. How is it? Did I get something wrong?」

Her eyes became round.

「……Y, you are correct……The soul’s release, will be when I die.」

「Just in case, I’ll make this inquiry. Did your mother also harbor the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul?」


Rem nodded.

So in other words, the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul is hereditary. From mother to daughter……

If this were the MMORPG Cross Reverie’s settings, Diablo would’ve had great boos for the administration.

To burden the fate of the world on a single girl’s shoulders, isn’t that way too cruel.

Moreover, she was way too powerless as an adventurer.

「Hmph……The “Gods” or what have you are unexpectedly not all that great. To force anything and everything on such a small girl then disappear……Very well, I shall pulverize the likes of the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul for you. Well, it is necessary to do some research on the method of taking it out for the time being.」

There should be more various things to be researched than what the Head of the Magician Society understood.

Next time, he would ask about those.

He got a big hit from searching for the secret.

There was no mistake that this was information that would be the key of the story quest that would connect to the game’s ending.

Something like a worthless, tearjerking scenario, just who would play something like that in the proper order.

「Nn? What’s wrong, Rem?」


She started shedding tears with much more vigor than before.

*Waa waa* (crying), she raised her voice and was crying.

「……This was……first, time…….didn’t ……away from me……ッ……Aahhh……ッ!!」

Since it was mixed in with her sobbing, he couldn’t hear her all that well.

Come to think of it, she did worry about Diablo leaving her if she exposed her secret to him.

「Hmph……You looked down upon me too much. On this Demon King of another world Diablo……I am not a weak being that would separate from you for something of that level.」

Rem was sobbing, and he couldn’t really tell what she was saying.

Before long, just like a child, she grew tired from crying and fell asleep.

Since they were already on the bed, he just placed the blanket on top of her just like that.

Her sleeping face is also cute.

——No, that’s not what I mean.

This was the first time she showed a relieved expression.  It was because she usually looked like she was bracing herself.

Diablo made a sigh.

「Still, she raised an amazing scream. Furthermore, she did cry and shout……With a voice that loud, it was probably heard in the other rooms as well. Just how will I be thought of. Haa……Well, it’s fine since I’m doing a Demon King role-play.」

He needed to tell Shera that he was finished.

Also, for the time being, he thought that he should apologize to the poster girl for being so noisy. Though, he wouldn’t say that it was because it concerned the fate of the world.

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