Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 11

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (11/15)
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In the large room on the second floor, there was only one large bed.

——So it wasn’t three beds!?

In the game, there wasn’t a classification of 『large room』 and 『small room』 to begin with since the fee for staying one night was fixed, so there were various differences.

The bed was a wooden frame with a sheet placed on a bunch of bundled straw. There was a smell of hay drifting in the room.

It seems that bedding like this was used in mediaeval Europe……He had never thought that he would have to sleep in a bed of straw. Moreover, with two girls.

If he were to tell himself from last night 『Tomorrow night, you’ll be sleeping with beautiful Elf and Pantherian girls in a straw bed』, he thought that he’d reply back with 『Eh!? Have I, finally gone crazy!?』.

There was only one blanket.

He didn’t think that it would be cold enough for them to freeze at night but……

One sheet, huh.

There wasn’t any furniture other than that. The window had a wooden board and glass wasn’t used at all.

Floorboards that were polished up and had a luster and meringue colored walls. Not having a loft, the triangular ceiling that had its boards built across a beam was a medieval European architectural structure that he had not seen in the modern-era. The candlesticks that were furnished on the walls brought about an antique atmosphere.

It was a modest room.

However, Diablo felt excitement from the ambience that he was seeing for the first time.

It was enough that he wouldn’t lose interest from just gazing at the room from the entrance but——

There was one bed.

With the bed in between them, Rem and Shera glared at each other looking displeased.

「……Why was I put in the same room as you. By all rights, it was to be comfortably pass the time by one……No, by two people……Could I have passed the time……No, I should have passed the time」

「That’s my line! Rather! If you hadn’t said that you were Diablo’s Summon Master, I would have finished my Adventurer registration long ago!」

They had placed their respective baggage at the sides of the bed.

Diablo was standing at the room’s entrance.

Since it looked like if he were to make even a step to either one of them, one of them would either start to cry or fly into a rage, he couldn’t carelessly move.

「……Just how would a wandering Elf that hasn’t even finished the Adventurer registration bring up the funds for the inn fee? Camping is all you can afford, right.」

「A lifestyle without a bed is unimaginable, you know!? About the money……well, that is……I was kind of gonna earn it after that……and if I didn’t earn it, it’d be kind of bad……」

「……You, it can’t be that, you don’t have the money for the inn fee, right?」

「I do have it! I do……have it? Yeah, I feel like……I have it……Since I still have that pretty thing I took out from the treasury……It, it’s fine! Since I’ll earn it! Since I’ll earned it together with Diablo!」

「……I told you not to use the Demon King that I summoned as you please——」

——These two really do love to fight.

Diablo had passed being troubled and had a pleasant feeling.

Although they had pulled out their weapons the first time, now, they’re quarrelling with only their mouths.

Nonetheless, there was something he wanted to do before letting them continue to fight.

「Oi, you guys. Rather than having that pointless quarreling, let us first tell each other about ourselves.」

He knew their names from the flow of conversations.

The tiny, black haired, panther-eared Pantherian was Rem Galeu. Possessing about seven summoned beasts and seeming to be a pretty excellent Summoner, she is also someone that has “-sama” attached to the name when called.

The one that is blond and has big breasts despite being an Elf was Shera L Greenwood. She yearns to be a Summoner but seems to specialize in the bow. She seems to be “someone from an amazing household”.

That was about it for the information that he knew regarding the two.

From here on out, for Diablo to succeed in living in this world, he had no choice but to get a large amount of information from these two.

——I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to return to my original world after all.

It’s not like he necessarily had to live with one of them being the Summon Master, but the possibility of living with that kind of lifestyle was the highest at present.

It was essential that he confirm the girls’ motives.

If their reason for going on adventures was something like “searching for a place to die” or “going to meet a guy that was stronger than me”, he simply could not associate with them.

In this world that felt this real, it’s probably not possible that it will end with just 『in the event you die, you’ll lose some experience points and restart』.

「There must be some suitable circumstance that led you two to summon one such as myself……I shall allow it, tell me your goals and special abilities.」

「……Would it be alright to take that as you are thinking about which one of us you will treat as the Summon Master?」

「Eh, really!? You’re willing to become a summoned beast!?」

「According to your thoughts and abilities, I may be willing to lend a hand.」

Though, the truth was that he wanted to safely be a shut-in. But he couldn’t live if he didn’t earn it.

In front of him, Rem timidly opened her mouth.

「……Allow me to name myself once more……I am Rem Galeu. Why I had aimed to be an adventurer is, it’s more like I had no choice but to do so, but……It’s because it’s necessary to continue showing my strength.」

「Necessary to continue showing your strength?」

「……That is, my personal circumstance.」

She peeked over at Shera. It was probably something that was difficult to say in front of her.

Rem continued speaking.

「……At any rate……I have to be strong as an adventurer……And then, I have the final goal of defeating the Demon King Krebskrem and annihilating that soul.」

The objective of subjugating the Demon King is something that should be natural as an adventurer. At least, in the game, that’s how it was set up.

