Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 12

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (12/15)
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Come to think of it, they were warned to not be noisy.

Could that have been the inn’s poster girl?

Diablo stepped away from in front of the door. At that time, since he had casually moved to Rem’s side, Shera made a face like she had just received a shock but……he pretended like he didn’t notice. If he were to delve into it now, it’d be a quandary.

Rem, who was the one that paid the room’s bill, responded to the knock as the representative.

「……Come in.」

「Please excuse me.」

It was a voice that was like the sound of a bell.

The door opened.

The visitor, she was a beautiful woman.

She was a kind looking person.

Her long blue hair plaiting at the back of her head, it dribbled to the front side of her chest.

She had closed the red mantle, which had an extravagant gold embroidery applied to it, as if it were a coat, but at the same time she made her greeting, she brushed it behind her.

P 100

Because she was completely covered with a soft-looking light blue robe that had a height that went from her shoulders to her ankles, there wasn’t any skin exposure, but since it had a tight design, her affluent bodyline became expressed.

He was a bit troubled as to where he should place his eyes.

What she held in her hand was a beautiful wand of white porcelain with a gold ornament. He understood that she belonged to the Magician occupation.

Judging from her first class clothing, she was surely a person with a high position——is what Diablo guessed.

Age-wise, she was probably in her mid-twenties. Even though she was only smiling, a hidden open-mindedness could be sensed within her.

「Hello, everyone……Rem-san, so you really are sharing a room. Since it looks like you’ve made some friends, I’m so happy.」

Rem shook her head left and right.

「……We aren’t friends. It is the one that I summoned from another world and an extra that I don’t really understand. Please think of her as mold clinging to the wall and ignore her. Her clothes are green after all.」

「Isn’t that a bit too mean!?」

Shera lamented.

When the woman cheerfully laughed, she redid her greeting.

「Ufufu……This is the first time we’ve met, isn’t it? I am called Celestine Bordorel. Call me Celes, okay? Although I’ve come today due to business with Rem-san, by all means, I would like to hear the story of you two.」

Her behaviour of slightly tilting her head to one side was sweet.

Even though she was mature and gentle, she also had a child-like charm.

——Nevertheless, Celestine? This is also another name that I’ve read somewhere……If I’m not mistaken, she’s the Magician Society’s……

He had recalled it, but he desisted from voicing that out.

It was because it would be strange if a Demon King that came from another world knew about it.

Thankfully, it seems that Shera had noticed.

「Eh!? By any chance, are you the one of this town’s Magician Society!? Celestine Bordorel-sama!?」

「Yes. Some coincidences piled on top of each other, and now I am currently acting as chief in the Faltra Magician Society.」

Although Celes looked embarrassed, she nodded.

——Magician Society.

In the game, it was an organization that players weren’t able to belong to, but it was a name that he often read.

When the variety of magic increased from an update, 『It’s a new discovery by the Magician Society~』 is how it would be explained.

That and, there were many times that name came up as the requestor of quests.

As an organization, it probably had an impression of a state-run research institution.

Usually, only one would exist in each city, but there were also rare cases where there would be two or more.

All of the Magician Societies had built a loose cooperation relationship, but because the characteristics differed in every city, there were merits and demerits to it.

However, they also had a common setting.

The barrier that protects the town is maintained by that town’s Magician Society’s chief.

In other words, with her existing, the Frontier Town Faltra will be protected from demonic beings and demonic beasts.

He had also seen the name of Celestine Bordorel as the requestor of quests, but he didn’t have a recollection of her making an appearance as an NPC. So she had this kind of appearance.

——Why would a big-wig like that expressly come to an inn on the outskirts?

Celes should have already exhausted her strength from maintaining the barrier at the Magician Society’s innermost department. For such a motivated shut-in to expressly come to visit, there is probably suitable reason.

She put her hands together with a *pon*.

「I know. Everyone, would you like to have dinner together with me? Seeing as how you have some complex circumstances after all.」

Her eyes that had gone narrow from her smiling face turned towards Rem and Shera’s necks.

There, the slavery chokers were present.

Diablo nodded in assent.

「Very well. I was just getting hungry.」

「……Then I will sit with you. After all, I am Diablo’s Summon Master.」

「That’s sly of you to declare that in front of Celes-sama! I told you that Diablo is mine!」

It was the usual two.

Celes tilted her head.

「Uun……It seems that the situation is more complex than I had thought, isn’t it? Together with that problem, we just might be able to point out some ways to solve things. Now, let’s go.」

Turning her heel, she left the room.

Rem continued after her.

Compared to how she was quarrelling just a little while ago, Shera continued after them with light manner of walking.

「Food~, food~, some proper food~?」

——Come to think of it, she said that she didn’t have any money, didn’t she. By some chance, she might not have had a decent meal.

It was an awfully doleful song.

Although Diablo had said so with his mouth, he didn’t feel particularly hungry.

What he needed was information more than a meal.

It could probably be called fortuitous to be able to speak with a key figure of the town.

He left the room.

There should be a bar that is managed together with the inn.

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