DDFYM – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Gourmet seafood


“There are so many swordfish!”

“Even the weakest one is a Saint Beast!”

“All those at the front are Divine Beasts!”

All those on board who saw the school of fish were all discussing heavily. However, they weren’t surprised. It was as if it wasn’t their first time encountering this kind of situation.

Sima You Yue was quite curious when she saw the school of swordfish. She wondered how powerful the spirit beasts in the water were.

“The front of the swordfish is extremely sharp. Do not let them come close to the ship!” Sima You Lin ordered.

They began to attack the swordfish that came close to the river and a column of water would shoot out from their mouths. Those Spirit Overlords quickly used their Spirit Arts to reflect it back, dispersing the columns of water midair and sending them back into the water.

Sima You Yue participated in the battle as well and directed her spirit attacks to those swordfish, especially to their piercing attacks. It was one shot one hit for her.

Many swordfishes had their sword-noses broken and fresh blood stained the sea.

“Those two Saint Beasts are coming close to the boat!” Someone shouted.


Two Spirit Saints flew into the air with a grunt as they began to battle the two Saint Beasts.

Those two spirit beasts were merely at rank one or two, so their strength was roughly equal to a third or fourth ranked Spirit Saints. However, those two Spirit Saints were already fifth rank. That’s why they were able to battle them.

Sima You Yue watched the battle carefully from the deck. When it just started, she had no idea how Sea Beasts could be stronger than the beasts on land. However, she found out later that it was the seawaters that protected the beasts, weakening any attacks on them to a certain degree.

She called Little Roc out and ordered, “Go and catch two swordfish for me, oh, it will be best if they’re both Saint rank.”

“Yes, Master!” Little Roc acknowledged as he spread his wings and aimed to catch one of the swordfish.

“Four Winged roc!”

Quite a few people recognised Little Roc the moment they saw him.

“Saint beast!”

“It’s really a Saint beast!”

“This is Young Master You Yue’s contracted beast!”

“Isn’t Young Master’s contracted beast that Saint ranked Fox?”

“He has two saint ranked beasts!”

“Even Young Master You Lin only has two Saint ranked beasts, right? So he does as well!”

“Chirp chirp-”

Little Roc flew on top of the swordfish and swooped down. He was quick and was merely a blur as he flashed in front of everyone’s eyes and caught the Saint Ranked Swordfish.


Little Roc’s two talons were as hard as steel. Using just a bit of strength, he cut the swordfish that was struggling with all its might into two.

He threw the swordfish onto the deck and was prepared to catch another when he realised they were already at the shallow waters.

“Master, I’m sorry but I only managed to catch one.” Little Roc apologised.

Sima You Yue waved her hand and said, “No worries, this one is enough to eat.”

Sima You Lan walked over and said when she saw the swordfish at the side, “Do you really want to eat this?”

“Of course!” Sima You Yue nodded her head extremely seriously, saying, “Didn’t You Lin say just now that the flavour of the sea beasts were tantalizing? Furthermore, their meat is so full of spiritual qi. If we eat it, it’ll definitely fill us with strength.”

“How do you plan to cook it then?” Sima You Lan asked.

Sima You Yue took out her pots and pans and such, saying, “Bake some, boil some into soup, roast some and add some pickled vegetables and turn it into broth. All are possible.”

Everyone there heard her speak with such detail and knew she was definitely a foodie. This thought was solidified even further when they saw how tidy her cooking tools were.

Sima You Lan was also shocked by this guy Sima You Yue, touching things here and there as she asked, “Do you always bring these things with you?”

“Of course!” Sima You Yue stored the fish meat away satisfactorily, saying, “After you took away my Grandfather and the others, I went to the Sofia Mountain range three months later. I lived there for over two years, so I’m naturally ready.”

“But Spirit Masters don’t need to eat.” Sima You Lan replied.

“I’m used to it. I feel like I’m missing something whenever I don’t eat.” Sima You Yue shrugged.

Sima You Lin sw those cooking utensils and such and realised that it was not the usual wares and asked, “Are all these Spirit Tools?”

“That’s right, they’re all made by Fatty.” Sima You Yue said, “That guy was just learning how to make Spirit Tools and wanted to practice, so I let him make these for him. However, don’t make light of these things. The things that this Spirit Tool can make is a lot tastier than what your average tools can.”

Everyone was completely speechless when they heard what she said. She was probably the only one who would think of using spirit tools to cook food. Furthermore, that Fatty would probably be the only Armament Master who would be willing to make spirit tools for cooking. Who asked him to like eating so much!

Inside the Spirit Pagoda, Little Roar was insisting on being let out because he knew that Sima You Yue was cooking outside.

It had been such a long time since Sima You Yue had cooked for everyone.

When she saw Little Roar, Sima You Lan’s heart filled with fear as she thought of the time where they were in Dong Chen Kingdom and he had shouted loudly that he was going to exterminate the Six Toed Devil Mouse. However, the fear quickly left her because she realised that he was a rogue with no principles!

“You Yue, hurry up, I’m going to starve to death!” He lay on Sima You Yue’s shoulders as his eyes stared directly at the swordfish in her hand.


Sima You Lan looked at Little Roar with amusement. At his level, he could not feel hungry at all but he actually said he was going to starve to death! How funny!

Sima You Lin looked at Little Roar and realised that he could not see his original body at all. He could only feel that he was really strong, but also that he had no battle power.

“You Yue, what kind of contracted beast is this?” If he didn’t know, he could just ask and find out the reason. He held fast to this principal.

“Little Roar?” Sima You Yue glanced at the Little Roar whose saliva was almost dripping out, saying, “It’s just a lazy beast who only knows how to eat without working.”

She did not fully trust him, so she naturally would not tell him about Little Roar’s identity. Even though Sima You Lan saw it that time, she did not know what he was either.

She quickly finished up the sword fish and turned a portion of it into swordfish soup, steamed another portion and fried the rest. She even roasted a few and a fragrance wafted from the table very quickly.

She asked Sima You Lan and the other guy to eat with her and forgot about those guards and stuff. She did not have enough energy to cook for ten over people. Besides, those people on the boat usually went back to their houses after travelling.

“The taste is great!” She drank a mouthful of fish soup and realised that the taste of the sea beasts was really fresh and could not help but close her eyes in appreciation.

Sima You Lin tried a mouthful as well and his actions were elegant. It was as if eating was something extremely sophisticated and was vastly different from the way Sima You Yue wolfed down the food.


Although he did not have any requirements for his food, he was still taken in by the delicious food in his mouth.

“So particular even when eating! I really want to see what you will look like when you rage!” Sima You Yue could not help but mutter in a small voice when she saw the high and lofty way he was acting.

Sima You Lan had never eaten anything as delicious as this and wiped out all the food on the table together with Sima You Yue and Little Roar.

However, at the end, Sima You Yue realised that although Sima You Lin appeared to be eating very pristinely, his speed was not slow at all. At the end he didn’t eat any less fish fins than they did.

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