However, even if that is the official stance, in reality, it becomes a goal of money or prestige.

Based on her way of speaking, maybe it was her serious personality.

Or maybe it was because she was concealing her true objective.

「……My special skill is, summoning techniques. Other than summoning you, a Demon King of another world, I have already made contracts seven powerful summoned beasts. Right now, they are transformed into crystals and are in my pouch.」

「Umu, I understand.」

She looked like she had many secrets.

However, she doesn’t look like she fools around——is what Diablo thought.

The way she spoke was intellectual and prudent. How she sounded like she had many secrets was because she spoke while being prudent about how much information she should disclose.

The Pantherians should be a race that is suited to the speed-fighter type. If she’s excellent as a Summoner, which is a derivative of the Magician, there must be a reason for her piled up efforts.

He did not hate hard workers.

Also, she was cute.

Her body build was flexible and tight, her height was short, and her dynamic garments suited her very well.

Not only did Pantherians have cat-like ears, they also had flocculent, long and narrow tails. The tail that extended out from her pleated skirt was high in points.

——Ahh, no no no! This isn’t the time to be thinking about stuff like that !

In order to gloss over the fact that he unintentionally loosened his mouth, he cleared his throat.

Shera opened her mouth looking dissatisfied.

「If you already have seven of them, then wouldn’t it be alright to give Diablo to me!」

Rem breathed a sigh.

「……You really are stupid, aren’t you. There are two mistakes in that one sentence. First, I’ve said many time that Diablo is not a summoned beast. And then, the other is that it isn’t possible to transfer summoned beasts to another.」

「I told you that the one that called Diablo was me! Hey, you think so too, right!?」

That subject was brought up to him.

Making her eyes sparkle, I want you to agree with me——was written on her face.

Diablo urged Shera with his chin.

「You should also talk about yourself. Depending on what you say, I do not mind considering it.」

In a flash, Shera’s expression became bright.

「Really!? I, I am Shera L. Greenwood! I just happen to have the same surname as the Elven royalty but I’m completely unrelated to them, okay!?」

——Ahh, so that’s how it was.

He had felt that he had read the name of Greenwood somewhere in the setting documents.

Just as Shera had said, it was a name of the forest that was the Elves’ nation. And then, it seems that Greenwood is the surname of the Elven royalty even in this world.

There was also a time where you saved that place’s Princess in a quest.

Also, this is a bit of proof but, it seems that it couldn’t be entered as a player name.

Rem put in a retort.

「……If you’re not related, it would be fine if you didn’t expressly call yourself that.」

「Ah, that’s right! That’s totally why I made it so that I wouldn’t say it! U, umm……It’s alright to continue as if I didn’t say that, right!?」

Though, when they first met at Starfall Tower, she had already named herself as such……

「Do as you like.」

「Anyway, because of that, eh~……the reason why it thought I’d try to become an adventurer is, because it looked like I was about to exhaust all of my money and, the pursuers……Umm, well, that is, various things happened, and I thought it’d be nice if I were together with a strong person. Also, traveling alone is long and lonesome……Also, I totally have the talents of a Summoner!」

Maybe because she remembered something in the middle, she made a forlorn expression for only an instant.

She seemed shallow in prudence but her honesty made a good impression.

Since she can’t keep things a secret, there will probably be a lot of trouble, but if he were to be together with this girl with a cheerful personality, there probably wouldn’t be any troublesome anxiety.

Though, just like Rem, there’s no mistake that she is keeping something secret……

Also, she’s beautiful.

Just like how the setting for Elves is that 『they are the closest to the divine beings among all of the races』, that sparkling hair, that transparent skin, and that slender body, they all looked like they were designed like the sculptures. And despite all of that, their movements were flexible and full of elegance.

Furthermore, Shera possessed abundant bulges on her chest that greatly differed from the flat chested image that the Elves had. When he looks at those, he starts to stop caring about the difficult things like safety and adventuring.

——No no no! Life is important! Like I said, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that kind of stuff!

Be calm, be calm, is what Diablo told himself.

Shera put her hands on the bed and leaned her body forward.

「A-anyway! This is my self-introduction! So Diablo is fine with being my summoned beast, right!? Right!?」

Due to her posture of leaning forward, *Tayun*, her bulges shook and the valley of that pair of spheres was emphasized.

Rem’s facial expression cramped up.

「……You coward.」

「What are you talking about, Rem!? I haven’t told any lies!」

「……I don’t want my name to be called without an honorific by high-in-fat Elf that has pointless meat attached.」

「Wha!? I also don’t want to be called something like a high-in-fat Elf! My name is Shera after all!」

「……Shall I call you high-in-fat Shera?」


They’re about to start fighting again.

Though, Diablo did understand that him not choosing one of them was the cause of the two’s fighting.

——I still can’t declare “I shall become your strength and only live for you”.

They looked like they had something to hide, but they probably had a reason that they couldn’t talk about it.

While thinking about what he should do, he gazed at the quarrelling girls.

The door that was behind Diablo was knocked on.

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